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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do On Zee World Saturday 9th April 2022: Razia begins acting ludicrously as she begins having the impact of medications on her, while zoya closes the entryway. zoya starts recording. Razia says that she isnt terrified of her and that she knows that zoya has followed through with something.

Zoya says that she recently blended something, for which first she would let completely go over her giggling and afterward on her discourse and would be compelled to say reality. Zoya requests that she express out loud whatever everything has she done. Razia says that she has done such countless things that are perpetual. as zoya requests that she talk, razia hurries to the entryway, and begins to leave. Be that as it may, zoya gets her covered, and requests that she pour out reality.

Razia in her medicated state admits to zoya, as she composes the admission out from her, asking how did she manage rashid. razia proclaims saying that she ruined his life. zoya is paralyzed. She takes the recorder and puts it near razia’s face, as she proclaims reality. Zoya then, at that point, inquires as to whether razia pushed rashid. Razia takes a long timke prior to having the option to say, yet completes her sentence halfway, tumbling off to rest. All at once, the entryway opens and asad strolls in.

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Zoya is in a condition of disappointment. Asad says that because of her youthful demonstration, she would be more ready at this point. Zoya says that she nearly figured out how to admit however didnt. asad is strained that they would need to take a differebnt course. zoya asks what. Asad says that rashid would need to talk. Dilshad says that main when rashid talks is simply conceivable. dilshad strolls in strained.

She says that the specialists say that he is okay however dont know why isnt he talking. Dilshad says that everything is in rashid’s grasp now. zoya guarantees her that rashid would be okay soon, and would have the option to say everything as well. Dilshad asks when might that occur. asad says that tomorrow it would work out and he would enlighten them concerning the liable in the event that not talk. He says that simply that rashid can talk, is a clue to the point of getting razia and mamu to talk reality.

Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
Farhan censures nikhat for sprucing up this way and shows the genuine dress that she had been gifted. Nikhat attempts to fight her honesty, however farhan doesnt pay attention to anything, and request that she proceed to change into something nice. In the mean time, haseena blends something in the beverage, and heads toward their room. she asks farhan not to reprimand or get strained and sends him out to take special care of the visitors, while she handles nikhat here. after he leaves, she gives nikhat a similar water, which nikhat swallows down. Haseena requests that she spruce up in farhan’s dress and descended. after haseena leaves, nikhat is upset, as she eyes the dress that farhan gave her and is befuddled. All of a sudden, her brain starts to go dazed, and she begins to go dazed.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 9th April 2022: haseenma comes out and requests that everybody dance, and set the m,ood for the party. all of a sudden, the lights go off. In the mean time, nikhat shocks everybody, including haseena, imran, farhan and nazma by moving alluringly in that dress just, on a hip number, something that is altogether against the customs of the family. As they attempt to control nikhat, she is wild in her medicated state, as she moves in a questionable way. Every one of the visitors and every other person are stunned. farhan takes her from that point. haseena sees sameera, in her sedated state and is stunned as well.

Nikhat brings up it to him, yet she is gone and farhan feels that she is blustering disjointedly as well. Nikhat goes to ask haseena as well. nazma requests that she stop. Nikhat says that she isnt frantic however haseena is attempting to demonstrate her to be one. haseena requests that she stop this garbage, and prevent from offending them before the general public. farhan takes her from that point. Nikhat baffles out and says that she wont go anyplace and that she isnt distraught, and that there’s sameera’s spirit in this house. She goes to everybody inquiring as to whether they saw and attempts to persuade them.

All are upset. farhan at long last powerfully takes her from that point. yet, she stops him with a blade in her grasp, in a fury. haseena and every other person are stunned at this point. she talks saying that she isnt frantic, and again talks abvout sameera. farhan requests that she unwind and requests that she keep the blade there. haseena says that she has gone frantic, and requests that she set the blade aside.

Nikhatb requests that she shut up and say that she is attempting to demonstrate her distraught, and her aims might be whatever however she wont let them satisfy. Nazma requests that she put the blade excessively down. however, nikhat stops her as well, pointing it at her. She says that noone trusts her. Nikhat takes more time to show sameera to her. Nazma says that she has full confidence on her, yet nikhat doesnt get persuaded. as they all attempt to persuade nikhat to leave the blade, nikhat unintentionally wounds the blade into imran’s hand who attempts to save nazma’s stomach. all are stunned while nikhat stands paralyzed. The screen freezes all over.

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Precap: Haseean reproves nikhat for being the sister who attempts to remove the unique kind of energy sister’s significant other. Nikhat stands troubled. Haseena pushes her idiom that she doesnt dserve to accompany them or remain in this house. Farhan asks her not to dramatically overemphasize things, as nothing occurred. nazma varies saying that anything could have.

I Do On Zee World Saturday 9th April 2022: nazma says that something might have happened lethal to her or her kid as well. She says that haseena is right in saying that in the event that she cannot handle herself, she doesnt need to remain here, with them and can go far away from them. farhan is strained, while nikhat is stunned. In the interim, razia hears rashid’s voice, which is really the message that he had sent asad, before razia pushed him down. she is stunned to find that rashid can talk. she goes towards his room, and hears asad telling him, that he ought to give his voice a rest, as recommended by the specialists, as he has quite recently accepted his discourse back. Razia is stunned to hear this. in the woodlands, Humaira goes over an individual, with a rifle targeting her. she is stunned. Haider remains behind her similarly strained as well. In any case, before he can pull the trigger, haider surpasses humaira and disrupts the general flow, before humaira and the rifle. humaira gets genuinely astounded to see this. At long last the trigger shocks them both.


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