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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Saturday 30thApril 2022: Zoya is strained as she recalls mamu’s words. Tanveer deliberately crashes into her and prods her to be wary, advising her that there’s walima for her ahead. Zoya answers back saying that asad is sitting tight for her in her room. Tanveer prods that she ought to hustle, so the date of walima isnt expanded. Zoya says that one night is enough for that. tanveer says that she gets fretful in the event that she doesnt do anything, and she knows that asad is standing by restlessly, and perhaps he isnt ready to stand by till the timke she reaches to the room. Zoya irately asks what she did this time.

tanveer tells her that she has blended narcotic pills in asad’s water and he would be sleeping when she comes to. Zoya gets disappointed and races to their room, while the worker conveys the blended water to serve to asad. Zoya surges in and inquires as to whether he’s alright. he says that he is. She imagines that itv was only Tanveer’s contrivance. However, when she pivots, she finds asad getting mixed up. While he lies on the bed, zoya hurries to get somebody, however is irate to observe Tanveer remaining at the entryway, grinning at her.

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Afterward, after asad is sleeping, she goes to the window and stands amazed at the characteristic of life, where outsiders might be close, however her condition is unexpected, that she doesnt even know eher her dad is, yet any place he will be, he is exceptionally near her heart and expectations that any place he will be, he puts her excessively near his heart. she recalls mamu’s guarantee and is confident, as she takes the dollpiece in her grasp. Zoya feels that the ruler has tried her enough and this is the greatest test of her life, and that she has been tormented much for her dad and implores that she will see him this time, as she maynt have the option to stand by any more and asks that this stand by is throughout this time. In the other room, humaira too takes the dollpiece recalls her dad’s admonitions about haider and haider’s hasrh words addressed her. she cries unintelligibly. she is sorry to her dad, for having harmed him so severely, and that is the reason she is being rebuffed, as her dad was correct and she was off-base, in wedding some unacceptable person for her, and isnt a decent sdaughter likewise and has lost the option to come near him. The two of them sincerely pay attention to the music box, each reasoning of their dad.

Zoya converses with her senior sister on the PC, who tells her that they looked extremely excellent in the wedding pics, and is glad that she got all that she wanted for. zoya says that she also is blissful and gets nostalgic. Aapi asks whats the matter. zoya says that even her last and frantic wish is additionally materializing soon. she says that she believed them should be here on her walima. Aapi expresses that because of her significant other’s heart condition, they cant go out. She pardons herself to proceed to give her drugs. Prior to logging off, she tells zoya a significant snippet of data. Zoya is confounded when she becomes more acquainted with that the shelter that she was embraced from, couldnt hold her record document, because of a fire in their record room, yet they have figured out how to rescue an old pic of hers after so long. zoya requests that she transfer it in a split second.

Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
Haseena is embarrassed with the prospect of lying on the floor, and mourns on her circumstance. Badi bi comes in inquiring as to whether she’s especially in a difficult situation. haseena gestures. badi bi requests that she get ther sheet on the floor. She is going to lie on the bed, when badi bi advises her to proceed to rest on the couch. She is stunned, however badi bi figures out how to persuade her to go out, and rest. Haseena has no choice except for to concur. She leaves, while badi bi grins. Then, at that point, she goesn over to the almirah and with delight, eyes the locked protected inside.

While sameera is snoozing in the kitchen, she gets awkward, and gets up at long last baffled with her sitaution. she is astonished to find haseena wheezing on the couch and figures that now she would undersdtand whats she going through. she heads toward the refrigerator for cold water, and pivots to confront nikhat, remaining there like a ghosdt. she recalls that she had done likewise to nikhat when she was apparently alive. She says that this cannot be. sameera tells nikhat’s phantom, that she is alive and that its a snare that is like the one that she had played with nikhat, and that nikhat is a lot of still alive.

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She tells nikhat, that she isnt frightened of her and she would demonstrate it today without a doubt, and pushes ahead covertly, to contact her and demonstrate that she’s seriously. All of a sudden, badi bi comes and denounces her whats happenning. By then, at that point, nikhat vanishes, and sameera is astonished. Badi bi blames her to taking. Sameera is going to proclaim reality, however haseena comes in with perfect timing to divert badi bi’s consideration and sends her back to her room. after she is gone, haseena takes her to farhan and the two of them censure, when she begins discussing what she saw. They dont trust her, and send her back to the kitchen to rest. After she is gone, haseena lets him know that they need to take care of her, and likely she was lucky to be in the cellar. both are strained.

Scene 3:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Saturday 30thApril 2022: The pic gets transferred. She recalls remembers it as the very young lady that she had found in the pic that she had given razia thinking about that it was humaira with mamu. She thinks about the thing she was doing in mamu’s lap. She imagines that this implies mamu knew her since youth. She contemplates whether this implies and afterward is too worried to even consider completing her own sentence and the unnerving idea that enters her thoughts, that he could really be the solution to all her stand by up until this point. The screen freezes on her strained face.

Precap: Tanveer is going to thump on thed entryway, when zoya opens tyhe entryway, and she gets somewhat floored, at seeing zoya is a western knee length skirt. She gets somewhat disheartened. Zoya prods her inquiring as to for what reason is she hanging tight here for such a long time, as she needs to do the walima arrangements today. tanveer leaves disappointed while zoya grins. In the interim, Razia says to tanveer that she knows mamu well overall and that he would do what he has set out to do. tanveer says that she also is that way, and that tomorrow night, all of that would happen that has been promsied to her by tanveer herself. they eye mamu venomously.


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