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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021:Asad is stunned to find zoya dressed as a lady. The minister begins the marriage while zoya is strained under the cover. At the point when the minister, over and over requests the lady’s affirmation to the marriage, zoya doesnt react while asad is strained. The townspeople take it to be an indication of her bashful conduct. At long last, zoya says she’s not confortable with the marriage and runs from that point while she runs off. She meets somebody on the bicycle who later ends up being asad, helps her in getting away by riding her as the pillion driver on his bicycle, while the residents also gear up in their vehicles and follow them. At last asad and zoya get down at a far off area, leave the bicycle and begin strolling in the forest. Both are strained. They keep strolling in the forest.

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Razia reproves humaira for being so flippant and youthful while she keeps fighting her honesty. She censures ayan and humaira for such revolting conduct and is going to hit her when shirin steps in asking her not to hit humaira. Razia says that she cannot utter a word to ayan yet would kill humaira today. She is going to hit her again yet ayan stops her. Mamu says that ayan has investigated every possibility in disgracing their family while ayan likewise keeps fighting his guiltlessness. He says that he began feeling unsteady since razia gave him milk, however razia stops him halfway reviling him for having obliterated humaira’s life and presently making her ill suited enough to at any point confront anybody in his life, and disgracing them perpetually in the general public. Ayan keeps on fighting that he was sick and not proficient to do anything in this condition. However, rashid too slaps him, not understanding razia’s connivance and faulting ayan for the equivalent and wishing that he never had any child as opposed to having one like this. The entire family is astonished to hear this while nikhat and nuzrat are seeing from a good ways. Razia at long last plays in her lord card saying that now her glory and her girl’s life is in question and there’s only one answer for the entire thing to be shushed now. Shirin gazes toward her questioningly. Rshid’s mom is as yet uncertain of whats occurring. Rashid and mamujaan are overflowing with outrage.

In their rooms, While nuzrat is attempting to talk ayan to find an exit from this nikhat is attempting to ask humaira to recall what happened the previous evening. Bothe the young ladies are attempting to make ayan and humaira face the family with reality. Nikhat inquires

Shirin separates before rashid’s mom that mamu has called them and she doesnt knwo what’s in store. She blames ayan for such foul conduct and reviles that ayan carried disgrace to her and his family. Shirin doesnt understand that ayan has been hearing this. ayan is harmed that of the multitude of individuals on the planet, she never felt that his own mom wouldnt trust her.

Ayan is asked by nikhat to shout out reality, however ayan tells that he’s isolated in this battle as no one trusts him and isn’t willing to hear reality from him. she says that now the main arrangement is to converse with asad. Ayan is stunned to hear this since he recollects his guarantee.

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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021:Zoya and asad arrive at the police headquarters and attempt to converse with the overseer yet he doesnt view them in a serious way. while zoya and asad are quibbling to one another whether or not to tell the controller everything, the auditor gets a call requesting that he confine asad and zoya. He agrees and put zoya and asad in the slammer while asad and zoya continue to dissent.

Asad asks zoya for what good reason does she generally experience to land in difficulty. Zoya attempts to tell him everything except he doesnt hear anything reproving her that, she shouldnt have this sort of an issue with the organization of marriage. They quarrel over their perspective with one another where asad at last plays the family card, blaming zoya for not having been raised by great guardians, hence she doesnt understand the significance of custom and family and zoya is harmed at his words.

The residents come and finding zoya and not mariam, dressed as a lady, they request the police to kill them both while zoya continues to fight that its unlawful.

