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Scene 1:
Area: Sanam’s home
I Do On Zee World Thursday 4th May 2022 update: Dilshad makes the way for track down anwar’s mom and welcomes her inside. Dilshad calls Sanam. she comes and bashfully welcomes her. Anwar’s mom praises sanam on her magnificence and that she didnt even anticipate that she should be here, and needed to converse with dilshad. sanam leaves for making tea, however she stops her that she knows that sanam needs to go to the dhaba, and she isnt the sort of mother parents in law’s who dont let their Bahus work. sanam agrees. She asks sanam to wear the blue dress that Anwar likes. sanam goes along and leaves. She praises haya for her weaving as well, and tells dilshad that she has raised both the young ladies delightfully. Dilshad says that when she came she didn’t have anything, and opened this dhaba some way or another, she was generally debilitated, yet as it is said, when youngsters become old, they support the guardians, sanam was generally her help since 12, 13 years, and dealt with the dhaba, and she generally imagines that had this Dhaba not been there, and Sanam didnt effot hard, they wouldnt have made due. Anwar’s mom guarantees that sanam’s blissful days are here at this point

While haya is weaving, dilshad comes and praises haya, for her specialty and is extremely glad that she idd it all herself for Sanam. she asks haya to get all the Dupattas, and she consents and heads inside. As she comes outside, she tracks down Dilshad oblivious and gets extremely strained and frightened. she sprinkles water and gets her cognizant in some way. She goes to call sanam, yet dilshad stops her, saying that simply a few days are left for the marriage, and sanam would decline assuming she becomes acquainted with this. haya is strained. Dilshad says that she knwos that it happened two times in the qweek, and perhaps she’s drained and depleted with the courses of action. She requests that Haya guarantee that she wont tell anything to sanam, as they dont need an issue with sanam’s marriage. Haya goes along. She embraces Dilshad.

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Scene 2:
Area: In the Car
Aahil tells rehaan that everything is exceptionally sluggish, and that things are taking on always, for concluding, and that requiring one month going. rehaaan attempts to make him, however aahil says that he doesnt like anything to eat here, despite the fact that he is a hotshot foodie, pitching a regular city kid fit, in the towns of punjab. rehaan says that Begum wouldnt believe him should go in the evening, and prevents him from coming immediately. ahil asks who might tell mother. rehaan says that he has been requested by his mom to deal with everything he might do. Ahil criticizes him teasingly, and afterward drops the call. He feels parched and ponders where to get water from.

Scene 3:
Area: Sanam Da dhaba
While sanam is cribbing about the absence of pudina, anwar comes in with loads of ruffles, to brighten the dhaba for the wedding. sanam gets timid and says that they ought to have gotten it done themselves. Anwar says that its exactly the same thing. He requests that she return to work, similar to her pinnacle business time. he starts to design while she looks at him sincerely. The clients praise on the enhancement, while anwar inquires as to whether she’s blissful, and she says that she’s extremely cheerful, as this means the world to her. He leaves, requesting that she proceed with work.

I Do On Zee World Thursday 4th May 2022 update; All of a sudden, ahil’s structure for a container of mineral water, shocks sanam and gets her irate as she recalls her previous experiences with him., he leans back on the couch, while she stands paralyzed. She goes to give her water in the glass, when he says that the glass is filthy and get another. she is irate however consents. Whenever she keeps the glass, Ahil requests that she give legitimate help and give water in the glass. She resignedly goes along. He doesnt drink from the glass still, and beverages from the container. sanam inquires as to whether he would have anything more. He inquires as to whether there’s anything eatable. she requests that he look at the menu. he requests that she get the best dish, so he can check whether its deservant of him to eat. She gets food, and he disgustingly gazes at it and asks whats it. she tells that its chole Bhature, however he criticizes it saying that its excessively sleek, and he doesnt eat it like this, when she says that they are made this way. he nonchalantly trhrows off the bhature and she is going to get back at him, when the worker stops her. She requests that he get lost from her dhaba, and he inquires as to whether.

He starts to prod her, with an insinuation. Sanam cautions ahil, saying that he ought to act and escape her dhaba, or disaster will be imminent. Ahil takes the test and grasps her hand asks her what in front of her advance notice… .alluding to her as Ms. Dhaabe Waali. Sanam smacks him tight all over. he leaves off her hand with a jerk, and carries her nearer to him, terrifying her. He says that he would offer an appropriate response of her smack all over, by offering her his response on the lips. as he draws nearer to her, and moves her nearer as well, she gets appallingly frightened and sickened, while ahil indecently carries his lips nearer to his. all at once, the worker hits ahil in the leg with a lathi, and he falls on the ground. She insults him not to try and consider attempting it, tending to him as a hobo. he pivots in anger, and leaves, while she observes still strained.

I Do On Zee World Thursday 4th May 2022 update: In the evening, as sanam stops her Dhaba, she is unmindful that Ahil is splashing petroleum surrounding it, with sheer insubordination and any botheration that she could see. whenever she does, she is stunned, to track down him, with a matchstick, that he sets ablaze before her eyes, and torches the whole dhaba. She is stunned to excess, as she sees her Dhaba, her life being singed directly before her. She attempts to get to the dhaba, however he hauls her away, and pins her on his vehicle, and draws nearer to her, insulting her that he can do anything to her at this moment. she is frightened and shuts her eyes, as he sets his mouth excessively near her, and afterward affronts her expression that he doesnt take whats underneath him. He gets up again while she recovers stunned. He eyes the Dhaba with venomous fury, while she stands dazed. He tosses at her a heap of cash, requesting that she purchase another dhaba for herself. She isnt ready to process it. She consumes his vehicle aflame likewise, and he pivots stunned and afterward to add affront to appall, she tosses the heap of cash that he tossed at her, requesting that he purchase another vehicle. She additionally gives him the Rs. 500, saying comparatively that this is for his energy, as noone has talked and acted such with her too ever. She leaves in a rage, while he stands stunned. He is shocked at her inner self, and says that he prefers it, and that he couldn’t imagine anything better than to break it one day. Ahil, says that assuming she needs to implore, she ought to ask, that she doesnt need to confront him at any point in the future. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: All are celebrating in sanam’s home, as mrriage merriments start. the worker also moves and says that Sanam’s hands are currently relaxing in the magnificence of her significant other’s name. the women request that she show it. She distinguishes and shows A representing Anwar, however at that point she is disgustingly reminded, of Ahil Raza Abraham’s name excessively beginning with a similar letter set.


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