I Do On Zee World Wednesday 19th January 2022

I DO On Zee world Wenesday 26th January 2022
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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 19th January 2022: Mamu is additionally posed a similar inquiry by zoya. razia is stunned to observe that its a similar young lady calling once more. she rapidly pulls off the phone wire, to stop the call. She believes that she would ahve to stop this young lady, coz if she doesnt, zoya would reach here. She believes that she doesnt know either her nae or her telephone no. She imagines that possibly she doesnt call up once more, thinking about how might
Asad finds ayan in his office seat, and asks why is he here. He arrives at embrace asad, however asad stops him, saying that he may be standing directly before him, yet he’s extremely far that regardless of whether he attempts, he cannot contact him, saying that there’s a bunch now in the relations, later what has occurred. Ayan inquires as to whether he isn’t his sibling all things considered.

asad said that he had made extremely evident that asad was his step sibling. Ayan requests pardoning, refering to his explanations behind saying as much. He concedes his mix-up and requests a statement of regret. Asad requests that he leave. Ayan says that he cannot remain distraught at him for long. He again attempts to embrace asad, yet asad stops him. Ayan says that the two of them, have a similar blood running in their veins. What’s more assuming he’s inflexible that he wont embrace ayan, then, at that point, he also is unyielding that he would make asad embrace him. He guarantees that asad would embrace his sibling by the upcoming dusk. saying as much, he leaves. Asad leaves in his seat.

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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 19th January 2022: Zoya is thinking what razia told her. She gets ayan’s call, and they ask one another, why the two of them sound stressed. He says that he has an arrangement. Zoya requests what. when ayan tells her, she says that this would require a strong arrangement. He also breaks into his verse. She requests that he tell the arrangement, tending to him as ROBERT. This bothers asad, who’s simply cruising by, however he doesnt say anything. She pays attention to his arrangement, and afterward breaks into her verse: Tomcruise and sway cristo, naam hai yeh angrazo grain,
hai murmur desi, standard andaaz hain, rangrezo rib… !!!She wants him to enjoy all that life has to offer for this arrangement.

Both ayan and asad are succumbing to the women, at their home, and their tricks for the holi celebration. Ayan’s sisters smear his face, while asad’s towel is loaded up with colors by zoya, so that asad’s face gets ruined when he wipes his face with the towel next morning. zoya is very hapy at this naughty arrangement. As she cruises by, asad feels somebody’s essence, yet cant see anybody.

The following morning, all giggle at ayan’s face, wheras he doesnt payt consideration, having sticks escaped rest. When ayan sees his face spread with colors, he gets back at the young ladies, who flee, attempting to escape from him. Zoya is exceptionally baffled, when she keps her camera prepared to click asad’s shading spread face, yet observes that asad’s towel is extremely perfect and his face. He asks what’s happening with he. She attempts to concoct a rationalization. He inquires as to for what reason was she clicking his photograph. She says that whatever merits seeing, she clicks its photograph. She says that he also merits seeing, however at that point ad libs her explanation saying that it isn’t so much that he’s an eyecandy, then, at that point, says that he is one. Asad irritatingly asks her what’s going on with she. She says that she’s trying the camera of her telephone, and goes to the washroom with that reason. While she doesnt observe the towel, she is stunned when she winds up doused in a pail loaded with water, tossed on her by asad.(MITWA MOMENT)

Asad covers her face with shading, wishing her HAPPY HOLI, and saying that this is the thing that an arrangement is.(MITWA MOMENT) Zoya gets ayan’s message assuming she recollects their arrangement. She inquires as to whether he has at any point gone to a holi party. He says multiple times. She requests that he prepare, as she’s taking them to a superb holi party. Saying as much, she leaves.

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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 19th January 2022: Asad, zoya, nazma and dilshad show up and blend with the visitors. the fever of holi is going all out. Ayan is playing the dhol, asad glances around and tracks down him there. they face one another. whiel ayan is stands dtermined, asad’s face has disdain composed all over him. Ayan covers asad’s face with an explosion of shading, and wishes him a HAPPY HOLI, while asad stands strong. This shocks dilshad, nazma, tanveer and zoya. Asad as well, with full power tosses tone at him, and afterward giving him a grin. He embraces ayan tight, much to his and every other person’s pleasure. Zoya fights against eminent loss, with a pail loaded with hued water, and discharges it on the. She runs, with asad and ayan, both pursuing her, to catcah her. Asad takes an alternate course, and outmaneuvering her, he covers her face with shadings, and afterward pours water at her. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: Asad, ayan and zoya are moving in the holi merriments. Razia also shows up at the scene. she is shcoked to see zoya as the ill-conceived little girl of mamujaan. she tells tanveer that she needs to accomplish a work for her, and dispose of a young lady. when tanveer asks who, razia focuses to zoya. Tanveer is shcoked to see this.


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