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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do On Zee World Wednesday 13th April 2022: Asad goes into his room and thinks that it is all completely messed up, and the boys sitting on the bed amid food, with a heap of things around them. He asks what’s this. She goes on to aggravate him even more. asad is furious that he doesn’t like his room like this. Zoya says that he’s confused that she minds with his abhorrences when he doesn’t care for her viewpoint. he requests that she get down from the couch first. Asad asks what point is she attempting to demonstrate. Zoya says that he’s right in getting it and breaks into her verse….
Talk Dilli ki, Hyderabadi biryani, Lucknow kebab
I have done this, to settle our hisab… !!!!

and attempts to talk, yet Zoya says that maybe he doesn’t care for their sentiments. she says that he had vanished the final evening, and didn’t even accept her calls and criticizes him for being so flighty. He grasps her hand and says that he’s sorry as he was vexed.

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Zoya breaks into tears and goes on to bluster about how disturbed they were. he takes her in his arms and embraces her when she says that she’s an extremely hazardous young lady, and won’t settle sometime later. As Zoya goes on bluster, asad focuses on the tidiness in the room, and Zoya gets disturbed that he isn’t hearing what she needs to say and inquires as to whether it’s a higher priority than what she needs to say. he hushes her with a finger all the rage and says that nothing is a higher priority than her. He touches her face, saying that nothing could at any point be. She gazes toward him, while he ey her sincerely. Her eyes kneel, as he grasps her hand and grips them firmly. They get sincerely eyes locked.

Razia converses with somebody asking who allowed them to freeZe their records, without asking her. the supervisor says that asad advised them to do such. Razia is stunned. She eyes Asad and Zoya eating at the eating table. Razia stands up to asad, about this.

Asad says that he is the co-owner of the organization and can take any decision about the organization, with practically no authorization. She says that he is simply suddenly erupting as his arrangement didn’t work, and is getting disappointed. She says that he ought to have acknowledged rout before as it were. Razia says that she’s destined to win, and not them. Asad starts to get strained. Razia says that he might attempt to be the proprietor of this organization, yet he won’t succeed. She tells a sad that his dad was a worker in this industry, and he also will continue from his perspective. Zoya attempts to close her, however, asad prevents her from talking. Razia leaves grinning evilly. Zoya puts a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
Nikhat gets up late, to find Farhan looking good. As he gets about his work, she is sorry for starting late. He says that he has taken a meeting with the specialist, the psychiatrist and that she ought to prepare. She is upset and attempts to guarantee guiltlessness that she isn’t frantic. He says that haseena is right in saying that she wants drugs. She attempts to talk, however, he requests that she be prepared, for the arrangement. He leaves, while she is troubled.

As night apologizes for being late at the morning meal table, nazma disregards her’ and tells haseena that she’s leaving for her room. After she leaves, the night is down to eat, while haseena and chandbi eye each other tensely. Haseena tells night that she doesn’t need to work, as they would deal with the actual work. Chandni says that they need to take care that night shouldn’t go in the kitchen, after the blade episode. Chandni requests that she leave the plate here just, and not enter the kitchen. as they leave, the night is strained.

afterward, night again attempts to persuade them that she’s feeling improved, and there isn’t anything wrong. In any case, Farhan says that they would know it all without a doubt, and regardless of whether she is correct, then, at that point, what’s the issue in a specialist’s perspective, as all are truly strained for her, and won’t ever need terrible for her. He asks night not to contend and go out, while he arrives in a moment. Outside, Nikhat hears haseena conversing with the specialist, that Farhan is going to leave with night. To make night hear, haseena deliberately says that nikhatv and Farhan are leaving and he knows what he needs to say. Nikhat is stunned to hear this. Farhan requests that she go along, she denies saying that she won’t go. She informs him regarding haseena’s call.

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 13th April 2022:Farhan attempts to say that the specialist isn’t known to anybody, including haseena. Nikhat says that he doesn’t know anything. He attempts to make sense that he is the best specialist in the city, yet she refuses to accept so. haseena inquires as to for what reason are they still here and asks night on the off chance that she is feeling alright. Nikhat says that because of her, she won’t be acceptable as far as being excessively lengthy. Farhan reminds them that his mom she’s conversing.

Nikhat tells haseena that she won’t let her succeed. haseena claims to be hallowed. as Farhan attempts to get a night to go, she snaps herself away from him. Nikhat says that she won’t come, and secures herself in the room. Farhan is strained, while haseena grins. She tells that it very well may be dangerous to take more time to the specialist, and thus they ought to call the specialist here as it were. Farhan concurs while haseena says that she would, at last, have her direction with night.

Scene 3:
Area: Outdoor Location
Humaira awakens in Haider’s garments and remembers the previous evening with him, and how he wouldn’t exploit her. Haider comes in and says that they are prepared to leave, as the taxi is pausing. Thinking that she is faltering, he requests that she express out loud whatever she needs to.

She says that she needs to say thanks to him, for what he did, and what he didn’t, as though he hadn’t controlled himself, then god realizes what might have occurred. He requests that she fails to remember it, as she doesn’t need to take any culpability or lament, as he won’t at any point do anything, that could hurt her. He says that their minuscule many battles have now settled a specific connection among them, and that doesn’t must be named consistently. he requests that she prepare, as she begins grinning. she bashfully leaves from that point. Haider evilly grins that she’s falling in his snare.

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Scene 4:
Area: Razia’s home
Asad calls a question and answer session, and lets them know that Mr. Rashid, who gave everything to the organization, is actually wiped out, and consequently he will go on with his dad’s post and every one of the obligations.

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 13th April 2022: Dilshad, Zoya, and Rashid support smilingly. Razia tells mamu that they might do anything they desire, but reality won’t change. Asad says that the organization’s CEO, Mr. Siddique is resigning, and he has left it to him. Razia is stunned, while all look on. She takes a gander at mamu who is similarly stunned. The screen freezes on Assad’s strained face.

Precap: Zoya insults Razia, that it’s time for her to be embarrassed and ponder what all she has done. Razia eyes her indignantly. In the house, Haider says that he has no family and no parentage, and henceforth clearly her folks won’t like that she invest such a lot of energy with him. She attempts to safeguard him and persuade him in any case. Humira unintentionally proclaims and says that she loves investing energy with him. Haider is stunned while humaira gets timid.


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