I Do update On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022

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I Do update On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022: Nikhat (in her new polished symbol) tells Farhaan. .I like u . .n ur house a ton! Its past the point of no return so gud nite! Farhaan says we have been talking for such a long time … clamor understand its so late..! Be that as it may, fault on ur talks..! Nikhat says.. we can discuss this later… gud nite… ! Farhaan turns and observes Sameera standing scowling at him! She strolls off and Farhaan follows!

Zoya is thrashing around in her bedand plays the melodic toy..! Asad awakens from his rest and asks the matter? For what reason would she say she is alert for so late? Zoya says.. am a nitwit.. not feeling tired.. feeling that assuming I stay alert.. night will pass quick..! She says..cant hang tight for later.. feel tomorrow first thing will be best morning of my life.. will see my father interestingly..! Thinking about how I will respond.. talk ..grin.. cry. .battle? There are forever and a day of satisfaction. .misery . .to share.. don’t know what to do ..! Asad consoles her and says.. . keep confidence in Allah . .all will be great.. rest now! Zoya says not tired. .u rest.. if it’s not too much trouble!

Nikhat is taking off her shoe and notification a shadow moving toward her room ..! She opens the entryway and embraces somebody… ! Its Najma..! Nikhat says was unnerved that they will find out. .however, it racket work out! It implies our arrangement is working..! Both grin!

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Zoya is sitting.. looking lost..and out of nowhere hears Asad singing … Jage armaan..!! He plays the guitar..! Zoya grins..! He pulls Zoya close and she begins to sing..! The two of them embrace one another and sing and Asad and Zoya lie by the pool and he kisses Zoyas hand..!

Najma apologizes for not accepting Nikhat prior! She says.. since the time Nikhat vanished.. she was panicked.. n attempted to find her. .be that as it may, at long last when she observed Nikhat..she was alarmed..! Flashback of Najma running into a harmed Nikhat .. who shares how she needs to get back at the individuals who needed to kill her! Najma says.. we can converse with Asad.. n get this arranged..! He will send them to imprison..! Nikhat says no ..then their life will be excessively simple..! Nikhat says.. want to see them endure… consistently.. consistently ..want to retaliate for.. each drop of tear… and shout..! Nikhat says. .they harmed my life.. presently its my move! Nikhat says.. I shouted to such an extent.. asked for help … as they choked me..n attempted to kill me..! She says.. my Allah was watching. n noise acknowledge this.. he believed me should live so these three endure..! Nikhat says how the threesome had lost her from a precipice.. however, she made due..!

I Do update On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022 She says I bore a lot of aggravation .. such a lot of that I have befriended torment ..! She says.. presently I will advise my new companion to come visit this home..! Nikhat says.. the triplet were so cheerful when they were losing me the precipice.. presently want to grab that joy from these three..! Nikhat says.. anything these people did. .not so much as a foe does.. what’s more, these individuals were my own..! Nikhat says. .after today.. will get all aggravation once again to these three.. ! She says. will guarantee that these three ask for death each second.. be that as it may, even passing wont contact them! Najma says I comprehend and I’m with u … ! Whatever u need.. will accomplish for u… ! The team hold every others hand.!

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Zoya gets a note from somebody ..saying to reach at a spot outside some strict spot… where she will learn about her dad and not to illuminate Asad! Zoya escapes the house! Tanvir watches cheerfully! She then slobbers on Asad who is dozing calmly..! Zoya looks about the spot.. also, says theres nobody here..! She believes she saw somebody and turns with a shocked look ..! Its Gaffur ..! Asad awakens and calls out for Zoya ..! Dilshad asks Asad what is wrong? Asad asks where could Zoya be? Dilshad says.. dun be so disturbed.. we will see as her! Asad says Zoya has gone out. .atleast she culd have informed me! Dilshad inquires as to why so stressed!

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Asad educates Dilshad everything concerning Zoya being sent hints about her dad! Dilshad inquires as to why noise u tell me previously? Asad says floozy it was a trick ..so commotion believe that this should confuse! Dilshad says.. u know this implies a great deal to Zoya..! Asad says however her life is more significant! Dilshad says.. issue is who is giving this large number of signs from Zoya’s point of view? Asad says don’t know..! He says.. dun maintain that her should get stirred up in this .. what’s more, today she planned to get her last piece of information.. ! Razia hears and is stressed..! She contemplates whether Gaffur is doing this? Asad says feel this is a snare! Dilshad says.. conceivable.. its actual as well.. imagine a scenario where she tracks down her dad.

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I Do update On Zee World Saturday 23rd April 2022: Zoya is strolling towards Gaffur yet stops herself..! She considers what is this..! She observes a note left and it reads..the game has simply started..whats the rush.. the last piece of the pic is in the store room! Zoya is befuddled!

Precap – Zoya goes into the store room … ! Razia is concealing there holding a blade..! She swears.. will end this father-girl show!


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