I Do On Zee World Tuesday 3rd May 2022

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Scene 1:
Area: In the vehicle
I do On Zee World Tuesday 3rd May 2022: Ahil is with his most recent crush in the vehicle, when he is disturbed with the flavor of the food, which has pudina chtuney with it, as sanam likes it. He starts to get coy with her, even subsequent to having failed to remember her name, and afterward proceeds to show her the craft of lip perusing, by getting enchanting and close with her. she starts to inquire as to whether he would wed her as a matter of fact. He gets strained. Ahil says that one reality regarding dating him, is that she ought to never at any point utilize the word, marriage. she is vexed, while he says that he can return her to where he got her from, if she doesnt like it. Ahil is occupied on his PDAs, extremely resolute that he isnt here for a noble cause however for cash making, and he would guarantee that he gets a productive arrangement.

Scene 2:
Area: Sanam’s home
Sanam descends bashfully with her soup, while anwar sees her amusingly, grinning at her and her apprehension. they trade good tidings, and start to hav a discussion. he attempts the soup, while she requests that he take it with the pudina chtuney. he begins to praise her. she starts to go, while he prods her that he trusts he will converse with her after marriage. She takes off having gotten bashful.

Scene 3:
Area: In the gurudwara
Haya, Nazma’s little girl is demonstrated to serve food to jokes with much love and friendship. as she leaves, Sanam comes and is informed that Haya recently left. The overseer educates her regarding less pay nowadays, and is informed that she acknowledges anything the master offers her. she leaves after haya.

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Scene 4:
Area: out and about
While haya is strolling out and about, Sahil blows the horn, bute she doesnt answer. Indeed, even after rehashed occurrences, when haya doesnt turn, he flies off the handle lastly he jumps the vehicle close to her, making her fall out and about, while he oversees going to proceed and move. After he leaves, Sanam surges upto Haya, her sister, and afterward begins reviling the individual for doing this to her sister, while her sister attempts to quiet her down. The two of them stroll off, while it is shown clearly that haya is challenged.

Scene 5:
Area: Sanam’s home
When sanam is as yet incensed, dilshad comes to ask what occurred. sanam diverts her on haya’s sign. she breaks into her verse, asking dilshad assuming that she took her prescriptions… .

Badi ammi ne nahi khai dawaai… .
Chennai… aai… aai… aaai… .
Sanam starts to prod dilshad about her neglectful nature for taking prescriptions, and afterward illuminates her that she needs to go to choose the menu for a marriage. dilshad requests that she delayed down as her own marriage is drawing nearer. sanam begins to discuss the number of dreams that she has about her eatery, and afterward says that she needs to deal with dilshad like her folks, and had they not passed on in the street mishap, they would have been here today. haya gets enthusiastic. Dilshad is liable that she hasnt came clean with the young ladies. Dilshad says that anwar called to request that authorization take Sanam for picking the wedding band. while haya is blissful, sanam gets bashful.

Scene 6:
Area: out and about
Haya goes about as the arbiter, while Sanam and Anwar discuss the ring that has been picked by the gem dealer, and are both enthusiastically telling haya about the equivalent, and afterward are cheerful about the markdown too that they are getting. sanam watches a vehicle pass by and distinguishes it as the very vehicle that had brought down Haya. She pursues it, shoeless, while haya and Anwar are stunned. in the interim, Ahil and simran escape the vehicle, while she gets some information about what lodging are they referring to. ahil says that they wont need lodgings. He takes her to a heap of food grains stacked up. he starts to get genuinely private with her, with much forwardness. In the secluded shack, sanam tracks down them both experiencing the same thing and is embarassed and stunned out of his brains. She pivots and afterward takes cover behind the grains, incapable to accept what she recently saw. she peeps through an opening and observes them partaking in their actual closeness and is embarrassed. When ahil leaves triumphantly, Sanam is stunned nand cannot trust what her recently saw, while he strolls ahead with a Devil May Care mentality, as he returns his shirt on.

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Scene 7:
Area: Sanam’s home
Sanam comes homw and Haya is strained to think that she is troubled. she comes upto her and asks what occurred and where had she gone. She tells that she had gone to follow that man. She recollects the occurrence once more and is embarassed. sanam tells about what she recently saw, to Dilshad, who claims to be sickened, however doesnt get it right while haya is entertained, at sanam’s difficulty, when he portrays the go about as what Imran Hashmi does in his movies. Dilshad gets some information about that and starts contemplating her marriage. sanam says that she doesnt need to get hitched, as she doesnt need to leave them ever as they are her life. Dilshad says that young ladies need to ultimately leave their homes. sanam inquires as to why cant young men do that. dilshad inquires as to whether she believes her should be cheerful, and when she agrees, dilshad makes sense of her arrangements of the marriage. sanam says that she doesnt need any extra enpenditure as she doesnt need to get hitched at the Taj Mahal. Dilshad recollects Asad and zoya’s marriage at the Taj mahal, and gets passionate. the screen freezes all over.

I do On Zee World 3rd may 2022

Karan Singh Grover ( Asad) stops I DO, and here is the reason, I Do News Zee World

Precap: Aahil takes his vehicle in the back gear, and unintentionally squashes over the vegetables of a side of the road seller. Ahil lets the seller know that he shouldnt have kept the vegetables out and about, as they are intended for development. Sanam defies him saying that he might have watched his vehicle too whilr driving, and been somewhat more cautious, so he wouldnt have run such a colossal misfortune. He asks the merchant how much was his misfortune, and is informed that the veggies that got spoilt cost him Rs.500. Ahil tosses a Rs.1000 note at him, saying that he can keep Rs.500 and give the rest to this young lady, for her fortitude as that is the main individual who has at any point tried and stood upto him, and conversed with him like that. sanam is stunned.


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