Area: Ayan’s home and the mangalpur police headquarters
While they are being taken out, getting an approach asad’s telephone, zoya yells into the telephone, while the police is searching her and asad, that they need assistance and are in a tough situation. Nikhat, who had called asad is shocked and shares what she just heard with ayan as well and the two of them are strained for asad and howcome they heard a lady’s voice on asad’s telephone. the choose to discover.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021:Humaira remembers everything from the previous evening and goes to her PC put in the room and seeing the video that was unintentionally recorded on her PC, is calmed that this would demonstrate their honesty. She shows razia the video, however razia shuts the PC and approaches her. Humaira tells razia everything and requests that she show the video to everyone to demonstrate her guiltlessness. razia says that this video wouldnt be seen by anybody, since she realizes nothing occurred among her and ayan, yet she needed to do since she realized that humaira loves ayan and needs to wed her. Humaira is dumbfounded. razia says that she would get hitched, assuming not to ayan, to a more unusual who her dad picks. She says that she ahd to do this for her satisfaction, since she realizes humaira’s joy lies with ayan and consequently she would need to bear this aggravation for the timeless joy with ayan later on. She says that assuming the mystery is out, then, at that point, she would lose ayan for eternity. Humaira attempts to dissent, however razia excuses her arguement and says that this is the main way out. razia at last requests that she do precisely what she says, coz assuming she didnt, razia would bite the dust for this.

As ayan runs over humaira, she believes that she should tell him everything. The two of them say that they need to converse with one another. Ayan attempts to explain his honesty, humaira starts to talk when razia stops her by shouting to her and censures her to head inside. Seeing no decision, she goes along while ayan too leaves. Razia contemplates internally that ayan is presently caught in her scheme and would need to stroll on the way that she needs him to stroll on.

Dilshad calls up mariam’s mom to get some information about asad. while mariam’s mom had been hitting her different girls for making zoya meet mariam and harming her brain, she pulls it together and says that asad is occupied in the capacity ground floor and that there’s no compelling reason to stress.

Dilshad drops the telephone and tells ayan that all is well and it more likely than not been a misconception. while he is going to go, dilshad addresses him as child and inquires as to whether he’s okay at this point. Ayan says that its unexpected that she calls him as her child yet asks her child, asad not to meet his sibling. While dilshad is puzzled, ayan says that he wouldnt have the option to forget asad, despite the fact that he doesnt comprehend and has nearly forgotten too with respect to what occurred between the two faamilies to cause such contempt. Saying as much, ayan leaves.

zoay is shouting her retaliation while asad requests that she be wuiet and contemplate how to leave securely so they can report this to higher specialists. They attempt to move away yet are tied by the binds. as zoya says that she has found somthing, asad blocks her and attempts to discover. Zoya is strained at her nearness with aasd. while they are examining alleviation choices, they catch residents approcahing while at the same time talking boisterously.outside, the panchayat individuals are heaving toxin for these city individuals who meddled in their town matters. They enter the shack to find that that asad and zoya have gotten away from the windows. While they run for their life, the residents also follow them with an expanded resentment. At last surpassing them, asad and zoya stroll through the forest. Asad shows zoya how the locals have put obstructions wherever to stop them.

Asad calls up the technician and requests that he send it to the area that he provides for him. He suggests that they ought to go through the night there just, since the vehicle would arrive at tomorrow as it were. the move towards the dhaba, and asad, disappointed with the modest heartfelt melody playing on the radio, turns it off. He rings the chime, and an orderly shows up who is glad to find a honymoon couple. Zoya explains that its not what he thinks. The chaperon continues to take jokes at how they have clasped hands not understanding that they are left with binds. while zoya keeps on attempting to explain to the chaperon, asad stops her and taking the critical leaves with her from that point towards their room.

Asad and zoya go into their room and zoya is extremely off-kilter to think that it is improved like a wedding trip suite. Zoya is frightened to find asad with a mallet, yet he says that he wants to sever their cuffs. Zoya at long last concurs.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 28th December 2021:The panchayat individuals cajole their room no from the orderly, alluding to asad and zoya as the city couple and go up. While asad and zoya are attempting to dispose of the handicuffs in the bounds of their room, the furious panchayat individuals approach a room out of frustration and fury. They crush the entryway open and are stunned to find arti and yash there. The evildoers ask arti and yash assuming they have seen a woman dressed as a lady with a person, running thusly. They and the children are stunned to be experienced with such individuals and dont know what to say. Zoya is secluded from everything, in her room expecting their next

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