I Do On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022 update

I Do On Zee World Friday 6th May 2022 update
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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022 update: Sanam strolls towards Ahil. Another young lady is conversing with Ahil. She takes a gander at Sanam and Sanam quits strolling. The young lady tells Ahil she’s the person who got terminated. Ahil turns around to take a gander at Sanam, yet presently Sanam has dismissed her face. Both stroll in inverse bearing.

Dilshad is getting stressed for Sanam. Discouraged Sanam is strolling out and about. She says she figured she would bring in cash and make new dhaba, yet presently she doesn’t have sufficient the means to return. Regardless of whether she returns, what she will tell her badi ammi? She hears supplication and does the namaz. other hand, dilshad and haya additionally do the namaz. Dilshad says that city removed everything from her, yet allah is there with her Sanam and he will show the correct way to her. Other hand, Zoya requests that allah show her the correct way. After she completes her request, she sees Anwar. She attempts to stop him, however he leaves in an auto. Sanam takes another auto and follows him. Following him, she enters Ahil’s manor. She gets a few recollections from her life as a youngster.

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022 update: Zoya’s voice, Dilshad’s voice. She hears somebody’s commotion and stows away. After they leave, she attempts to leave the house, yet she’s come by Latif. Latif misconstrues Sanam as their new cook and requests that she set up certain snacks for the visitors who have come for nikah. Sanam thinks Anwar came to burglarize them and concludes she won’t allow him to succeed and uncover him.

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Sanam comes to the kitchen. Latif follows her and asks how she knew where kitchen is, she arrived at this house interestingly. Sanam gets into contemplations. Latif requests that she begin working and he will actually look at different arrangements. Sanam considers how she realized kitchen is here. She again recollects about Anwar and begins working. She makes statements are so screwed up, how individuals can work in such messy climate.

Azhar’s family has come to see shazia. His mom doesn’t vaguely recall specific words, her significant other finishes her half sentences. The families have a discussion. Azhar’s folks go off the deep end catching wind of properties. They say they like shazia a great deal. Mother requests the desserts .Latif comes to the kitchen and inquires as to whether she just cleaned kitchen or cooked something also. Sanam shows him a plate. Latif gets it, however Sanam stops him and says she is there to accomplish that work. Latif advises her that he’s the chief, so don’t attempt to overwhelm his situation. He comes in the lobby with Latif. Latif stops her and takes the plate with him. Sanam attempts to take a gander at the visitors thinking anwar is one of them. According to shazia’s father, from their side, anwar bhai will take care of all arrangements. Sanam goes by and large around the corridor to see anwar, and in end, she says it’s some other anwar. She ponders where other anwar went.

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Outside, somebody tells anwar, his work will be finished. Anwar demands him to do it fast, he will be appreciative to him.

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 11th May 2022 update: In house, Sanam attempts to leave. In rush, she obliterates some property. Latif goes to her and returns her to kitchen. Sanam says where she got stuck as a result of anwar. She again attempts to leave, however this time, she’s come by Azhar’s folks. Azhar’s mum gets some information about the misfortune that they endured in light of her. She tells her she is fortunate in light of the fact that her child’s rishta got last today. Azhar’s father inquires as to whether she made the bites. Sanam says OK. He then advises Azhar’s mum to keep her in this house, there can’t be a preferred discipline over making her cook for them. He places snacks in her mouth and she concurs, she requests that Latif clarify everything for Sanam. They leave. Latif tells Sanam, she will get 10,000 consistently, out of which 10% will go to Azhar’s folks, and 10% will be his. Sanam gets stunned and asks him, they will take commission from her in their own home. Latif tells her, it’s not permitted to address here. He inquires as to whether she will work or no. Sanam figures she will in any case get 8000. She reviews chief’s brutal words. Latif asks her, qubool hai or no. According to sanam, “Qubool Hai”. Screen freezes all over.

An excessive number of new characters since I last watched. Excuse any slip-up.

Precap: Sanam is passing by Ahil’s room and sees him evolving shirt. He tosses it and it goes all over. She eliminates it from her face and is stunned to see Ahil. She drops a compartment. Ahil goes to look.


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