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I do On Zee World Sunday 1st June 2022 Ahil opens the entryway with controller and Seher inquires as to whether he needed to say something. Right then Seher sees the small dream home before her.. the one that Ahil had made with Sanam. Ahil embraces Seher and says.. the fantasy house that we assembled, it is the most lovely long for our life and I envisioned it with u. I want to go it to the real world. Ahil is on his kness and causes Seher to sit and says, I have constructed numerous lodges, structures however figured out how to fabricate a home from u ..and want to make this home a reality with u. Seher recalls Rehaan proposing her. Ahil helps Seher get up and says. .I know the agreement marriage will end in 4 days however presently I want to sign this agreement with u forever. Will u give me ur organization. Ahil gets down on one knee and proposes Seher and says.. Kya tum mujhse nikah karogi. Sanam who is choked at the godown.. self idea. .for what reason am I getting terrible contemplations.. for what reason do I feel Ahil will disappear from me. Seher self idea. .this house isn’t my fantasy. .furthermore, I cannot make it mine. She keeps mum. Right then Tanveer calls out and Seher goes to leave yet Ahil demands that he needs a response. Ahil says.. we can get hitched just after Rahat-Haya’s nikah simply reply. Seher says I will however at the present time u need to go to Tanveer.. perhaps she really wants ur help. Ahil yields and leaves. Seher is stressed.

Razia hurries to her and asks the matter ..what is wrong.. assuming we continue to meet like this.. our mystery will be out. Seher says.. bhad me jaye tumhara khel ..aur ye ghar.. I’m leaving from here. Razia asks the matter and Seher says. .that Romeo Ahil proposed to me and needs to wed me for genuine in 3 days. Razia is glad and says.. there cant be a preferred information over this. She causes Seher to sit and says ..wed him.. live with him . .then, at that point, leave him subsequent to making his property urs.Seher asks Razia do I look insane.. he adores Sanam.. I wont do whatever u say. .. am a hooligan yet I have a few ethics as well. Razia says.. assuming I say something . u will think I’m insane. Well wed him . it doesnt mean u need to experience the marriage no doubt. Seher says. .what a peculiar house.. its no biggie for somebody to kill.. or on the other hand somebody to wed. I wont do anything like this. I’m leaving.. have to show my face to Allah. Razia offers Dedh Crore and says.. cant go home halfway. As to’s desire. .well nothing occurs without his will so he has some will for u. Seher comes to her and says.. gratitude for thinking such a great amount for me yet I wont do anything that u need… find another person. Seher strolls off. Razia pouts.. played such an incredible hand however my own cards double-crossed me.

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I do On Zee World Sunday 1st June 2022: Azhars guardians slip once again into the corridor and sneer that .. presently whatever is in it.. will be uncovered. Ahil asks the matter.. why all are called at lobby and Azhars guardians sneer that after u watch. .u will lose ur detects. Sanam comes as well and Azhars guardians say ..we were hanging tight for u. They play the recording. Tanveers self idea.. it is dependably extraordinary enjoyable to shoot a flying pigeon. She grins that gave u opportunity so that uncovering u will be more enjoyable Sanam.

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Ahil inquires as to whether they put the CD on. They say OK. Ahil says appears to be its vacant or not playing. Tanveer inquires as to whether they played the CD appropriately and they say OK. Tanveer vapor.. ‘Aakh grain andhe ho tum dono’. Azhar’s folks attempt to fix the CD player and afterward Ahil attempts to work it, at long last it begins to play. Ahil takes a gander at Seher and says its the recording of ur room. He seethe.. what is this… its own. Tanveer says.. so what, we are all family .. on the off chance that Azhar’s folks say there isn’t anything shocking, lets watch for some time. Ahil yields. At the point when they put the video on it doesnt play. Ahil exhaust getting out whatever is this. Tanveer exhaust on them as well. Azhar’s folks offer something more is there. Ahil-Seher get up to leave and video begins playing .. Seher’s recorded message is shown where she tells Ahil… she cant say like he can before everybody.. she cant express her sentiments so utilizing this implies. Seher says.. Ahil .. mujhe aapka aur mera kabhi na tootne wala ye rishta qubool hai .. mujhe aapka aur mera dusra nikah qubool hai. Ahil is paralyzed and pleased. He turns Seher around and asks .. truly ..and Seher hushes up. Ahil embraces her. Right then Rehaan comes and Seher says.. all are watching. Ahil ventures back. Tanveer vapor over the entire thing and Azhar’s folks are frowning. Seher takes a gander at Rehaan while he grins at her reasoning its Sanam.


I do On Zee World Sunday 1st June 2022: Rehaan gives gifts and cash to kids. He finds the bill of the supper Seher had with him at the dhaba. He grins thinking about that second. Seher watches him from far and says amazing that ur grinning seeing a piece of paper, is it exceptional. Rehaan smashes it and discards it. He says.. simply an old bill. Seher asks in the event that it was not significant for what reason keep it. We musnt separate unique things from us, they keep extraordinary minutes alive for us. Rehaan says .. terrible things and awful recollections ought to be forgotten at the earliest ..accordingly .. the individual who doesnt know the distinction between positive or negative, ought to overlook her. Want to clear off all memory of her from my life and past. Seher is harmed and says.. valid .. one should not return to the individual .. or on the other hand recall them .. regardless of whether they are passing on. Seher strolls off. Rehaan says.. I want to fail to remember her as well yet my heart doesnt want to fail to remember her.. indeed, even now my heart battles for her. .misses her.. ! He turns and finds Seher gone.

Razia pushes Seher in a room and says.. ur crossing limit. I’m attempting to persuade u with adoration however ur not grasping… dun power me to accomplish something that u lament until the end of ur life. Razia says.. in the event that u think by not wedding Ahil u will save Sanam’s wedding .. u r mixed up. Tanveer is in the wake of breaking this marriage at all expense. The relations intended to be broken, will break.. while perhaps not by u ..then, at that point, by another person. Seher remembers Rehaans brutal words. Razia says. ..U get this opportunity to bring in cash .. else u will spend whole lifetime battling however wont have the option to acquire to such an extent. Seher says Rs. 2 Cr. Razia sneers. Camera freezes on Seher taking a gander at Rehaan similarly as the CD had finished with her admission to Ahil.

Precap — – Sanam hits her detainer and runs from the godown.


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