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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: The episode begins with Mamujaan saying ‘sorry’. Rashid. He says him and Razia did everything, except Rashid needed to endure. He tells Rashid he can give anything discipline he needs to them.

Outside, Razia acclaims Asad’s arrangement, yet says she comprehended his arrangement when she was following Zoya and Dilshad and they thumbed dependent upon one another. She goes on that regardless Asad and Zoya do, they can’t demonstrate Razia liable. Razia leaves.

Mamujaan proceeds, reality generally comes out and that time everybody will realize Rashid is honest and mamu is the guilty party. Rashid dismisses his face. Mamu leaves. Rashid has kept everything in a telephone.

The individual drops Humaira and Haider at a bus station. Haider says they will sit back here and when transport comes, they will be home in 2 hours. It begins pouring. Haider removes his coat. Humaira feels he will cover her in it, however Haider simply covers himself. Humaira takes a gander at him and afterward he covers her as well.

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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: Razia tells mamu he was getting terrified for not a really obvious explanation. They won this battle and they will win the fight also. Mamu is lost in considerations. Razia asks him what is befallen him. Mamu says they are saved today, however they will not have the option to save tomorrow. The guilty parties generally get rebuffed. He further says he has apologizes to Rashid. Razia is stunned. She smolder at him as she’s making a solid attempt to save themselves. She says it’s great Rashid actually can’t talk, else their game would be over today.

Haider and Humaira come to some inn for a brief stay. They come to their room and it’s actual dull. Haider turns on the lights. Humaira is attempting to warm herself. Haider watches her. Both then have an eyelock. Haider apologizes to Humaira . He says there was just a single room in inn and expectations she wouldn’t fret. He goes to bring some wrap or garments. There is just shirt. He tells Humaira she should work out with that today.

Asad communicates disillusionment as they couldn’t assemble any evidences. Zoya lets him know he’ll must show restraint. They basically attempted. It’s a battle for truth and it merits battling for. They will track down evidence sometime. Dilshad concurs. Rashid is attempting to show the telephone to everybody, except nobody is focusing. Asad leaves from that point. Rashid drops the telephone and Zoya sees it.

Dilshad faults herself so Zoya gets into causing her to comprehend rather really taking a look at her telephone. Dilshad goes to converse with Asad. Zoya at last really looks at her telephone and tracks down a recorded clasp. She ponders who recorded it and what is it. Right while she’s checking, she gets a call from her appi and she chats with her. Rashid is frustrated and vulnerable.

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Humaira turns out in the shirt. Haider is shirtless. She checks him out. Haider sees it. He gets into the shirt and afterward checks Humaira out. Humaira feels awkward in the shirt. She turns her face and sits close to fire. Haider carries espresso to her. She makes space so he can sit close to fire also. Both beverage espresso. Humaira checks out at him and grins. Humaira finds espresso excessively hot. Haider goes to her and their hands contact to one another.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 12th April 2022: Afterward, they are resting, Humaira on the bed and haider on the floor. Humaira is feeling excessively cold. Haider sees it and puts his cover on her. He’s disappearing, however Humaira holds his hand. She rests holding his hand. Haider sits alongside her and goes extremely near her. Unexpectedly Humaira wakes up and grins! Haider goes all the more nearer, to kiss her, however at that point moves back. Humaira gets up. Haider lets Humaira know this isn’t right! what’s more, leaves.


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