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I Do On Zee World Thursday 13th January 2022: Razia comes while badi bi is out sitting in the yard. She asks badi bi, about the adjustment of her conduct. Bi says that she was simply adulating her. Razia requests to realize what was she discussing. Razia impersonates her and shows how she changed her tones and tone. She says that she was correct is saying that she isn’t just horrible yet in addition a horrendous abhorrent woman. she says that she was correct that this is her home, and she wont take off from this house, nor would let rashid leave.

The main individual who leaves would be her and her significant other. She says that she may be biting the dust yet she would see that she gets razia to the grave by demolishing her life, before she kicks the bucket. She says that she knows it all, however doesnt have proof. The law probably won’t rebuff her, yet she would, by detsroying her status in the family. Razia stops her maxim that now she would appreciate playing the game with her, and how she would get her, her child, and his family on the streets. Badi bi says that Razia might be a superior player, yet she actually knows how to win.

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I Do On Zee World Thursday 13th January 2022: She says that since all cards have been spread out, razia ought to uncover who she killed in the doll plant. She starts to recount to her story, with the expectation that it may change badi bi’s attitude. She says that her life was demolished, when that woman came without even any earlier insinuation, and what she told, constrained razia to make an extreme stride. She says that that woman’s presence would have ruined her life until the end of time. Razia tells badi bi that her significant other had an additional a conjugal illicit relationship with somebody, who she killed in the doll industrial facility. In any case, she additionally discovered, that they likewise had an ill-conceived little girl, who was the reason because of which she needed to make the extreme stride of killing her mom. When badi bi asks what befell the young lady, is told by razia, that she was dropped in the shelter. Badi bi inquires as to whether mamu has seen the young lady, razia answers that he had seen her equitable once. In flashback, mamu is shown giving that equivalent moving dolls masterpiece, that zoya has kept as the last memory of her folks.

Razia says that she couldnt digest the undertaking her better half had. Razia tells that mamu had met zainab, zoya’s mom in america, who he needed to wed. However, when he came to india, his family didnt let him return. She says that she went into marriage with him, ignorant about the thought, that mamu had an ill-conceived little girl. she says that when she got to know, she didnt need him to have any sort of relations with his little girl. She says emphatically that since little girl could at no point ever have the option to meet her dad again. Razia says that she doesnt even know whether she’s alive or not.

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Zoya comes to the dargah, recollecting the expressions of the guard, outside the delapidated fabricating. she imagines that this is the perfect locations to examine about her dad, and starts grilling individuals. zoya runs over mamujaan, uninformed that she is really crossing by her dad. She doesnt get a lot of help or any significant data. She takes out the doll show-stopper, and gets passionate. All at once, mamujaan too shows up there, feeling contemplative, with his head in the sky, as though coming to ou to the master, ignorant that the young lady with her back towards him, playing with the doll show piece is really his own little girl.

Mamu glances around as though looking for something, while zoya grips on to the photograph, her main proof that can lead her to her dad. She pivots and starts strolling towards mamu, attempting to track down any conceivable sign The dad little girl couple impact unexpectedly, and she drops the photograph, curves to get it, and afterward passes by mamujaan. Mamu also knows nothing about the games fate is playing on him.

In the limits of his home, mamu is in thoughtfulness. When razia comes, he asks what had befallen that young lady. Razia professes not to know. When mamu says that he realizes who is he discussing, she also disobediently says that the two of them realize she was shipped off shelter, however doesnt know what haappened later that. She says that it shouldt influence them, as she doesnt need any more difficulty for that, as they have as of now had that offer. Mamu says that he knows. Razika says that they should forget about the past, and not make a fuss over how is the young lady now, and that kicked the bucket relations and individuals shouldnt be resurrected. Mamu quietens down contemplating that young lady.

I Do On Zee World Thursday 13th January 2022: Zoya, with her dollpiece, imagines that she realizes that the last step to the objective, is the most hard to climb, yet she wont be stopped, and that she would discover her dad. Asad finds zoya enthusiastic, as he cruises by, and cant help feeling for her, and is attracted towards her to connect with her in her troublesome time. He sits other than her. While zoya separates crying, asad caressingly cups her face in his grasp, and turning it towards her, wipes her tears, and afterward asad gives her his comforting presence. She also looks for it for solace.(MITWA MOMENT). Afterward, we get to know, that asad was really dreaming the entire arrangement, when he is upset by tanveer, who breaks his fantasy, saying that she just came to wish him goodnight. Later tanveer goes, he again takes a gander at zoya. The screen freezes on zoya’s miserable face.

Precap: Zoya tells asad on the call, that tanveer has vanished, which shocks him as well. On the television, he sees a meeting being reproted where Feroz says that the argument against rashid was totally bogus, and that this case was finished by rashid’s first spouse dilshad’s child, asad ahmad khan. Asad, who is in a fury hearing this, is stunned when he finds ayan in his office.


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