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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 23rd December 2021: Asad puts zoya down while she attempts to demonstrate her grit. Asad leaves her off and goes baffled  Outside ayan’s room, rashid’s mom recollects razia’s words and figures that he would need to converse with ayan about his jumping at the chance to humaira. She heads toward his bed and says that she realizes they are old buddies and needs to additional know whether he feels for her more as a companion. however, seeing that he’s not reacting, she contacts him to observe that he’s igniting with fever. She’s extremely strained.

Area: Asad’s home and in the emergency clinic.
Asad gets a call from nuzrat saying that ayan is in the emergency clinic in a basic circumstance, and calling out to out asad as it were. Asad says that he would reach as quickly as possible.He coems to the emergency clinic and gets some information about ayan. While they show her the room, he heads toward the room. Yet, all at once, he recollects his guarantee to dilshad. He is heartwrenched to find ayan calling out to him in obviousness. Yet, Asad cannot force himself to meet ayan by going into the room. The young ladies are astounded to find asad not going into the room and going to leave. Nuzrat asks him the justification for it when ayan calling out for him just, asad says that he cant and nuzrat asks him for what good reason. He doesnt answer and leaves, leaving the young ladies in disarray. as he leaves, he crosses shirin and rashid however they dont see each other to the young ladies’ alleviation. Rashid and shirin go into ayan’s room and request from his wellbeing while ayan continues to murmur asad’s name.

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Scene 4:
Area: on the lookout
Zoya gets a gathering of lamentable kids promotion takes care of them jalebis. They ask her the justification for her being there. she says that she’s looking for her dad. A young lady placates her platitude that she would find him soon. Zoya also expects something similar for her and the youngsters as well. An individual comes and inquires as to whether she has been looking for someone. At the point when she says OK, he says that he has some data to share. He sees the photograph and says that only a couple of individuals could wear this sort of costly apparel made by his dad, who’s dead at this point. He says that he may have the receipts for the garments sold then, at that point. Zoya requests the no of even one of them. He takes zoya’s no and vows to tell him at whatever point he tracks down something zoya is cheerful and thanks the ruler for it.

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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 23rd December 2021: Dilshad asks the justification behind Asad’s strain. On being familiar with ayan’s disorder, She gets some information about him. Asad says that he doesnt know since he cannot break his guarantee and proceed to meet him and in this manner he can simply sit and hang tight for any news. Zoya enters imparting the new advancement to his brother by marriage. Finding asad chatting on the telephone, zoya ponders who is he so genuinely conversing with. She chooses to dazzle him by her abilities and catches asad saying that he cant coem to the clinic since he’s occupied with different things. Asad subsequent to hearing the call, says sorry to himself that when his sibling, ayan required him the most, he couldnt be close by. Zoya hearing this, ponders internally the thing sibling is asad considering and asad pivots to find zoya paying attention to him and is strained. He says that this is their family matter and that she shouldnt meddle in it. Later he leaves, zoya is as yet confounded.

Ayan tells the young ladies not to trouble over him as that would not address things. Shirin comes in and requests that he rest. the specialist says that its equitable sleepiness and shortcoming and no significant sickness. He inquires as to whether anything specifically is annoying ayan. Everyone is confused. Shirin inquires as to whether they can take him home. She says that ayan doesnt like medical clinics and attempts to be great to him however he dismisses.

When nazma shows zoya her most recent shopping saying that her sibling got her that, zoya attempts to contrieve data by saying what sibling gifted her this, asad or ayan. Nazma is stunned by ayan’s notice from zoya. She attempts to converse with nazma about it however seeing that she isnt reacting, she is sorry and says that she shouldnt have penetrated into their family matter being an outisder. However, nazma says that she can share since she’s the nearest to her and recounts her the whole story of rashid’s another family. Zoya is stunned to hear this. Nazma proceeds to recount the whole story and says that she comprehends the aggravation that her mom proceeded to be as yet going through for that misfortune in hr life. She tells that when rashid was left by shirin on knowing about dilshad in his life, he brings ayan to their home and tells her that shirin left him and inquires as to whether she would acknowledge ayan. Zoya inquires as to whether dilshad did what he needed. Nazma advises that because of dilshad’s medical affliction, asad raised ayan like his own sibling and that their connection endured over the extreme long haul and furthermore was unflinching by their family relations.

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 23rd December 2021: Nazma says that asad never told her however she had an instinct that the two siblings met and that ayan used to come here to meet aasd cryptically. Zoya recalls that she had seen a starnger coming into asad’s home regularly and how she had considered him a covert agent. Zoya ponders internally that this is the purpose for asad’s timeless trouble and his thoughtful person nature. She imagines that somebdoy would need to get them together. The screen freezes on her thoughtful face.

Precap: Zoya brings asad to the rescue vehicle and gets him to meet ayan who embraces seeing asad. rashid’s family escapes the vehicle and are stunned to see the two siblings embracing. Hearing shirin’s voice shouting to ayan, asad is stunned while he is embracing ayan. mamu and rashid too are amazed.


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