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As they all assemble at the eating table, Razia calls up somebody and requests that she come. As humaira requests that she rest, razia says that she had gotten exhausted, and consequently came here for some, family time.

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I Do On Zee World Thursday 27th January 2022: Haseena comes in, with Imran extremely irate, saying that nikhat shouldn’t do any idiosyncrasies, as her actual character is out so that everybody might be able to see. They are completely stunned to see haseena so irate. She said that today there would be a descision, and she would ask Rashid and shirin for what good reason their youngsters are so uncouth. badi bi asks what occurred. Imran requests that she stop yet she doesn’t. She proceeds to show the video, condemning her for such boldness. Badi bi says that this is only a family work. In any case, haseena says that there are heaps of different things that occur away from plain view, and if as she would like to think, they ought to likewise be on the net. Razia smiles at such affront. haseena lets them know that they had gone to Aasd’s place, whose mother has been blamed for taking their dad, after he left her 17 years prior.

Ayan censures her for talking like this, as asad is after the entirety of his sibling, and henceforth they went to that capacity. Haseena says that they were informed that there’s no connection among them, and presently its each of the a bogus. Haseena considers her a nachne waali and a Kothe wali aurat. this shocks ayan and every other person. razia claims to pretend shock, as haseena proceeds to say that they wont let their tribal property be gone in to a Kotha.

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Ayan requests that she stop, as which mannered individuals call their own little girl in law, by such offending words. He denounces haseena and imran too for being asilent onlooker to his eventual spouse’s affront. as haseena attempts to talk, ayan stops her platitude that she has as of now offended, and he also has a breaking point, and it would be better in the event that she doesnt cross that cutoff. Haseena leaves smoldering. Razia is extremely cheerful, feeling that she at long last got achievement in her arrangement as though nikhat is tormented then ayan would be in agony, and afterward she would play her cards, and say tp ayan, that all of this would stop assuming he weds humaira.

while nikhat is crying in her room, ayan comesz in and inquires as to whether she’s alright, communicating awfulness at the manner in which she was dealt with today. She lets him know that he cannot transform anybody, and that she’s acclimated to it now. He inquires as to whether she felt terrible when he talked harshly to imran. He says that he dint need to get it done, however he couldn’t take it, when he continued to watch her get insulted quietly.

She says that his annoyance is supported, yet imran is a loving individual, and avoids battles, and on the off chance that he doeskin say anything, it doesnt imply that he doesn’t feel it. He says that its OK, however how might she live with haseena for her entire life. She lets him know that they are wanting to live separately. He finds out if she cherishes him exceptionally terrible. she says that when an individual loves somebody, he makes enormous penances, and that is actually the thing she is doing. she requests that he guarantee that he wont blow his top, as he has as of now sufficiently experienced enough, He says that he would attempt his level best, and he simply needs to see her cheerful. they embrace one another.

I Do On Zee World Thursday 27th January 2022: Zoya calls vasudev, saying thanks to him for the wonderful dance. She drops the telephone, seeing agift put. she ponders who got it for her. She opens and tracks down a saree with a note. It says that he trusts this time she wont convert this saree into a kurti. He requests that she meet him at 8: 00 clock in the patio. She believes that asad is odd to the point that he needs to end this marriage, by giving her a gift. Her sister comes in and respects the saree, asking who gave it to her. She tells its asad, and inquires as to why has he called. she tells zoya that asad has arranged a heartfelt supper for her, as what else could this mean. Her sister says that she’s extremely fortunate that she got a spouse like asad, not at all like her own, who simply continues to send her tedious messages. She asks zoya to appreciate these experiences and be glad.

Zoya’s sister dresses her up, and furthermore tells her that she would be going soon, for a gathering with a decorator, who has chosen a setting for the leftover capacities, as dilshad and nazma have effectively left. She sees the adjustment of studs, and asks the explanation. zoya says that these too look fine. She continues giving tips and intruding on zoya, for a smooth heartfelt date with asad, bothered by which zoya requests that she let go, so she can go to meet asad. Asad iin the in the interim is extremely bustling making his own arrangements for the proposition. Tanveer hears this, and is grinning with her own insidious arrangement.

Zoya comes in the backyrd to think that it is sincerely set. she ponders whats amiss with asad, as he has frantic with satisfaction that he is saying a final farewell to her, or, in all likelihood for what reason would somebody give such an intricate arrangement to separate. she ponders where is he. as asad comes, she is going to switch off. As zoya’s goes, asad gets her, and whirling her around, he says that he has a remark to her, that he needed to since quite a while. (MITWA MOMENT) He says that at whatever point he wants to say it, somebody interferes with him, and subsequently this time, he did this, to com plete what he needs to say. Zoya believes that he’s freezing blooded for arranging such a heartfelt arrangement to separate.

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I Do On Zee World Thursday 27th January 2022: He spins her once more, and afterward taking her in his arms, he says that today he would talk, and she would need to listen quietly and not run off. Asad says that he needed to do this since quite a while, and as he inclines down on her sincerely, and says that he doesn’t know what her response would be, however he needs to admit. He says that he needs to say reality, that was in his heart, yet it never tracked down its direction to his lips, his reality, her reality, their reality. Zoya surprise believes that this doesn’t like a separation, and indeed his expectations sound extremely overall good, and great. she considers would could it be that he needs to say. Asad recalls Dilshad’s exhort and the air terminal commitment. He proceeds to say, Ms. Farooqui, however at that point checks himself and tending to her as zoya, he says Zoya, I… and afterward floats off. The screen freezes on their countenances.

Precap: In the room, zoya is looking around for something, when asad comes and asks where had he gone. She lets him know that she just saw somebody, and she’s almost certain of that. Asad gets strained and furthermore begins looking around. He then, at that point, sudenly has an idea, assuming tanveer is fine, and where is she. Zoya is additionally frightened hearing this, and the two of them start to glance around. In the interim, as imran comes to converse with nikhat after haseena gave him a portion, ayan defies him saying that he hasnt come to converse with her all alone, yet on his mom’s persuading. He tells imran harshly, while nikhat ceaselessly attempts to stop him, that he wont let anybody exploit his sister’s guiltlessness. imran is surprised at being gone up against this way.


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