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I Do update On Zee World Sunday 24th April 2022: Haider comes in the room and goes to change..! The fact that Haider is with nothing makes humera astounded.. n did he not get any gift for me? Haider comes n rests on the bed with his back to Humera! Humera is amazed and shouts to him ..! She inquires as to whether everything is alright and assuming that anything occurred! He doesn’t say anything..! She asks sluggish? He says OK..! Humera says its our SR nite.. n Haider asks so? Humera says on this nite.. gift is given to the lady of the hour.. n u clamor bring anything for me n walked out on me..! Haider exhaust n says.. so? Am worn out.. ! Humera gets terrified n says why so furious? Haider says its our first nite.. dun eat my head..! Humera asks what is wrong? Why talk like this? Haider says u believed that us should get married..we got hitched.. doesnt mean u have right on my life.. want to rest ..so let me rest! Humera ponders the matter as Haider grins..!

Following day morning Haseena sees her table and thinks about what the matter is? Who made the morning meal so promptly in the first part of the day..! Nikhat comes n says.. breakfast ought to be promptly toward the beginning of the day. .made this load of sound stuff for u all ..! She says sorry I utilized the kitchen without ur authorization! Haseena says. .don’t bother taking consent .for what reason did u make this? Nikhat says u let me know its my home. .so no difficulty working here! Nikhat requests that Haseena have karela ka juice as it assists with keeping one sound .! She tells Samira..she needs a greater amount of it.. as it assists with lessening maturing impact..! Nikhat inquires. .btw who is this Nikhat.. Haseena coufs..! She asks did I offer something wrong? She says somebody called last nite. n requested Nikhat so I told wrong number! Farhaan says wasn’t right number then.

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Nikhat says felt terrible.. n floozy ought to have asked u all n not cut the call ..after all I m new here..! Nikhat confesses to Farhaan seems as though Nikhat is a mysterious u all are stowing away! Farhaan-Haseena-Samira are stunned..! Nikhat says.. she is here however I cannot see her. .perhaps she is concealing some place.. in some basement? Haseena says u talking abnormally .. for what reason will we do something like this? Nikhat blasts out laufing n says.. see ur faces.. its gone pale as though there is some genuine Nikhat..! Farhaan laufs n says.. Khushbu (Nikhat) ur awareness of what’s actually funny is marvelous..! He says.. will tell u in the future.. there are no basements behind this divider n nor are we concealing any confidential ..! Farhaan says yet ur face seems to be its concealing some confidential! Nikhat says resemble an open book n says.. at the point when u need.. u can understand me! Samira vapor seeing the pair be a tease..! She pardons from the morning meal table..! Samira lets Nikhat know that a portion of her companions are coming .. n she is joining right? Nikhat says sure..will come..!

Zoya removes supply n alarm begins ringing ..! All race to the corridor n wonder the matter? Tanvir comes n says.. what r u doing? Alarm is ringing .. n Razia is stunned to see Tanvir looking all insane ..! She blasts out laufing .. Zoya as well .. ! Tanvir checks out at herself in the mirror and exhaust on Zoya! Badie Bi asks what is this? Go change..! Razia says.. again tricks? Whats the matter with u? Zoya lets Tanvir know that be it fellowship or adversary. .. one requirements to even scores.. u changed my face.. I changed ur look . .n in this look .. Asad wont acknowledge u..! Zoya takes a pick of Tanvir.. n says.. will get this outlined n put it outside my home so no hostile stare falls on this house! Tanvir exhaust n says.. u have thought for even a moment to play with a snake ..n nobody endures Tanvirs assault..!

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I Do update On Zee World Sunday 24th April 2022: Humera requests that Haider get up n he jolts off the bed..! He refreshes n comes ..! Humera tells Haider she frantic breakfast for him . .n requests that he taste..! Haider spits and asks did u wed me to kill me? Assuming anybody has such food.. they will kick the bucket! Humera says I make like this constantly! Haider says everytime? It appears as though u cooked interestingly! Humera requests that he have juice.. n he says dun need it! Humera inists n Haider jerks her hand off in this way breaking the glass of juice n strolls off! Humera is getting the bits of the wrecked glass and cuts her hand..! She remembers how in past when she got injured.. Haider cared for her ..!

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Nikhat prepares n believes that Sameera has some arrangement and will attempt to recover my reality .. should be cautious ..! Right then Sameera thumps on her rooms entryway n asks u coming? R u prepared? Nikhat says am prepared .. only 2 mins..! Sameera and her companions talk about men..! Nikhat goes along with them n Sameera says.. look who is here.. the Supermodel Khushbu ..! She goes to get juice n requests that they blend..! Haseena says.. we and Nikhats mother are adolescence mates..! Sameera says.. juice n serves to Nikhat n all ..! Sameera says called them here to introduction u to them..! Sameera holds Nikhats hand n says ..u all are our unique companions.. we generally have loads of tomfoolery..! Sameera says today we will do numerous things .. this is Aarti my companion a hynotist.. n today we will mesmerize u… ! Nikhat says me? Why? Sameera says we as a whole ..will alternate..! She says.. we as a whole want to know ur mysteries … after all u guaranteed .. ur an open book! Nikhat says.. I dun trust them.. am out of it..! Nikhat feels tired ..! She gets up to leave however Sameera holds her hand n powers her..n so does Haseena..! Nikhat feels the juice is spiked .. n almsot drops..!

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I Do update On Zee World Sunday 24th April 2022: They entrance Nikhat n requests that she tell her every one of the subtleties.. where is she from … whats her name. .n why she is here? Badi Bi and Najma watch from the windows.. furthermore, are stressed! Nikhat says my name is… n screen freezes!

Precap – Zoya tells Asad u need to drink espresso.. n she recognizes a blue book in Gaffurs study and its like the one she found in her father’s pic..! She asks for what reason its there n right then Gaffur steps in..!


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