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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 11th January 2022: RK peruses the letter left by Sultan and recalls his danger on telephone to Madhus well wisher! He requests that Bittu call Madhu! Madhu comes! RK lets Madhu know that all that is happend is coz of her! Madhu peruses! RK tells that a beautician called Madhu experienced difficulty chipping away at his set so she proceeded to lodging before her well wisher.. who came to show RK something new by breaking his vehicles windscreen! He advises all to leave Madhus way.. to give her walk first access line ..for assuming anybody outrages Madhu..

her well wisher otherwise known as lover..will come and vindicate ..! He lets Madhu know that this is the degree of her sweethearts frenzy? He says..firstly defying norms on set.. furthermore when revised ..go to Prince Charming and afterward an undermining love letter? Such an organization? Why? To show RK something new ..to beat him.. to slap him? RK advises her to say thanks to him for the couple of days she enjoyed with him… as she lived in class however presently she is back in the organization of second rate class individuals.. taking their assistance to show him something new! RK lets Madhu know that at one time..she had mental soundness with courage..did she auction mental soundness for food? Taking test on RK? He compromises her that on the off chance that he grievances to Association ..

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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 11th January 2022: she will be tossed out of the studio.. through the entryway!! The door..whose meaning she parasite recollect? RK says his heart .. (the one he has) is very huge..! He wont take her to Association .. be that as it may, what might be said about windscreen? Indeed, even her half yearly compensation wont sufficiently be..! He proposes her to have encouraged her darling to have eliminated air from the vehicles tires .. leave the note n go.. ! He says..he is excusing her one final time. .in any case, later this if whatever else occurs.. she will see such a side of RK ..that even RK doesn’t have a clue..! Everybody strolls off..!

Aryan is playing snakes-stepping stool with the old and the older says.. can’t play like this..! Ruler comes and shouts to Aryan! Old illuminates that Aryan did Pranayam for 10 mins! Ruler requests that he do it for 5 additional mins! The older attempts to clarify however Sultan says.. regardless.. he needs to do everything costs..! He says that next time when inquiry is posed to Aryan. .just Aryan will answer! He advises Aryan to fortify himself with the goal that when next time anybody threatens..he will rain fire not tears! Madhu catches and enters applauding..! Ruler requests that Elderly take Aryan inside..! He does!

King asks her for what good reason she is here? She says coz of the messed up windscreen of a vehicle and to see what a dad requests that his child learn by giving a bat! Madhu says.. normally they give it to play however here a dad is helping his child to break windscreen and be a rouge! Had she not come here she would not have seen this darling contacting sanskari scene!

Ruler asks her who is she to inquiry him? Madhu says..she is no one..but he included her by coming to her work spot and breaking things around! King advises her to go to her hubby and show him habits.. furthermore if not..then show him dread… coz in the wake of undermining Sultans child . he is fortunate ..he isn’t in hosp .just ihis vehicle in carport! He says sometime later assuming her hubby compromises Sultans child .. demise may be simple ..however not Sultan! Madhu sufficiently says!

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Madhu tells Sultan that RK is nobody of hers.. they are no longer hubby-spouse and she has continued on! She says that coz of him she needs to pay attention to RK..! Coz of him .. RK embarrassed her before all..! Madhu says..he had strength so he utilized it..but coz of him ..she needs to bear the outcomes! She lets him know that she isn’t a hotshots spouse nor does she have cash.. maybe she is a basic young lady.. living in a chawl … procuring her vocation..! She says coz of him ..she was going to lose her employment .. however, commotion coz of a whiz and that gives her an option to ask him..! She says ..that coz of him ..she was derided..! She requests him what sort from an individual would he say he is? Responding to each address with a stone..! She says ..she needed to hear ..insults n thorns. .n inquiries on her confidence..! She says..but what is the goal since he doesn’t comprehend his own children. .sentiments. .torment .. words.. what will he comprehend about others torment!

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 11th January 2022: Radha shouts to her worker to turn off the lights of the nursery! RK strolls inot hte house and inquires as to whether he was sorry to MAdhu? RK inquires as to whether she wont inquire. .what Madhu did to him! Radha catches Bittu educating somebody concerning RKs vehicle being fixed! A sevant strolls in with a windscreen. .n says.. dont stare..its a gift from Madhu ..in addition to her.. Madhu n her new darling..! Radha requests that he stay in limit! RK says..its not limit. .its out of breaking point. .n that ..todays occurrence has helped him as far as possible..!

Precap — RK is smashed n calls Madhu n requests that she give him her sweethearts number! Madhu says.. wont give n cuts the call..! RK self idea. .was my and ur love so feeble that u continued on so quick? RK thinks about would could it be that ties him to Madhu ..n that for what reason is it harming to such an extent?


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