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I do On Zee World Saturday 30th June 2022: Sanam is troubled and apalled, when she finds that razia doesnt answer any of her inquiries. razia locks and gags her once more, while she trains the watchman, that she shouldnt escape from here, nore make a lot of commotion, before she can seek her retribution.

Scene 2:
Area: Ahil’s home
Ahil asks seher on the off chance that she really adores him. She is strained, however at that point turns the ball in his court just, by requesting that he pay attention to his own heart and afterward he will knows the response, and wont need to ask her. she leaves, quickly, while he is strained. she is entertained that she got ahil so effectively befooled and tracking down the response to his own inquiry.

The following morning, haya strolls in, while ahil is occupied in his wqork. he gets some information about faiz, and she says that he was occupied thus she came alone to meet them. he is glad to know that haya is here to astound sanam, and she sends her to ssanam’s room. razia sees this from a good ways. She attempts to proceed to caution seher before haya goes to meet her, or, more than likely she would screw up. Ahil sees her strained and is overwhelmed. Razia leaves from that point hurriedly. She goes to haya and herself offers to take her to her sister. However, tanveer comes and requests that she get her drugs all things being equal, while haya might herself at any point go to sanam. Razia resignedly goes along and leaves. Haya goes to sanam’s room, and tanveer is entertained.

I do On Zee World Saturday 30th June 2022: While Seher is thinking about what all she needs to look in this house, because of this work, haya fights against eminent loss, and amazements her by blinding her. She awakens with a beginning. Haya apologizes for whats been occurring recently, and asks her not to resent her. haya embraces her, while seher is helped to remember a few weak past recollections. She also embraces her back. razia comes to track down them both embracing, and is feeling better that seher didnt mess up with her. she attempts to inform her regarding their connection. However, isnt ready to, and when haya says that she needs to converse with her, she again embraces her, and afterward razia shows her a composed note, saying that this is her sister, and afterward gives another sign that she is not too sharp. seher goes on an overexuberant show of adoration and love, while stunned at this news. haya inquires as to whether she has gone distraught. She says that she needs to talk something truly significant. She opens her satchel and shows a paper to her. seher takes it and starts perusing, which expresses that she needed to express this at the party as well, yet couldnt, and illuminates that she and haya have separated, and that they shouldnt have gotten hitched by any means. She further peruses that she didnt even love faiz, and thast she generally cherished rahat and would continuously keep on doing as such. razia is strained to hear this as well. Seher gets strained. Haya signs to seher that she needs to wed Rahat, and inquires as to whether she doesnt mind. Razia attempts to motion to her, yet seher doesnt see. Razia surges in declaring tea and tidbits. Seher also quickly takes her out for snacks. Haya is strained.

Haya strolls alone in the lobby. Razia and seher are talking while at the same time strolling, when seher remarks that this is a strange house and she doesnt need to remain here. razia says that she isnt here to remark yet to take care of her responsibilities. Seher says that she is disinteretested to have a day to day existence here as well. She tracks down the paper in razia’s grasp, and tears it to piecses. She takes the papers and tosses it in the canister. Azhar’s folks see this from a good ways, and figure that it should contain a secret. afterward, Tanveer is upset when she gets the smell of the canister, as azhar’s folks surf through it. They at last track down the pieces of paper. tanveer requests that they read it. She peruses the notes, and is overwhelmed, as is tanveer. Tanveer when she tracks down the note, is resolved that something is going on, when somebody is attempting to tell sanam that haya is her sister, when she converses with haya, yet for what reason does somebody need to, as sanam herself knows it. Azhar’s folks begin flaunting that they would get this secret unwound in a matter of moments. tanveer expresses that there’s most certainly some secret included, and to unwind it, she would need to keep her eyes and ears open. Not set in stone, while azhar’s folks are strained. They go on with their babble. tanveer says that they would need to be additional mindful.

Afterward, azhar’s oarents find similar greeting from Aryan’s cousins, that they are providing for everybody, for Aryan’s birthday celebration, and furthermore advancing the new sequential. not entirely settled to get her payback. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Tanveer believes that till now, all her lethal endeavors on Sanam, have gone to no end, however this time around, the world will see the cost one needs to pay for being traitorous to Tanveer. she grins evilly.


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