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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd December 2021: Zoya on being gotten some information about her visa by dilshad, gives her well known verse…
Sui me jata hai dhaga, button goes in the cast,
Aap to jaanti hello hongi, apne shezaade ka raaz!!!
Zoya keeps conversing with dilshad about asad as though she knows he’s a covert agent. Dilshad thinks that it is odd. Zoya asks how she can permit her child to be in a particularly risky work. Before she can spill any beans futher before dilshad, asad intercedes in saying she’s atlking regarding business. to redirect the point, asad requests espresso and zoya immediately offers to help and furthermore cleans the region before asad. Then, at that point, she leaves with nazma. Asad gets some information about mamujaan’s landing in their home

Shirin is vexed that ayan is responding so unequivocally about their descision of not gathering asad by not eating for the beyond two days. He leaves carelessly. razia attempts to appease her platitude that its fundamental for them to be severe with the children in some cases. Shirin and razia conclude that razia would proceed to ask haseena for consenting to this connection.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd December 2021: All at once haseena shows up, and shocks everybody and declares her descision of keeping the connection alive. at the point when rashid’s mom inquires as to why the abrupt shift in perspective, she attempts to be honorable saying that she understood her mix-up and needed nikhat to have a pleasant life ahead.

Nikhat before different young ladies and ayan, in their room says that she knows asad behind this and tells that she had gone to meet asad and all that they discussed. ayan says that asad today got the unimaginable going, by changing haseena’s heart.

Asad censures her for not telling about mamu. she attempts to cause him to comprehend the weightiness of the circumstance and requests that he guarantee her that he wont go to meet mamu as he also is squarely in his place. Asad is liable that he is liable for nikhat’s commitment and says that he did all that could be within reach inside his span. dilshad comprehends that he was crucial in reestablishing nikhat’s joy again yet that his commitment towards nikhat and not for the khan family, would go unrecognized from the information on the khan family. he ays that he doesnt have any lament for that and truth be told sees himself as a genuine sibling in having the option to help nikhat, regardless of whether froma distance. when dilshad requests from his pity botheirng her, he says that he would always go along to her desires and not meet ayan ever. When dilshad knows what asad would to change haseena’s have cared, she has an uncertainty that the khan family would take this against him. Yet, asad says that she has quieted down and that she could never tell anybody.

Later nikhat’s commitment, ayan hacks and reasons himself and her eyes fall on the house papers in haseena’s tote, that asad gave her and comprehends the justification for haseena’s difference as a main priority and thanks asad from the center of his heart and expectations that even he could reimburse his approval sometime in the future.

Toward the day’s end, there is discussion regarding who was the individual behind this shift in perspective by haseena. They imagine that perhaps haseena, or rashid or mamujaan probably persuaded haseena. Yet, they are astounded that if not them, who wasbehind this. Ayan approaches to say asad’s name however is halted by humaira who says that
this isnt the righ time to tell them. As ayan has a blacking out spell, humaira takes him inside and keeping in mind that rashid’s mom is attempting to investigate, razia converses with her truism that seeing this, she should be presently affirmed of the closeness among ayan and humaira and that they shouldnt postpone their commitment any more drawn out. rashid’s mom is strained.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 22nd December 2021: Asad attempts to take zoya’s dread for his potential benefit and gets his office papers arranged by her. She attempts to tell that she’s getting incredibly exhausted by this development papers arranging, however quietens when asad scowls at her. He gets a call from hassena who in the wake of praising for nikhat’s commitment requests the keys and he says that she would get them tomorrow by somebody from his side. Zoya who has been snoopping on his call offers to take the keys yet is sunbbed by asad saying that its private as she assumes, and consequently she wouldnt be a piece of it.

Asad chipping away at his PC Zoya then, at that point, conversing with herself that at any expense she needs to intrigue Mr Khan so he can hep her observe her Dad as he is the best way to track down her father Zoya then, at that point, begins doing Karate in front of Asad’s room… Asad asks her that not to yell as I’m working…


Precap: Asad gets a call from nuzrat saying that ayan is in the clinic in a basic circumstance, and calling out to out asad as it were. Asad in the wake of hearing the call, says sorry to himself that when his sibling, ayan required him the most, he couldnt be close by. Zoya hearing this, ponders internally the thing sibling is asad considering and asad pivots to find zoya paying attention to him and is strained.


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