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I Do On Zee World Saturday 1st January 2022:Razia surges up to the rooftop and converses with somebody, very anxiousl, clarifying all that the doll is the main proof that can free rashid from the guillotines. She requests that she get the doll in any case, as just her for example BILLO RANI can do this.

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Badi bi has serious agony in her legs and can’t bear upping. The specialist says that he’s certain that blood quit circling in her legs fopr some time, as slipping would have made her have an injury in the leg and not an injury. razia faults her advanced age and rescues the circumstance some way or another. The specialist says that she would require total bed rest, and proceeds to recommend a few medications.

At the point when everybody goes, ayan attempts to convince badi bi to spill reality, saying that she’s certainly concealing something and persuades her to talk. Yet, badi bi doesn’t.
While razia is resting, someone attempts to cover her with a cushion, and when she can get up, she observes nobody yet a chit requesting that she talk reality. she feels that badi bi is behind this, yet is bewildered when she finds that badi bi is sound snoozing in her bed, in her room.
Zoya informs her brother by marriage concerning the piece of information and that she realizes her visa is abou to lapse yet she cannot leave until later the meeting. She says that she would deal with herself and drops the telephone. she finds dilshad on the entryway, who faces that she knew zoya had come for an explanation however didn’t realize that it was her dad. She inquires as to for what reason didn’t zoya till her. Zoya says that she would have rather not trouble her with additional heap, and asks her not to be furious as she’s at the last advance.
Dilshad asks that she’s passing on her significant work to go to the consultation. The individual who shouldn’t come, is coming, and she trusts against trusts that asad wouldn’t come in the court. Later she leaves, not set in stone that asad wont arrive at the court.

Zoya takes asad’s telephone and calls up ayan, while asad is unwinding and presenting herself as the visitor remaining in asad’s home. She is exceptionally cheerful when ayan tells that she’s popular. In any case, is amazed when he tells her that asad continues to allude to her as a frantic, insane individual. She breaks into her verse.
She lets him know that she has something critical to converse with him. she says that rashid’s hearing is in two days, and asad must be kept from giving declaration against rashid in the court. She says that she has an arrangement wherein she wants his assistance to forestall asad from going. ayan doesn’t appear to accept that she can really stop asad. She says that they would together do it and requests his endorsement.

Ayan asks the arrangement and she proceeds to disclose it to him. subsequent to hearing, he also concedes that asad was right in calling her insane. Later he drops, zoya holds the telephone once again into the right spot, however in doing as such, she excursions and falls on him all things considered, and he awakens at the effect (MITWA MOMENT) He asks why is she here. At a loss for a response, she says that she had come her to see him assuming he really wants anything. He inquires as to why she got through the window and not the entryway.

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I Do On Zee World Saturday 1st January 2022:She again begins bungling and says that she never opens the entryway, thus came in through the window. When asad says that he needn’t bother with anything, she starts to leave through the window, however asad requests that she pass through the entryway. the two of them think about one another as nitwits.

Zoya deliberately discusses NH 13 before asad, to nazma, additionally discussing which transport to take, and what are the dangers of violations on such expressways.
When nazma inquires as to whether she’s going alone, she says that she would need to face the challenge, for her significant work. She tells nazma not to stress, as she would call her, regardless of whether nazma would be powerless. She says that she has additionally heard that there are avalanches likewise, and afterward she wouldn’t get to call nazma. Yet, she again asks nazma not to stress, meanwhile figuring how it would influence asad, who appears to be unperturbed, as she can deal with anything all alone. She at long last says that assuming anything at last happens to her, nazma should tell her family members. Her tragic account has its ideal impact lastly asad gives in into driving her to that spot.
To polish off with the quietness, she turns on the radio, however switches it off because of the bizarre melodies playing. She attempts to start a discussion. Zoya begins with her verse yet doesnt when she sees asad’s disappointed face, saying that she has something intense to say to him. Zoya says that she has been living in INDIA for such a long time and that this is the main sign to she wishes that this piece of information would lead her to her dad, and she’s appreciative that he’s aiding her such a great amount in her journey. Asad also says that its OKAY.MITWA MOMENT)

Zoya shows asad the structure, that has an uncanny likeness to the photograph that she has of the structure in her tab. She takes asad inside and begins to look around for hints, exceptionally energized that she’s near tracking down her dad She at last spots a photograph on the divider, which gets her eyes. seeing her looking at it so hard, asad gets it from the divider. Zoya shows asad the pic on the mass of the weakened structure, which coordinates with the photograph that she has, and says that ayan was correct and they have been searching for this house as it were.

