I Do On Zee World Sunday 9th January 2022

I DO On Zee world Wenesday 26th January 2022
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I Do On Zee World Sunday 9th January 2022: haseena says she is anticipating for 1 crore which they will provide for firoz to get rashid out of prison
dilshad accompanies the cash
both gander at one another.
dilshad gives 1 crore to haseena who insatiably takes it
asad wondeing why Dilshad required 1 crore
tanu requests that he check with the driver who says they have come to somebody house in authentic lofts.
asad asks why,

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haseena calls firoz and tells she got the cash when asad comes and grabs her portable and says he won’t get the cash
asad packs the cash and tells dilshad to come as legal dispute time is close by and takes off dilshad persuasively

dilshad quits saying this cash is mine I will do what I need
asad says alright u give then I will let the court know that all of you paid off to get rashid out of prison then, at that point, court will fault and rebuff rashid
dilshad and shireen look sad
asad says I’m simply with reality

asad says these individuals dont need our compassion
dilshad weakly takes a gander at shireen and leaves crying.
shireen is broken.

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I Do On Zee World Sunday 9th January 2022: billo looking in junk finds the gudia and cheerful.
she checks the gudia when tanu grabs it from her
she recollects asad discussing it and checks for the recorder which plays some record and tanu understands this si the equivalent gudia

I Do On Zee World Sunday 9th January 2022: shireen crying before oblivious badi honey bee saying we lost and rashid will go to prison.
rasia comes to comfort shireen who says bhaijaan didnt help him I’m separated from everyone else now…
rasia by implication telling ayan that he might have saved his father(if he had consented to wed humeira)
rasia says ayan is frail to stand upto ayan and has kept ayan under his hold
rasia attempting to make contrasts between asad and ayan and says ayan consistently needs asad assist cant with doing anything all alone and to help his father than he shud choose now

precap najma driving crisscross triple riding a 2 wheeler


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