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I Do update On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022:Zoya tracks down piece of Mamu’s photograph. Mamu passes by there. Zoya considers how it came there. It must be somebody in the house who is playing this game with her.

Humaira is heading off to some place. Haider stops her and pulls her to him. Both have eye lock. Humaira asks him what he’s doing. Haider asks what occurred. Humaira gets some information about Sadia examining her concerning marriage. Haider begins giggling. He says it’s your marriage, why they are talking about it. Simply say you would rather not wed. Humaira says no, I will wed soon and welcome them when I wed. She inquires as to whether she’ll wed. Haider says how he would be aware, it’s her marriage. Humaira inquires as to whether he will not wed. He prods her inquiring as to why he would welcome them in his marriage. Humaira requests that he stop. Haider quits fooling around and says he cares very little about futile discussions by others. He then gives her number one frozen yogurt to her and makes her grin. He leaves.

Zoya is seeing photograph pieces. She says her interest is expanding. When she gets every one of the pieces, she will actually want to meet her dad, however when will that be? Asad enters. He embraces her from back and says she is virtuoso, she fixed his vehicle. He kisses her on cheek, yet Zoya is vexed. He asks her what occurred. Zoya educates him concerning tracking down one more piece of the photo from his vehicle wipers. Asad thinks about how this is conceivable. Zoya says precisely, this is finished by somebody in the house, however they can’t see it. According to asad, whatever occurs.. occurs for good. Whoever is doing this might be her warm words and doesn’t have any desire to come before her. He advises her that tomorrow will be sixth day and the letter said, she will actually want to meet her dad on sixth day. Another piece and her desire will work out as expected. He requests that she have some tolerance. Zoya trusts anything that Asad is expressing occurs in genuine. He kisses her brow.

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Haseena is educating Farhan and Sameera regarding a young lady who will come to their home. She adulates her magnificence. Sameera believes no untouchable should come and remain in their home as so much occurred with them recently, yet Farhan goes against her.

Zoya is seeing some book when Asad brings espresso for her. Zoya asks him for what good reason he didn’t let her know if he wanted espresso, she is his significant other in end. Asad asks so would you say you are attempting to be a decent spouse? According to zoya, excuse me, I am as of now a decent spouse. She inquires as to whether she is. Asad takes time. Zoya gets on the bed and asks him for what reason he’s taking such a long time. She reasons that Asad is questioning her and says, she can demonstrate she is the best spouse. Asad requests that she descend and makes sense of that one can’t do everything. Zoya inquires as to whether he’s difficult her and acknowledges the demand. She educates Asad that he has numerous false impressions concerning her and today she’ll show him that she can cook. She lets him know he better eat everything and leaves. Asad chuckles.

Zoya is conversing with herself while cooking asking she can’t turn into a regular spouse? She will demonstrate it today. She peruses the formula from her telephone and cooks. Something doesn’t look great. She quits any pretense of saying Mr. Khan is right, she can never turn into a decent spouse. She is an exceptionally terrible spouse, a debacle wife. Haider comes and says she’s not a fiasco spouse and her colleague can demonstrate. He helps her in cooking.

Farhan is preparing. Sameera comes and inquires as to why he’s preparing like this today. Farhan says he generally prepares this way and inquires as to whether she’s getting desirous. Sameera inquires as to why she would get desirous. Haseena comes looking sharp also. Sameera advises them that no hotshot is coming to their home. Doorbell rings.

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I Do update On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022:Zoya acclaims Haider that he’s the best sibling and says thanks to him for the gift too. They embrace and Humaira sees it. Zoya moves back and lets Haider know that he ought to leave now. Haider inquires as to why. Zoya requests that he look behind. Haider turns and Humaira is checking out at him with an irate face. Haider giggles. Humaira leaves from that point. Haider tells Zoya he ought to go and advises her to have an exceptionally heartfelt night with Asad.

Zoya calls Asad and gets some information about his wellbeing too rather working constantly. She then lets him know that she has cooked biryani for himself and requests that he come quick.

I Do update On Zee World Thursday 21st April 2022: Haseena, Farhan, Sameera come to the entryway. A young lady (Nikhat) enters in an exceptionally smart, model look. She presents herself as Khushbo. Haseena and Farhan are stunned to see her excellence. Sameera feels desirous. They invite her in. Sameera is as yet remaining at the entryway. Khushboo calls her and asks her what her identity is. Farhan hinders and presents Sameera as Sameera. He requests that Sameer eat prepared. She leaves.

Precap: Tanveer says she’s playing the game with Zoya and she won’t give last part of her..


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