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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022: Mamu is strolling around as the walima arrangements are on going all out. He gets strained hearing the music box playing, and tracks down a lengthy hand with it, and at last sees zoya. Mamu gets enthusiastic to see her as she plunges down the steps and strolls towards him, with weepy eyes. She comes upto mamu, and calls him Dad, and embraces him, saying that she looked for him all over the place, and was tormented so a lot, and despite the fact that he knew, he generally stayed oblivious to her aggravation and inquires as to whether he never felt to firmly call her as his girl and embrace her.

also begins crying and says that he madea horrible mix-up. Zoya requests that he guarantee that he could never leave her and would continuously accompany her. Yet, mamu turns away. She gets strained and inquires as to why, as he has met her after so long and cant he guarantee this much and asks the justification for it. As he grips him, the dollpiece falls and mamu will pick it quickly, lastly awakens from rest. Mamu says that he cannot guarantee as he doesnt know whether he is to be faulted for that day, however every wrongdoing has a discipline and he also will need to get it, and perhaps his whole lifetime misses the mark for it. He says that he would need to go to leave her. Mamu calls up the attorney, and says that he needs to change his will and separation his property similarly among the two girls, hearing which the legal advisor is astonished as well. He requests that he come tomorrow and roll out the improvements before the walima of his subsequent little girl.

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In the interim, razia and tanveer eye mamu from a higher place. Razia says to tanveer that she knows mamu well indeed and that he would do what he has set out to do. tanveer says that she also is that way, and that tomorrow night, all of that would happen that has been promsied to her by tanveer herself. they eye mamu venomously. She tells razia that she shouldnt let her emotionsd abrogate her arrangements as tomorrow is the day when mamu would everlastingly be gone. razia is strained.

In her room, while asad is snoozing, zoya apologizes to him saying that she couldnt prevent him from drinking the water and tanveer changed the bet, and tomorrow additionally they wont have the option to have their walima. She requests that he excuse her. as she pivots, she finds the water undrunk and comprehends that asad was doing show from the start. as she pivots to face him, she nearly crashes into him. She asks whats amiss with him. Asad says that everything seems OK and everything is correct, and strokes her face. He gets sincerely close with her, when zoya shocks him by singling out his desire eyelash and requests that he make one. He puts the wish lash, on her hand and requests that she wish rather as the wish that he had, of her being his, is now satisfied and after that he doesnt need any more wish. she grins at him.

She says that she additionally doesnt need anything, as he is there to satisfy everything, however at that point nonchalantly kids about needing Dhoni and deal. He goes along with her by requesting that she wish. she agrees and makes the wish. He asks what did she request. She says that she cannot tell him. He proposes tyhat she had wanted that they stay together until the end of time. She is astounded the way in which he knows. He says that he realizes her alright and that today isn’t to dream yet to satisfy the fantasies. She is going to talk, when he shushes her and gets sincerely close with her, at last culminating their marriage and approving their walima. The following morning, asad and zoya luxuriate in the greatness of their affection and having culminated their marriage. (MITWA MOMENT) They both say that it was a remarkable evening.

I Do update On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022: They hear dilshad’s shouts for them, and zoya is embarassed as he keeps on prodding her. at last zoya sends him to the restroom to clean up. Zoya finds tanveer’s silhoutette against the entryway. Tanveer is going to thump on the entryway, when zoya opens tyhe entryway, and she gets somewhat astounded, at seeing zoya in asad’s kurta. She gets somewhat disheartened. Zoya prods her inquiring as to for what reason is she hanging tight here for such a long time, as she needs to do the walima arrangements today. tanveer leaves disappointed while zoya grins.

Afterward, asad praises zoya on her excellence, as she closes up his shirt. They have a heartfelt discussion, as zoya requests that he pick up the pace, while he keeps on prodding her and continue to purchase additional time with her. she continues to rationalize, however he doesnt focus on any of them. As the entryway is thumped, they find nazma strained for their dad. They rush after her.

Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
Farhan finds sameera tousled and inquires as to for what reason is she like this. she faults him for this. He says that its just for a brief time frame. She says that badibi wont go till nikhat returns, and till then they ought to simply take the cash and get out. Farhan says that it would require investment. she requests that he pick up the pace, before nikhat kills everybody individually. He blows up and leaves. She leaves as well. In the interim, nikhat and badi bi go onto create their next plan, as badi bi requests that she have full confidence on their arrangement.

Scene 3:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Sunday 1st May 2022: In their room, rashid talks as though to shirin and is stunned when he observes that he is stood up to with dilshad and is really returned to when shirin was with him. They hurry to find rashid acting odd while dilshad attempts to create him. they face him and are stunned to observe that he converses with them like outsiders and doesnt perceive any of them. He is stunned to see the specialist as well, and as he keeps on blustering like a crazy person, he is given a calming portion in infusion lastly naps off. dilshad can’t see his aggravation. Asad asks the specialist whats happened abruptly. He tells that loss of motion in some cases influences the cerebrum as well, and would have returned to cognizant by the evening. He leaves, while all others are strained. Asad tells that everything would be okay as they all are with him, and expectations that he recovers soon. He says that he cherishes his dad and kisses rashid’s hand. He attempts to make dilshad too giving her a similar affirmation. Zoya thanks the master, that he made asad join with his dad and tomorrow she also will meet her dad. the screen freezes on zoya’s enthusiastic face.

Precap: Asad is worried for rashid, and communicates it to zoya, when they are separated from everyone else with rashid in the room. Zoya asks him not to annoy, and go on with his work, promising that she wont leave his sight by any means. after he leaves, zoya gets mamu’s call, who requests that she come to the Dargah, as she needed to meet her dad generally and today that day has come, as her dad is sitting tight at the dargah for her. she gets enthusiastic. Yet, later, she is in an issue and thinks about what to do now, as she cannot leave rashid alone.


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