I Do On Zee World Wednesday 5th January 2022

I DO On Zee world Wenesday 26th January 2022
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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 5th January 2022: Ayan calls asad sautela
Asad in tears goes to him ayan closes window and leaves Shireen choose to argue dilshad
Ayan says asad won’t pay attention to yer
He recalls zo telling about gudiya and choose to track down it
Rasia hears this stressed

Asad pitiful tanu accompanies guitar requests that he play and emerge from his dard
asad plays zindagi ki

Tanu requests that he grin and he sings
Dilshad comes
Tanu Calls ceasefire between them asad embraces dilshad and cries
Zo watches sad the 4 embrace

Zo go to leave tanu holds her makes her go along with them
Asya eyelock.

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Rasia calls billo tells herto find gudiya soon

Tanu following day tells dilshad that she loved her kheer
Asad Comes for breakfast
Zo tanu put everything out on the table
Tanu says she recollects his decision
Zo says thisreminds her of rahul dravid
Tanu says asad loves jam

Tanu asks where is jam
Najma says he halted for wellbeing reasons
Asad serves bread to tanu
Zo pauses assuming he will serve herbut no
tanu ougs asadgives water
Zo also hacks asad not irritated najma gives water
Asad leaves with tanu zo hurt

Zo spying following asad tanu
They continue to examine adolescence and shayari
Zo says she adores shayari and begins a senseless one
Asad bothered says her shayaris are senseless and they wre discussing genuine shayari whichbshe can’t comprehend

Billo says gas moved past
Tanu offers assistance zo says she will do
Dilshad asks how she knows when she remained in usa
Zo says she will utilize ipad
Tanu says she talks so sweet
Asad says she talks over

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 5th January 2022: Zo spills in kitchen
Tanu offers assistance
zo says she is tidiness freak
Tanu says she too as she gained from jammy

Zo says she dhanged fylinder and leaving with najma
So says dilshad loves me a great deal and najma yer dearest friend
Asad comes yet doesnt respond
Dilshad going to doc
Tanu tells jamjy to go with dilshad
Asad inquires as to whether she will remain alone
Tanu says she has work.

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I Do On Zee World Wednesday 5th January 2022: Asad offers to drop
Tanu gets assemble says conference cahcelled
Billo looking for gudiya
Billo comes to tanu room who gets question on ye4
Rasia requests that Billo find doll some way or another

Precap :
zo asad tanu dilshad in kitchen
Gas is spilling
Tanu says some peculiar smell
Dilshad lighhts match stick


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