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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do On Zee World Tuesday 5th April 2022: Zoya understands that Rashid is separated from everyone else and picks up the pace, while Dilshad stands shocked. She sees a man inside, by Rashid’s bed, however before she can get him, he runs out the window. Dilshad comes and sees and is stunned. As bad bi, Razia, and mamu enter, Zoya condemns razia for this. Razia pretends guiltlessness, yet Zoya shows him the cover that the crook left.

Razia inquires as to whether this can be hers even. Zoya says that one day she would have verification against her. Razia requests that she talk that day then. All are strained and Dilshad is stunned. Zoya is stunned. mamu leaves, and Razia as well, however, she is glad that Zoya couldn’t demonstrate anything.

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I Do On Zee World Tuesday 5th April 2022: Zoya is certain that Razia sent that man. Dilshad too concurs. Badi bi thanks the ruler and Zoya for this. They ask Zoya to rest, however, Zoya requests that they be ready as Razia can do anything. Zoya leaves. Badi bi says that no one can do anything without evidence against Razia, yet at the samShee time they need to remain alert. both are strained.

Zoya hears Razia denouncing the individual, on the telephone, that he couldn’t do something basic, and requests that he come to meet at a similar spot, where this story began and that this time there shouldn’t be any mix-up. Razia leaves. Zoya receives Razia’s message and ponders where are they meeting

. Zoya chooses to follow Razia and get her red-handed. She is certain that any place Razia goes,v she would follow, as she would figure out where it started. As Zoya leaves, Razia comes out, feeling that the bird is caught now and that the conflict has proceeded for sufficiently long and needs to end now, at a similar spot where the story began.

Scene 2:
Area: Outdoor Location
Haider conveys humaira into a horse shelter and tosses her on the sheaf. Haider removes his shirt and says that today he would carry out the wrongdoing for which she erroneously blamed him. He attempts to force himself on her, yet she runs off, frantically attempting a spot to stow away. Haider starts to look for her. Syhe is stunned. Haider comes up from behind and catches her and afterward again pulls her on the floor, and starts to advance towards her. she requests that he pardon her humungous misstep and guarantees at absolutely no point to do it in the future.

she asks him not to ruin her life and let her go. Haider eyes her tensely. Hev inquires as to whether she comprehends wh insolence, and he can get payback on the off chance that he needs to, however, he has a few guidelines and won’t stoop as low as she did. He requests her to comprehend the gravity of the wrongdoing that she blamed her for, and says that for her it was only a word, yet it discolored his standing until the end of time. He slams his hand into the divider, while she runs off from that point.

Scene 3:
Area: The doll plant
Razia comes to the doll plant and is glad that Zoya is negligently following her, obscure to the snare that she has laid.

Zoya starts to look for Razia, who in stowing away, calls up somebody saying that the snare has been laid, and the bird is caught as well and requests that they start their work. They employed thugs enter while Zoya is anxiously circumventing the spot, subtly. As Zoya, by destiny lands in the doll production line, and is naturally mindful of somebody’s presence behind her, she pivots to observe those thugs fastly advancing towards her. She gets frightened. razis grins evilly, finding Zoya caught. The employed hoodlums cut her wrist with a blade, while Razia recollects how she had killed Zoya’s mom and Zoya tumbles down. before they can cut her once more, she cleans sand on their feces and rushes to stow away, while they frantically look for her.

Razia is strained to see this. they at long last track down her, behind a container, yet she tosses it at them, really approaches her. however, she also falls oblivious after that. the thugs come there as well. Razia says that this wasn’t enough tomfoolery and that this time once more, she would need to get done with the responsibility. The hooligans leave. Razia takes a jar of petroleum and sprinkles it around Zoya, all around. She says that deplorably, Zoya’s desire to meet her dad couldn’t be satisfied, yet she shouldn’t be strained, as she would before long meet her dead mother. she says that set of experiences rehashes the same thing, and today she saw it as well. she says that 17 years back, she killed her mom, and today it’s her move.

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she says that she might have tried difficult to annihilate Razia, however, the people who keep that goal, are obliterated themselves, very much like she will be today. Razia gets up fire going around her very much like she had finished with Zoya’s mom, through Rashid. Razia asks Zoya to wish her mom from Razia’s side and leaves. Zoya lays oblivious in the circle of fire.

I Do On Zee World Tuesday 5th April 2022: Razia leaves the doll processing plant, before looking at her one final time. Zoya recollects in her oblivious state, about that fantasy of hers, when Assad’s voice shouts to her and she gets alert. Asad comes without a second to spare to save Zoya, crossing all obstacles, and conquering the fire, while she too in her semi cognizant state is astounded to see him and afterward floats off into oblivious, after having remembered him. He hops into the fire circle and gets her in his arms. The screen freezes on Asad’s irate face.

Precap: Humaira is frightened in obscurity backwoods when she crashes into Haider and grasps him firmly, while he sees her shocked. she also gets mindful of her nearness with Haider, out of her dread, and becomes embarrassed. Nikhat gives nazma the organic product salad and requests that she eat it. as nazma eats, haseena evilly grins.


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