Zoya says that there should be somebody around this house, who can give information about the inhabitants of this spot. An individual strolls in and gets some information about them. zoya asks him who used to dwell here. He says that he has been watching this spot for a very long time, yet nobody has come here. she inquires as to whether he has any information whatsoever with regards to the proprietor of this spot. He answers in bad, saying that years back, somebody used to come, yet entirely no more. She shows him the pic that she has and inquires as to whether he remembers anybody.Bringing up to an individual, he says that he knows this man. She gets some information about the pwerson’s name. However, he sys that he doesn’t recall the individual’s name yet that years prior, he went to america, and had returned later that. she inquires as to whether he knows where he resides now. He says that he has a dubious impression, that he lives in bhopal, some place close to the huge mosque. She tells asad that this man is her dad, as it harmonizes with the data, that she has of him going to america. She goes out hopelessly. Zoya is overpowered having encountered a part of her past, and coming one bit nearer to tracking down her dad

Asad places a hand on zoya’s shoulder to comfort her. Zoya pivots and searches for comfort in his arms and embraces him tight.(MITWA MOMENT) Asad, too at last, relinquishing his ponderousness embraces her and folds his arms over her, while she wails on his shoulders.
Razia is pondering who could be behind sending the message, and contemplates whether she is questioning superfluously. She observes a material under which regrettably, lie consumed dolls, which help her to remember the connivance. As she inclines toward the almirah, all the more such dolls fall on her, making her shout with dismay.
She runs down, and asks humaira in the event that she saw anybody going into her room. at the point when she says no, humaira is stunned when razia goes crazy and starts yelling out who was here. She takes humaira to her room, however incredibly, she tracks down the room with next to no hint of a solitary doll and is stunned. humaira is disturbed as she’s not sure what’s happening.

Razia imagines that things are going crazy and that she is being focused on, and concludes that she would need to see whether Billo Rani has begun with her arrangement. Razia is glad, when she converses with Billo Rani, and says that she shouldn’t burn through any additional time and start with her arrangement.
As razia attempts to wipe her hands in a material, she is terrified to observe her hands absorbed blood, with a chit saying that she should confess all that she was associated with a homicide, or her actual self would move into the open, by them. She says that each wagered has a champ and a failure, and razia never loses. She says that whoever is doing this, wont stop,hence she has effectively spread out the snare this time, and she would know who’s behind this.
Nazma opens the entryway, on somebody thumping the entryway. She is astonished to see a pompously dressed lady remaining there and asks what does she need. she gets in presenting herself as Billo, saying that her house cleaner has sent her as she was away for seven days, and thus has send her all things considered. when dilshad asks that she doesnt have any information about this, and they dont anything about her as well, billo says that she has a deep understanding of them, as she has been told everything by padma. She starts to accomplish her work, while dilshad and nazma are as yet befuddled.

Asad and zoya start to get into the vehicle. asad asks zoya is she’s okay. Not getting a reaction from her, he goes to her and asks once more. she says OK. He asks assuming she at any point thought for what good reason her father never attempts to track down her.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 1st January 2022:Zoya in confounded. He explains saying that she’s going through lenghts and breadths to look into her dad, yet he never tried to do likewise for her little girl, which he in a perfect world ought to. zoya asks him not to talk like that, as they don’t know without a doubt, assuming he looked for her or not, and that when she observes him, they would be abel to explain all questions concerning why he left her and assuming that he attempted to look into her or not. Asad chooses not to take it any further and stops.


Zoya gets ayan’s telephone. Zoya converses with ayan on the telephone, in a codic language, saying that asad has left alongside her and is asked by ayan to stop at Kalibagh Crossing, where they would begin alongside their arrangement. He inquires as to why isnt she talking, she says in a codiac language, that asad is sitting right close to him. They choose to call their central goal, OPERATION LAAL RUMAAL.
Zoya is asked by asad, about the surprising name robert, and she in answers back saying that is it that he’s desirous that she was conversing with another person. asad junk off her ineptitude.

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