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Scene 1:
Area: Ahil’s haveli
I Do On Zee World Thursday 12th May 2022 update: Ahil returns an intoxicated state, requesting the worker. He begins signaling, calling for latif. She amusingly asks sanam to head toward ahil and take it to him, as she is her aide. sanam consents. She takes it out and goes, neglectful of who’s she going to serve. She finds ahil, putting on something else, and when she distinguishes him, she is incensed similar to a similar individual who torched her Dhaba. The icebucket tumbles from her hands, and she pivots, in case he ses her. He asks her who’s she and she is going to run when her leg slips on the ice, and she has an injury. He comes to the entryway and asks her who is she. As he turns her around, latif comes in saying, that shazia and nazia are battling once more. latif comes in saying that shazia is irate and is battling with nazia. ahil leaves sanam and goes to them, leaving sanam alleviated.

Ahil thinks that they are both battling, with shazia blowing up at nazia for what she did, and shows that nazia had changed over her number one shirt into a cleaning material. while nazia starts to give her clarification, shazia is furious. Ahil criticizes shazioa for being so impolite and wearing such scanty garments. Shazia tells ahil that he has twofold norms as though his sister wears it, then its awful, yet assuming his lady friends wear it, its hot. ahil says that he would get her another. Shazia proclaims saying that this top cannot be given by any other individual, as it was gifted by him. All are stunned hearing this. Ahil enquires who’s she discussing. she leaves without saying anything.
After shazia leaves anrgily, nazia aplogises however ahil requests that she calm down. latif asks ahil on the off chance that he needs anything. he eyes her harshly.

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In the kitchen, sanam reproves herself for landing and welcoming issues on herself, via arriving in Bhopal. She imagines that she doesnt have some other choice as well. She appeals to the master, that ahil doesnt see her, as he if comes to be aware, there would be a major issue.

I Do On Zee World Thursday 12th May 2022 update: Ahil’s uncle converses with their child, anwar, who boasts about his most memorable date with a young lady, asma. Whenever the auntie comes in and explains that he couldnt even converse with that young lady, and anwar apologizes lavishly. His folks brag about how their maternal sister, tanveer had caught an individual, and presently they have turned into the bosses of the house.

At the morning meal table, while all praise the pudina chutney, sanam, is angry when latif pigs the credit. latif leaves and the auntie sends sanam off to get rotis. they then, at that point, talk if ahil got to be aware of his disappointment with asma, and are cheerful when they get to know that ahil didnt get to know it. Sanam hears this from a good ways and is strained.

In the kitchen, latif and sanam are examining the way that odd and peculiar individuals are, who live in this house. Latif cautions sanam about them. latif gets some information about ahil as it were. sanam vents out her disappointment at ahil, marking him as reckless and self-importance, and a miscreant who’s simply cash disapproved. latif says that she would need to spend at some point to get to realize him better. yet, sanam is reluctant. the beeper begins ringing, and latif sends her to take care of him. She resignedly gos and finds him bare until the middle and is vexed and embarassed. He begins washing up in the pool. She begins heaving toxin against him and his personality.

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I Do On Zee World Thursday 12th May 2022 update: Ahil accepts a call, and talks sincerely with a young lady, while sanam is nauseated. Sanam is nauseated with his playboy character. He begins hollering for latif, and sanam is strained. she coverws her face with the dupatta and faces him. he is amazed to see him. She is frightened that he could have perceived her. He distinguishes her as the new cook, and requests that she serve him food. she resignedly consents. He flags her to spread out the nourishment for him. She starts to give him champagne, and strolls towards him. While Sanam takes care of her face, with simply the eeys uncovered, in case ahil sees her, she coincidentally slips, and falls in ahil’s lap, who gets her without a moment to spare, from falling. At last she pulls it together and stands from him, while his eyes overwhelmed him. she leaves from that point, projecting a last look at him. The screen freezes on their countenances.

Precap: Dilshad is having a breathing assault, and asthamatic side effects, when she makes a good attempt to awaken Haya, yet being musically challenged, she isnt ready to wake from her rest. in the interim, Sanam calls up dilshad while she asks why isnt dilshad getting the telephone, despite the fact that dilshad makes a respectable attempt to get. Sanam is strained, while careless in regards to her, dilshad falls on the floor.


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