I Do On Zee World Sunday 16th January 2022

I DO On Zee world Wenesday 26th January 2022
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I Do On Zee World Sunday 16th January 2022: Zo,dilshad najma observing some program on TV and ask asad to go along with them, zoya gets invigorated seeing a dance grouping while asad gets aggravated, in the video they are snickering due to bhaang effect,asya recall their bhaang time… mitwa in BG. Haseena and othere applauding Rasia for her noble cause, when Tanveer comes and rasia shocked.She calls rasia aside to talk in private, rasia says not intrigued, Tanu compromises her to uncover her, rasia says how could she coercion her, Haseena’s companion inquires as to whether Tanu is rasia’s little girl… Rasia says this young lady is lower than a house cleaner how might she be her girl. Tanu gets injured/irate at her words. Rasia says she is a helpless young lady asking here. Rasia gives Tanu rs.1000 and requests that she get lost or she will embarrass her further. Tanu leaves in disillusionment saying ‘sorry’ and rasia advises her to never come here.

Asad in his room attempting to recall that evening while zo in her room thinking the same.They both choose to ask each other what happened that evening however stop. Mitwa in BG. At last they open their room entryways and check out one another… mitwa once more. They gradually approach each other when somebody turns on music Bolna halke melody comes and Asya check out each other and recollect downpour dance. Asya gaze at one another, Asad inquires as to whether she has anything to say..zo shuts her eyes and attempts to discuss that evening yet asad leaves and she also goes to her room.Both smart stressed with regards to what is befalling them and for what reason were they singing moving that evening. Both can’t recollect totally…

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zoya chooses to make asad exclaim what all he recalls of that evening. Humeira asks a stressed Ayan what occurred and apologizes for not aiding him. Ayan says he isn’t disturbed on her humeira requests that he share with him his concerns, Ayan consented to wedding and shouts at humeira not to eat his head and let him be. Humeira in tears says she wnats to help him, Ayan requests that she disappear.

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I Do On Zee World Sunday 16th January 2022: Tanveer calls somebody and says I need to meet you and I am pregnant. Badi honey bee spills oil on steps, requests that Rasia be cautious while Rasia runs higher up and slips and falls severely down a few steps, Badi honey bee says you at long last tumbled down how can it feel? Rasia shouts in torment. Nikhat and Imran having heartfelt discussions and wedding date finalization.Nikhat says she fears about future, Imran says nothing will divide their satisfaction.

Tanveer comes to Imran and says I am becoming mother of your child. Imran says you left me and went what would i be able to do now my wedding is now fixed. Tanveer says you cannot flee, Imran says we met long back how could this be my kid.Tanveer says he cannot do this to her,Imran says nothing is conceivable now and leaves.

Zoya makes pakoda for asad and requests that he taste, he faintly remmebers eating bhang pakoda and will not eat it,, Zoya constrains him to eat and says such pakodas ought to be ate in blustery season,Asad asks what sort of downpour? what’s more they remmeber downpour dance. Asad says he isnt hungry and leaves. Zoya thinks assuming he is brilliant she is really savvy.

Rashid ,Shireen and Badi honey bee think to meet Haseena and examine wedding subtleties with Haseena and her family. Rasia accompanies broke neck, Badi honey bee says as per our custom young ladies’ mother mami ought to go,shireen says Rasia is unwell cant go, Badi honey bee says we will delay the wedding a bit,Rasia attempts to talk yet Badi honey bee kicks her head and Rasia says she will go.Rasia thinks she needs to keep very till ayan and humeira wedding then she will show badi honey bee something new. Badi honey bee gives her a ton of gifts which rasia conveys with incredible troublesome. Rasia at haseena’s home calls her to come and examine about wedding.

Tanveer comes to meet Imran to his home and chooses to show him something new and embarrass him before all. Rasia gets her and chides her for coming here, haseena comes and requests that Tanveer get lost. Tanveer attempts to talk when Rasia pushes her, tanu stops her while all gander at Tanu and call ehr overbearing, Rasia further embarrasses Tanveer calling her low class and drives her away when one of her eyes focal point tumbles off uncovering while eyes and generally get stunned, terrified and call her chudail. Tanveer further embarrassed and rasis sats she has terrible eyes.All giggle at Tanveer including Imran. Some woman requests that she quit embarrassing when Rasia says ladies like Tanveer have no regard she is good for a khota an existence of pr*stitute as she has no class or family. Tanveer returns home and cries recalling Rasia’s words and pledges to show Rasia her class by wedding a fashionable person who has bunches of money,power and status and her child will turn into a legitimate child of some rich person.

Asad working in his room when zoya comes at his window wearing orange saree and starts moving to Bolna halke, Asad takes looks at her and recollects downpour dance.She slips and asad holds her… mitwa moment.AsYa gaze at one another for eternity.Both feel tense and asad leaves her and asks what is she doing, zo inquires as to whether he failed to remember all, asad asks what,zo asks that night,song,rain, me you… Asad says no. Zo says he is stone hearted.Asad says he is and asks her not to squander energy on him with her smile.Zo thinks he recollects her dimple wala killing grin and invigorated and moves while asad bangs his head.

Following day asad preparing when he finds zo’s hoop in his drawyer and remmebers saving her from akram and grins. He thumps at her entryway while zo is paying attention to music,Asad calls her Zo astonished at his call and figures he may have recollected the blustery day. Zo answers and says she is coming out,Asad contemplates whether she is aware of the earing.

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I Do On Zee World Sunday 16th January 2022: Asad observes Tanveer crying and gets worried.She imagines everything is well,asad constrains her to tell, Tanu says everything is done, my home shop in kanpur got scorched I lost everything. Asad says how this occurred, Tanu says she doesnt know some mishap, Asad says he is with ehr, Tanu embraces him and cries, Zo comes to observe them embracing and gets desirous.

Precap – Tanu telling Asad would i be able to utilize your washroom water not coming in my restroom, asad gives her authorization, zo comes says she will fix the tap, Asya in tanveer’s washroom soaked in water.


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