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Scene 1:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022: Dilshad and badi bi come in irately prodding asad and zoya that they need a child. Asad and zoya are bashful. Asad says that nazma is there to give that news. Badi bi asks him when might he give. Dilshad says that isnt conceivable since their walima hasnt occurred at this point. The two of them attempt to conceal the point. Dilshad tells asads and Zoya that she will be content with her grandchildren, and now that rashid is better, he ought to go to their walima in the event that not their marriage.

Dilshad tells zoya that their walima is anticipated the following week. Badi bi lets them know that they ought to hang out, so they have delightful recollections later. Dilshad guarantees her that she would deal with it. badi bi concocts a rationalization of remaining with her sister, as its close to her physiotherapist. Nazma offers badi bi a go-ahead, for her arrangement to really go to nikhat’s place. the two of them leave alongside diloshad. after they leave, tanveer hearing this, is strained.

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In her room, tanveer is wryly contemplating zoya’s difficulty of tracking down her dad and enjoying her wedding night with asad, as she eyes the fifth picture. She says that she wont let zoya succeed. She heads toward the image, and says that the last pawn to her bet is in this image, a snare that would overwhelm zoya. She says that she wont let zoya have her walima this time as well, as she would have arranged her snare by then, at that point. In the interim, not set in stone to find her dad before her walima, for tanveer as well as for herself as well, and that she would get tanveer to exclaim who is her dad, and that tanveer would need to tell it to her.

I Do update On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022:Mamu is looking through the old collections, recalling zoya’s experience growing up, and afterward is stepped back to reality when he recollects haider’s admonition, assuming that he hinders in humaira’s life. He is strained and enthusiastic, as he is at junction to pick one of his little girl’s life and satisfaction at the expense of other. He gets passionate for his girl, as he eyers zoya’s life as a youngster pic along with him. Hearing razia come in, he conceals the pic, and gets it together. razia comes in and requests that he investigate the library. as he leaves, her eeys fall on the pic that mamu was checking out, and is stunned. She believes that the more he attempts to remove him from past recollections, the more they draw nearer, and it seems like she would need to battle this till she passes on. She takes the pic and leaves.

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Strolling in the lobby, she encounters tanveer, who says that she heard everything. Razia is baffled. Tanveer prods her that she realizes the reason why’s she strained, and that zoya is after her pressure. Also, till the time zoya stays here, not even one of them would be cheerful, however in the event that they are together against zoya, noone can save zoya from them. razia says that she attempted, however mamu saved her. Yet, tanveer says that is the method for pivoting a bet. razia is confounded. Razia and tanveer are talking about in the overhang, how they cannot let zoya rule their lives, and that even predetermination is leaning toward them at this moment. Razia asks how might that occur, as mamu isnt hearing by any means. tanveer says that he doesnt say anything likewise, and that is too in support of themselves, and they wont acknowledge rout against her.

Scene 2:
Area: Haseena’s home
As sameera awakens in the evening, she knows about somebody’s presence as she enters the kitchen, yet doesnt track down anybody and faults it on her misguided judgment. In any case, she knows again of somebody and pivots to find a shadown of an individual, like nikhat sitting in the recliner. she shouts in dread. She asks who is it. she subtly advances forward, in dread. She attempts to inquire as to whether its khushboo, however nikhat turns around, in a haunting state, with bloodstains all over. She shouts and collecvts farhan and haseena, who are overwhelmed to see her like this. They switch on the lights.

They let her that know there’s noone. as they turn towards the entryway, they are terrified as a shadow is seen from the opposite side of the entryway. they are totally stunned while sameera is certain that its nikhat. However, it ends up being badi bi and they are completely feeling better. She gives similar reason to them as well, and says that she wishes to remain here, for her clinical treatment. They are strained. Badi bi tells haseena thatv she considered remaining here, till nikhat’s treatment is finished. Haseena has no choice except for to concur.

Farhan censures sameera to keep even-tempered or, in all likelihood her absurdity would land everyone in a tough situation. she is as yet frightened. Badi bi asks what has been going on with her. Farhan attempts to compensate for her, yet he asks her not to so worried for her, and dealing with her like a worker, she arranges her to get hot milk. She is angry however leaves. badi bi attempts to exhort farhan against giving the worker’s an excessive amount of influence. As farhan goes, she requests that he send sameera, to get her baggage to her room, as its very weighty. farhan and haseena resignedly concur, and are stunned as they realize that she will be hanging around for a really long time. Badi bi says that she would remain here, till nikhat’s treatment isnt complete and she returns totally relieved. They are both strained to hear this. Badi bi requests that they show her to her room, and they agree.

Scene 3:
Area: Ayan’s home
I Do update On Zee World Tuesday 26th April 2022:Tanveer, in her overenthusiasm, drops zoya’s experience growing up pic with mamu, from over the gallery and on the ground. Tanveer apologizes abundantly while razia is troubled. Zoya is passing by from that point, and they are stunned to see maybe she sees the pic, then, at that point, the secrets of the past will be uncovered and zoya would know her dad. as zoya cruises by, she sees the image and sees it, before razia can stop her. She is frightened as zoya is strained to see the image. The screen freezes all over.

Precap: As asad emerges from the washroom, with the faint lights in the room, he tracks down zoya’s outline, and cozies upto her, prodding her that she cannot avoid him, and stand by till after the walima to get physically involved with him. All of a sudden, zoya strolls in saying that she got what he had asked her to, and as she turns on the lights, both she and asad are overwhelmed and angry, really to look with the individual mimicking zoya, exploiting the dimness in the room.



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