I Do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021

I DO On Zee world Wenesday 26th January 2022
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I Do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021:Asad is obliging a woman who takes care of her face with a sheet in the farm hauler. The woman comes upto asad and takes support on his shoulder. He pushes her away however she continues to incline toward him.

At the point when the farm hauler stops at the objective, mangalpur. Zoya and asad are stunned to see each other in the work vehicle. Asad asks what is she doing in the work vehicle, she begins to say that she can do anything that she feels like, and afterward acknowledgment occurs to her that she didnt get down where she should. She admonishes the driver for not preinforming her, While asad smiles at her. they again get into a verbal arguement saying that they dont want to observe each other’s appearances.while they are battling, asad’s kinfolks show up and they take them to their home. While heading to the place of capacity, Asad and zoya begin squabbling on one another of course.While the family chooses to drop their arrangement, razia says that she’s fine and would take her medications. additionally that now ayan wouldnt be separated from everyone else. Rashid’s mom gets what razia is upto. Razia sends humaira to take care of ayan. Later they are gone, she takes out a container containing some powder.

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Razia blends the powder in tgalaglasses of milk.while humaira is attempting to get ayan to eat something to no end, razia gets them milk so he can drink as he needs them to do. Humaira gives her the prescriptions. while he drinks, razia watches with remorseless merriment. she gives humaira as well while ayan as of now begins getting tipsy because of the medication that razia put in it. She takes care of ayan. when humaira asks, razia refers to a reason saying he was worn out and requests that she drink it as well. while she goes along, razia imagines that extremely soon the medication would deal with humaira as well and that she is doing this just for getting ayan to wed humaira.

I Do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021:Rashid’s mom converses with ishtar on the telephone, when she lets rashid’s mom know that razia had told in the first part of the day just that she wouldnt come. She is shocked and strained to thinking about what is razia’s detestable brain upto.

while razia attempts to go to ayan’s room, to check in the event that her stunt worked. she is astonished to observe her family return. Rashid’s mom insults mockingly that when she was not well, accordingly they concluded that they wouldnt go to the capacity and on second thought head for home. razia is strained that now her arrangement would not be effective within the sight of her family.

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while they welcome asad, they take a gander at disdain on zoya’s feeling of dressing. When inquired as to whether asad has brought zoya along, he denies saying that she’s hanging tight for bhopal transport to show up, causing zoya a deep sense of’s shock. while she attempts to face asad for saying that he didnt know her, asad plainly says that he doesnt need her at this wedding and that she should leave by the main transport to bhopal.

I Do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021:razia comes in humaira’s space to find humaira getting mixed up and thinsk that the meds are not working. Shirin and rashid’s mom are imagining that ayan wouldnt eat anything since he’s snoozing, while she attempts to control humaira from drowsing off. at the point when rashid’s mom inquires as to why, razia concocts a rationalization saying that she has concentrated excessively and ought to go to her room now. Razia removes everyone from the room carelessly, refering to that ayan shouldnt be upset. razia shuts the entryway before humaira can leave. She naps off on ayan’s bed, seeing which razia imagines that now that would happen that she had thought for them from the beginning.

The young ladies at this house, are exceptionally amazed to discover zoya’s definitely changed way of apparel and way of life. They request that she stay for the wedding, however she says that asad wont let her visit for the wedding. They say that they have a way through which they can cause her to go to the wedding as well and asad not perceiving her moreover. While asad is appreciative that she’s gone, the young ladies take zoya cryptically despite his good faith, inside the house.

I Do On Zee World Sunday 26th December 2021:When zoya is acquainted with the young lady getting hitched, she praises the young lady on looking so wonderful. In any case, zoya is exceptionally shocked when the young ladies say that its an organized marriage where their sister hasnt even seen her husband to be’s face not to mention converse with him. A woman reports outside that the capacity is going to begin. when zoya and the young ladies discover that zoya cannot go out in the garments that she’s wearing since that would be exceptionally unseemly for this town. While zoya is disillusioned since she was truly anticipating seeing the celebrations, the young ladies concoct a plan to cause her to go to the capacity securely.

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Precap: While the capacity begins in the midst of moving and fun, asad’s consideration is gotten by a young lady hung over her face by a cloak. be that as it may, when he starts to move toward her, he is stoppd by the artists who start to mess around with him.



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