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I Do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021:shirin and rashid are examining ayan’s disintegrating wellbeing. rashid says that they shouldnt converse with him about this at the present time. in any case, razia criticizes that they ought to be more rigid on him. Razia says that he isn’t discussing fatherly control, however wedding control that would occur by ayan’s marriage with humaira. In any case, rashid’s mom says that they shouldnt take this descision carelessly. In any case, razia answers that they shouldnt talk since it was her descision that dilshad wedded rashid. razia turns her words saying that that implies shirin wrongly wedded rashid. Rashid’s mom prevents shirin from crying at this point. She starts to explain however is halted by rashid not to agure any longer saying that the descision has been taken. he says that he would converse with ayan and realizes that he wouldnt say no.

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Zoya is extremely furious at asad for having thrwon the pieces and she can’t consolidate them. she is strained regarding how might she have the option to track down her dad now In the mean time, dilshad attempts to send asad to mangal pur for a kinfolk’s marriage. yet, asad attempts to show the condition of distress in mangalpur on television, because of a darlings’ couple fleeing. He tells dilshad that she should advise them to get their girl hitched here yet dilshad drives him to go there.

From that point forward, asad tells about his experience with ayan today due to zoya, because of her idiocy. Yet, dilshad says that its not her ineptitude but rather the way that she feels for everybody in torment. anyway asad doesnt concur with dilshad’s view about zoya and regurgitates his dissatisfaction and disturbance at her.

When razia attempts to converse with the goldsmith about making extra gems for another marriage, she is defied by rashid’s mom that she realizes the reason why is he in the wake of offering ayn to humaira when she could have anybody, with more noteworthy credits to be her better half. razia and rashid’s mom go into a without a doubt challenge with one another with one saying that she could never permit their marriage and the other saying that she would see that the marriage occurs.

When dilshad attempts to convince asad to take zoya with him, he is inside and out irate at her that he wont take zoya with him. zoya too responds the circumstance saying that she too wouldnt need to be in his organization of all time. Zoya attempts to place in her popular verse once more, just to infuriate asad, which goes as:

I Do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021:Marne k baad paradise dikhe, har kisi ki yeh mannat hai

Aapke bina bhopal mein high schooler racket, bhopal toh jannat hai… !!!
Asad also fights back saying, that he also would mitigated at her nonappearance from his life in the following three days. The two of them get some distance from one another and asad leaves with his gear.

Zoya is getting some information about the old picture that she has. He tells that somebody from this current haveli’s family continues to come so they get some information about the wellbeing and escurity of individuals here. Zoya gives him her no to contact if there should be an occurrence of any data. she contemplates internally that she doesnt have a lot of time left and she wants to find her dad soon.

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When ayan being debilitated, shirin attempts to talk out of the circumstance of going to a specific capacity. razia says that she has kept humaira at home for this reason, and accordingly she would have the option to read up likewise for her assessment and deal with ayn as well. Rashid’s mom attempts to remain behind however razia doesnt permit her refering to that the host has most certainly requested her quality and she has guaranteed the that she would be available. While they are going to leave, razia fakes a blacking out spell, that doesnt escape from rashid’s mom’s eyes.

Zoya attempts to look into the following transport to bhopal yet isnt offered a good response by any individuals remaining there.

At mangal pur barrier, asad’s lowlife separates and he asks a bystander for some transport however is informed that they dont have any movement from here.

In the mean time, zoya too is extremely strained with respect to how might she reach bhopal. Yet, all of a sudden, she detects a farm truck and is extremely glad that now her distance would be covered without any problem. she breaks into unconstrained verse:
Faaslo ko taye karne mein kismat boycott gayi factor… .
Agar kismat acchi rahi toh, mil jaegi lift in this farm truck.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021:The farm truck driver gives her a lift and starts to talk indiscernibly a lot to the peculiar resident’s shock. The farm hauler shows up at a similar place where asad is standing and he gets on the tractopr to go to mangalpur. Anyway zoya, who has nodded off with a sheet over her, neglects to get down at the roadway. Asad, uninformed that she also is in the farm vehicle, gets on it and the work vehicle moves towards mangalpur.

Precap: zoya and asad are stunned to see each other in the work vehicle. asad asks what is she doing in the work vehicle, she begins to say that she can do anything that she feels like, and afterward acknowledgment occurs to her that she didnt get down where she should.

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I Do On Zee World  Saturday 25th December 2021

I Do On Zee World Saturday 25th December 2021

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