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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Thursday 28th April 2022: Zoya asks mamu if she isn’t astounded that he lied, yet needs to realize the reason why did he come to her wedding. Zoya tells mamu that he isn’t that terrible an individual, and she realizes it well, yet what she doesn’t comprehend is the reason would he go to the difficulty of coming the entire way to Arga for her wedding, when he wasn’t welcomed and importantly he isn’t connected with her by any means. Mamu gets enthusiastic hearing this. She requests that he explain as this is super strange for her, and knows that he didn’t have any off-base goals, however, needs to realize the reason why did he come here. Mamu says that a few inquiries are unanswered 100% of the time. Zoya says that each question is liable yet it someti9mes cant be seen or the individual won’t reply. mamu requests that she imagine that his old lost dream was getting satisfied, that is the reason he couldn’t oppose himself from coming. Zoya is confounded. before mamu can explain, both are called somewhere around Dilshad and they leave quickly.

While Haider is preparing, he requests his assets and is told by humaira, in counter that he ought to finish that by Riya as well. Haider is stunned. He says that she is now questioning him, soon after a couple of long stretches of marriage. she says that she heard Riya in his rest, and is thus inquiring. He is going to leave, saying that he won’t say anything. She says that she won’t let him leave without replying. Razia comes in and thinks that they are disturbed, with humaira cleaning her eyes. Haider leaves. Razia comes to her and asks what occurred. she also takes off and Razia is strained.

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Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
At the morning meal table, Badi bi asks haseena to proceed to improve and solid breakfast for her and she is strained. Badi bi says that she would get Sameera to accomplish some family work, being the worker. Nikhat attempts to clear up the disarray that she isn’t the worker all things considered. In any case, Farhan stops her. Farhan comes in saying that dadi is correct and that workers ought to learn to work. Khushboo is stunned and says that he wedded a worker. Badi bi claims to be stunned. Farhan says that khushboo is kidding, and requests that he take Sameera to show her work.

After all, leave, khushboo gets some information about Sameera being the worker. He expresses that since his first spouse left, he wedded once more, yet no one had some awareness of it, henceforth they need to stay quiet about this. She guiltlessly gets some information about his first spouse and is dependent back that she left him, while she recalls her cutthroat homicide endeavor, and says that she doesn’t trust him, as the first left and the second one no one knows about, and that is exceptionally terrible. he is a tease saying that she cherishes terrible young men. she also cooperates and leaves. He is cheerful. As he pivots, he is confronted with the Sameera, and he concocts a rationalization of some work and leaves quickly. Sameera is strained.

After having completed everything, Sameera goes on to rest, when Badi bi requests that she press her feet, and she rejects, Badi bi takes steps to call asad, which sorts her out. Sameera gets to serve Badi bi, while she partakes in her torment. While Badi bi pretenses to nap off, Sameera knows about somebody’s presence in the background. She is stunned when it ends up being night, seeing her unfavorably. Badi bi awakens because of her shouts and expresses that there’s no one here. In the meantime, night comes right there, and Sameera surges out of the room, with sickening dread. after she’s gone, they enjoy a hearty chuckle.

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Scene 3:
Area: In the workplace
I Do update On Zee World Thursday 28th April 2022: Haider winds up occupied and strained through conferences. The representatives bring up it and he returns to work. all at once, humaira barges inside his office, requesting to converse with him right then. He requests that she stand by while he completes his work. She says that she doesn’t know anything and would talk at this moment, and assuming need be before every one individual. he requests that she stand by outside, this time somewhat tensely. She says that now she knows that Riya works here in this office just, and starts to shout at her. He grasps her hand and removing her from the workplace, requests that she get out. She says that she won’t go anyplace, and that presents everything due to Riya and that he has substantiated himself as heathen. Humaira, tearing before everybody, lets him know that she won’t leave till he responds to her inquiries. He yells at her to leave. He says that she needs to know you truth and she will hear it while saying that he detests her venomously. She is stunned and harmed past creative mind.

Razia hears this in a good way and is stunned. He moreover affronts her that no man could cherish a lady who can get physically involved with a man indecently before marriage. She is stunned. The representatives are stunned as well. He expresses that since he had committed that error subsequently he repaid by wedding her and this is a reality that he is living with, and she would need to advance as well, or probably the results won’t be great for her. Razia, incapable to take it any longer yells at him to remain silent. she comes up to him and starts to say, yet humaira asks her not to mediate similar to their matter. Haider educates the security to see that humaira at absolutely no point ever enters the workplace in the future. he leaves, while stunned humaira leaves, dormant. Razia is stunned.

Scene 4:
Area: Ayan’s home
Razia tells humaira that Haider shouldn’t have done that, and he perhaps rebuffed by god, however, she won’t be quiet. Humaira asks her to quiet down. Razia asks her how might she fail to remember the affront that he did to her. Humaira says that battle can accompany a man, yet not with fate, as her destiny has no satisfaction composed for her. Razia prompts her that assuming predetermination cannot be changed, the man can and requests that she separate Haider. She is stunned. However, she declines and is determined on that, as fate won’t change on the off chance that her predetermined man is with her or not. She leaves, while Razia is staggered and strained for her.

Razia takes the make a difference to many, venting out her dissatisfaction with Haider. She faults him for not having taken a look at his experience first, before marriage. She says that humaira is perhaps quiet, yet they would need to take care of business. Sensing mamu quiet, Razia is stunned that he knew it all, and mamu determines what Haider had told him. She inquires as to for what reason he concurs then. He says that her violations are to be faulted for that. He tells her the purpose for Haider’s enmity with them and his explanation of tormenting humaira. He says that they are now dedicated to carrying out their punishment in prison, and they need to see who takes them there, Haider or Rashid.

I Do update On Zee World Thursday 28th April 2022: He says that nothing or no one can stop them now. He says that she ought to admit her wrongdoings, to save her girl. She says that she cannot get it done. he asks her not to be annoyed for humaira then, at that point. He expresses that it’s impossible now to save their lives. Razia says that they have one way out to dispose of Haider and go to prison, and that is by killing Rashid and Haider both. mamu is stunned to hear this. He smacks her tight across the face out of resentment and asks how could she even consider that, as this is an ideal opportunity to acknowledge violations, not submit more. he says that he hasn’t dozed pleasantly for 17 years and that he lost his little girl, and when he found out, he can’t even tell her that. He restricts her from doing any such thing. He says that he has concluded that he would acknowledge his wrongdoings and give up himself alongside her to the police, on Zoya’s walima. he leaves. the screen freezes on Razia’s strained face.

Precap: Zoya is overwhelmed and overpowered when mamu tells her that some things are a dad’s liabilities towards his girl and that he promises that she would meet her dad on her walima. In the meantime, Razia tells about mama’s arrangement to Tanveer and expresses that before he does that, they would need to get freed or deal with mamu himself. Tanveer listens eagerly.


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