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Scene 1:
Area: Ahil’s office
I DO On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022: Ahil is oblivious to the way that sanam is outside, getting dreched in the downpour, and shuddering vulnerable. At last, in the wake of putting off the earphones, he is stunned to find sanam outside in the downpour. Ahil hastily surges in to open the entryway, responsibility ridden and astounded, while a soaked sanam faces him with dismay and afterward falls oblivious and embraces him and implodes in his arms. He takes her and gets her inside, in his arms.

He attempts to take her outside, yet the guardian had locked thd entryway. he heads inside and afterward puts her on the couch just, and afterward calls up rehaan, however observes that his battery is drained. he hurries to sanam’s side, and afterward illuminates a candle, for some light, after the power cut suffocates the room in haziness. he eyes sanam, in the glinting heartfelt light of the canmdle, as she inhales intensely. concerned, he removes his jacket and afterward wraps it over her, while she is in a surprise. He observes that she rests on his shoulders, and attempts to take her off, yet she falls once more, and he is awkward with the circumstance he is put in. Yet again he attempts, however to no end, as she attracts considerably nearer to him, getting warmth, in her oblivious state. Observing no other choice, he allows her to unwind, and cups her around the shoulders. He removes the hair from over her face pushing it back. At long last he dosages off as well.

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afterward, the two of them awaken frightened at the circumstance they are set in. he gets up with a jerk, and she also pulls it together. He requests that she pick up the pace, as rehaan would be here at any point in the near future, to get them. She attempts to get up, yet has a discombobulated spell. She says thast she doesnt have some familiarity with him, yet she doesnt need to enjoy a solitary second with him.

He says that he too isnt intrigued. Ahil says that its her shortcoming, or, more than likely in no way like this would have occurred, remembering the stay for the night together, and afterward frightened, rewords it as them being caught. she anyway turns it around, and afterward again says his assertions, refering to it to be his issue, including the night that they spent together, and afterward acknowledging what she recently said, she also rewords like him. He requests that she stay in his cutoff points as a worker, and that he can take his own descisions. sanam says that he isn’t among those individuals, who acknowledge their missteps, as that takes a heart, and he doesnt have one. He inquires as to whether she is crossing her cutoff points. She anyway vents out her disappointment at him, naming him ill suited to be an individual. He takes the glass container and breaks it on the floor in a fury. He requests that she leave, and apologize, assuming working for him is so hard for her. She says that she could never do that, as she doesnt need his compassion at each end, and would take care of each and every penny that he provided for save dilshad’s life, as she doesnt need to live with the weight of his obligation. She is going to slip on the broke glass pieces, yet falls in ahil’s arms who jumps into save her.

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I DO On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022: they enter a heartfelt abnormal hug, and eyelock. rehaan comes into break the hug, and ahil jerks her away requesting that she get lost, as he doesnt need to see her face. Whenever he leaves, rehaan faces sanam’s dissatisfaction, at how could an individual be so insensitive, who doesnt have any sort of mankind in him. He requests that she look somewhat more intently, peering toward his jacket. She is quieted, however at that point takes it off, saying that she muist have requested it. she tosses it on the ground and it lands on ahil’s feet. She is dazed. sanam thanks ahil for this. rehaan bents to get it, yet ahil requests that he stop. Rehaan leaves. ahil requests that she get it drycleaned and afterward return it back with deference. sanam gets it and afterward says that he treats his garments with more regard than individuals. He says that the garments dont argue like her. he expresses that for her, his whole night was destroyed, henceforth its time now to break the third container.

Scene 2:
Area: Munisa’s haveli
Haya comes and munisa welcomes her. dilshad requests change, anbd goes to pay the auto passage. munisa tells haya, realizing that she cannot hear anything, and starts showing her actual self saying that she got a worker free of charge, and that she doesnt let freeloaders live here. Dilshad comes and munisa quickly changes her tone. She leaves to get food. dilshad compoliments her for being great and asks haya to go along to their room. Dilshad leaves, while haya stops and dazed, at what she recently heard.

Scene 3:
Area: Ahil’s home
Causing her a deep sense of repulsion and consternation, he breaks it before her, while she is distressed looking at the one container that remains her main any expectation of endurance. Ahil comes outside to observe raj, who recounts about his romantic tale with avni, and how he is playing a cricket match to win over the young lady that she loves, and that he has rosked everything for this. Ahil asks who talks like this. sanam hears this from a good ways. He says that he isnt a sad heartfelt or a profound blockhead, to succumb to this. Ahil says that he will lose as he will play for Samarth. Raj says that its fine. He eyes sanam and welcomes her with a grin. Raj starts to leave, however ahil prompts him not to proceed with a match, as he would lose certainly, in light of the fact that ahil never plays a match that he loses. raj says that he trusts he figures out how to lose, as this is a battle for his adoration, and just he will win. sanam is glad to hear raj’s position. ahil eyes him concisely and pivots, while raj strolls off. sanam hears it through, while ahil goes off.

Afterward, close to the clothes washer, sanam tracks down one more machine with heaps of buttons and is troubled. she breaks into verse… .:
Zaalim raza abrahim ke dekho itne thaant…
Clothes washer ke activity mein lagne waali hain waat… .

I DO On Zee World Sunday 15th May 2022: While she is attempting to sort it out, Shazia comes in and asks her for what good reason and whats she doing here. Sanam makes sense of her situation yet says that she wont ask her and be in an issue once more. shazia says that she is intrigued by the manner in which she stands upto ahil, and didnt part with her, whenever she got the opportunity in the stove disaster. Sanam accepts her, laid back that she is. Shazia again gets sanam through an off-base working style, as she gets sanam to wash ahil’s jacket in the clothes washer, wrongly clearing up for her what cleaning implies. Sanam compolies, while shazia requests that she take it out following 15 minutes. Afterward, shazia is amusingly telling this to somebody on the telephone, concerning how she pulled this trick on sanam. the screen freezes on Sanam’s strained face.

Precap: Sanam returns the coat to Ahil, while he asks whats this. Ahil censures her for utilizing the clothes washer for drycleaning. Sanam says that she doesnt figure out these advanced devices and their working. Sanam says that she is vastly improved at what she is capable in. Ahil tells her that then he would give her work that she is adjusted to. Ahil tells her that for azhar’s marriage, he wants her to make Motichur ke laddoo. sanam says that it would be finished. Ahil says that he wants 100 and he stops. sanam says thatit would be finished. Ahil finishes it saying that he wants 100kgs. Sanam is stunned, while ahil grins evilly.


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