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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do On Zee World Wednesday 9th February 2022: Razia calls up Tanveer, saying that she excessively requested that she move zoya, and she helped her immensely in that. tanveer says that she may have gone, however not her recollections. Razia says that she can deal with that by itself. tanveer requests her the genuine reason from being ready to come in case of an emergency. razia says that she needs to accomplish a work for her. tanveer requests that she postpone it, as she must be around asad.

Razia tells her that she doesnt like hearing no from her, and whoever declines her needs to confront its brunt. Tanveer asks whats the work.Razia tells tanveer on the telephone, that humaira is going to Raniganj for her relative’s place, and that she shouldnt arrive at there, and that she should stop humaira halfway and take her to a protected and secluded spot for a couple of days. tanveer is astounded that she needs to capture her own girl. Razia clarifies her that its simply to keep her in a protected spot till her arrangement succeeds.
Afterward, Razia censures ayan, that if humaira doesnt return, who might be answerable for that. Ayan is speechlees, while others are upset.

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Razia asks how might she go to a companion without telling anybody. she inquires as to whether they had some awareness of this, when she, when all is said and done, had halted humaira from

Razia says that even her telephone is turned off. seeing ayan strained, razia recollects how she had deliberately spilled telephone on humaira’s cell, to stop network. Razia claims to be exceptionally irate with rashid Mamujaan comes in asking whats occurring.

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Scene 2:
Area: Asad’s home
I Do On Zee World Wednesday 9th February 2022: Asad, distressed at life, recollects his past momenst with zoya.(MITWA MOMENT) Nazma comes and gives the Ipad to asad, saying that perhaps she abandoned a note or sent an email, or they may get some sign. She says that she couldn’t open it, since its passowrd locked, and she couldnt break it. Asad recollects how zoya had provoked him to track down her secret word. ‘

Nazma says that the clue recommends that the secret key is somebody’s moniker who she loves and loathes as well. Nazma requests that he attempt it. Asad attempts every one of the various monikers that zoya had given him, as , Asad ahmed Khan, Asad Bond, Jahapanah Six Packs, Jineillahi, yet none work. he separates into tears. Nazma supports and sits adjacent to him. she takes the I PAD, while tanveer is upset at seeing this.

While asad is strained, zoya strolls in the room. This overpowers him, and he comes upto her. He asks her where had she gone, as he passes on everytime he calmly inhales without her close by. He asks her to at no point ever leave her again. Asad asks zoya not to leave him, while zoya harshly checks out him. He embraces zoya, while she is casual. She also embraces him back, and asad at last awakens from his daze, and understands that it was a fantasy from the start. (MITWA MOMENT) He gets a call.

The overseer calls up to say something, which shocks him. He is in tears, and the telephone drops from his hand. Dilshad comes and asks what occurred. He tells that there was a mishap of a transport on the interstate, and zoya may be on it. as dilshad attempts to earnestly leave, he stops her, and goes himself.

Scene 3:
Area: Morgue
Asad is brought to the funeral home to distinguish a dead body. He sees the feet opf the body, that is wearing pants. He has aterrible feeling. While the police examiner discloses the dead bodies, asad with his fingers swore on, and his heart in his mouth, is marshaling up the fortitude to confront the hard truth, on the off chance that its zoya’s body. He is profoundly diminished that it isnt zoya. he tells it to the controller. He finds ayan there, who guides him toward a dead body, when asad asks what befallen him, and whats he doing here.

Ayan says that its humaira. Asad inquires as to whether he’s certain. Ayan says that its the very ring that he had placed on humaira’s finger. Asad attempts to comfort ayan, while he turns away, as the auditor divulges the face. asad sees that it isnt humaira, and shows to ayan moreover. Ayan is exceptionally assuaged as well and embraces asad. Ayan tells the monitor

I Do On Zee World Wednesday 9th February 2022:The monitor inquires as to whether he’s certain that the ring is hers. He guarantees the monitor, whoe leaves for additional examination. Ayan inquires as to for what reason is this event. Asad says that dilshad consistently says that God test his best individuals, and that he never imagined that theirs would be so terrible. They embrace one another, and the screen freezes on their countenances.

Precap: Zoya, needing to be separated from everyone else and ruined after what befell her, has taken asylum in a halfway house, or a social foundation and is investing her energy working there, to keep her psyche off her injury, however is by and by miserable.


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