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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 16th February 2022: Mamujaan criticizes the guardians for individuals who are spruced up that way and talk so inconsiderately with such individuals, and regrets that he invested his energy time here to no end. he leaves seeming a bit piqued. As haseena is brought down the vehicle by imran, he finds tanveer over the fence. He asks her to inside, while he simply comes. Tanveer says that she needed to since he wasnt reacting. He gives her a few cash and says to get lost. Tanveer says that she had requested more.

Imran says that her requests are excessively high. tanveer says that her requests are excessively low, as she hasnjt requested that he wed her. Imran says that she left him so she could wed somebody persuasive, and how is that faring out at this point. Tanveer says that she would at the appointed time of time, and till then he would experience to take the difficulty, similar to his youngster all things considered. Imran says that he bears no connection with the kid, and asks her not to put one. Tanveer says that soon the youngster would have his legitimate name. tanveer says taht he ought to jsut keep doing what he is, and she would approve of him. Haseena calls out for imarn and he leaves, while tanveer smiles.

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Ayan hears nikhat and nuzrat discussing the blissful days, when humaira was with them and hang out. She says that she cannot accept whats changed, time or them. They see ayan and inquire as to whether he has any data. Ayan says no. He comes and sits and sees the photograph collection, with huamaira in those photos. Ayan says that he wishes time returns so she can be spoiled by him. Nikhat and nuzrat embrace and control center him.

Razia feels that she’s going off the deep end for humairea, presently that she isnt found following a month. Razia says that she had told all the information. Tanveer says that she had made every one of the game plans, however the transport didnt come. Razia says that it went into a mishap. razia says that she discovered, that humaira wasnt on the transport, and on the off chance that she wasnt, where she went. Tanveer says that assuming she got down, its difficult to follow her now. razia says that before she could praise zoya’s going, this misfortune occurred. Mamujaan comes in upset, and razia asks him what occurred, while still available to work.

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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 16th February 2022: Mamujaan enlightens her concerning the occurrence. Tanveer hears this, through the telephone. He leaves for the panel meeting. Tanveer inquires as to whether there’s any issue. Razia says that mamu either looks for the girl, or keeps himself occupied in work, so he dopesnt recollect her. Razia says that she sent humaira to show ayan something new, and in the event that she tells everybody, they would all know reality. She tells tanveer that she would call her, assuming need be. As razia pivots, she finds badi bi paying attention to this. Razia is stunned. Badi bi condemns her for doing this to cause ayan to feel remorseful, and razia can do what she needs, and inquires as to whether she at any point feels what ayan is going through. badi bi says that she has done what she needed to, and presently its her move. As she leaves, she is halted by razia. Badi bi requests that she get aside. Razia drives her inside and stops the entryway. peruse full updates every day with pics just at badi bi says that her mystery would be out now, as that woman isnt a lady, who involves her girl for her abhorrent plans. Razia attempts to choke her. Badi bi says that she wont pass on, prior to revealin her, and tosses razia aside.

razia says that who might she tell it to, as noone is in the house. Badi bi tells razia that she would tell everything to everybody today, and chooses to make a phone call. However, ass oon as she dials the number, Razia cuts off the phone rope, and uses something similar to choke Badi bi, and helps her to remember what she had doen to her, when she had sent her to assylum, yet badi bi passionately says that nothing can happen to her by Razia, and that she would come clean with everybody. Razia gets into a huge mode, and tosses badi bi, against the divider, slamming her head against it. Badi bi falls oblivious. She feels for badi bi’s heartbeat, and finds is no more. She is stunned to observe that Badi bi may be dead. Razia conveys badi bi into a sack to dispose of her, unequivocally, getting away from everybody’s eyes. she imagines that she would places her in the cemetery in the patio and afterward noone will take note. She chooses to tell ayan that she has headed off to some place without telling anybody anything.

However, out of nowhere badi bi’s hands drop out, and she sees her eyebrows jerking. Razia observes that she is incapacitated. Razia puts her hands again into the sack, which were dropping out flaccidly. All of a sudden, the horn and the headlights of the vehicle coming, stuns her. She stows away, leaving the sack there as it were. Razia stunned. mamujaan gets down, and educates the driver somethings. He gets a call, while badi bi is lying there, without her consideration. Razia is extremely strained.

While tanveer is meandering around eating Tamarind, her eyes fall on asad evolving. she aches out for him. She feels that after certain days, she wont need to see him through stowing away. Asad comes and sits on his review table, and switches on the PC, and starts touching zoya’s pic. She is disturbed. (MITWA) Asad is surfing throrugh the photos. Tanveer is aggravated that zoya is still here, despite the fact that she isn’t. She thinks about imagine a scenario in which she really returns.

Zoya does her petitions, and prepares to rest. Asad also is a long way from resting. Tanveer leaves seeming a bit piqued. However at that point she pivots, and recollects mamujaan discussing a pants clad young lady in Madarsa, and expectations that it isnt zoya.

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 16th February 2022: Razia feels that since badi bi is deadened, she wont have the option to tell anybody anything. She chooses to secure her in the store room. As mamu is occupied on the call, razia covertly approaches badi bi and diverts her from that point. She comes perilously near mamujaan, while he’s occupied on stand by, yet figures out how to put the sack, and her head inside. Mamu pivots, simply at the last possible second. Razia is stunned to think that he is checking out her. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Asad crosses the shelter, careless that zoya’s there, who additionally doesnt realize that asad’s vehicle is going through. all at once, because of a mishap, a youngster gets injured, and zoya conveys him into her arms, while asad sees her in the back view reflect, and is overwhlemed to have at last seen as her.


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