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Scene 1:

I Do Zee World Monday 21st December 2021:Area: Asad’s office
Asad is feeling that dilshad may have prevented him from talking, however is concerned what did ayan call him for and assuming he is in some difficult situation for meeting asad. A worker gets nikhat into asad’s room. She wishes him. He requests her the explanation from her coming later her commitment yesterday. She says that it didnt occur. She says that Haseena severed in light of the fact that, and asad finishes her assertion saying that she had some awareness of her and apologizes for something similar. She says not to apologize and recounts the circumstance at home and ayan’s situation. Asad is strained to hear this while nikhat faults himself for it, for the fracture between the siblings. asad asks her not to fault herself as it had been completed 17 years back. Yet, she says that the main window through which they met has now halted because of her. while asad attempts to stop her, nikhat argues to let her proceed and proceeds to say that as a result of her the unadulterated connection between step siblings is hampering and she wouldnt mind staying single because of that. He quiets her down inquiring as to whether she enjoys imran. she says that haseena continues demaning things from her family, however imran doesnt do that and really causes her to feel bful regardless of her composition. She says that now this marriage cannot occur. Asad says that its actual that not gathering ayan will be troublesome yet he wont have the option to live with the responsibility of being liable for severing his sister’s marriage. He requests that she return home and call assuming she wants anything additionally asking her never to face the challenge of truly coming back again. She is sorry for what mamu did to them and informs her beginning and end regarding mamu conversing with dilshad. Asad is astonished. she leaves saying farewell to him. He told zoya to leave for no issue of his and second thoughts his descision.

Scene 2:
Area: Ayan’s home
when shirin gets some information about conversing with haseena from razia, razia tells her that she had called however haseena was inaccessible yet they have left a message and they anticipate that she should reach them. shirin separates and asks rashid to assume her to haseena’s position with the goal that she could even ask assuming she needs to, for keeping imran from wedding elsewhere. while shirin goes wild, nikhta attempts to quiet her expressing what she considers doing is worthless. She likewise adds saying that she cannot see her folks’ head knelt like that before anybody. Rashid and shirin placate nikhat and ask her not to stress as they would deal with it.

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Scene 3:
Area: Asad’s home
Asad comes into zoya’s room and thinks that it is vacant. just thn zoya leaves the restroom. She lets him know that he doesnt need to stress since she is leaving and simply sitting tight for nuzrat and dilshad to return so she can wish them farewell. She tells that she deceived them saying that her visa lapsed and consequently she needs to go or, more than likely they would be harmed assuming they know reality. She starts to leave, yet asad stops her. she says that even he ought to keep up with this to dilshad and nuzrat. he asks her where is she going to remain for the one month till her visa is substantial. she says that she would oversee in an inn for certain days while she finds a pg to remain for the month. Asad hesitatingly tells her that for the month she could remain with them just, and he can manage that. while zoya is overwhelmed out of her brains, asad requests that she unload her sacks while he drops her taxi. indeed, even later he leaves, zoya is as yet puzzled.

When asad returns, zoya requests him the justification for this sort from conduct of his. She attempts to imply about his cerebrum being messed with, while his preparation. He doesnt appear to comprehend and she believes he’s again being cryptic. She again says that his preparation has caused him to accept that he is predominant over each and every other non military personnel. while he goes to drop the taxi, Zoya shouts to him and says that the following time he chooses to pull some trick on her, he ought to advise himself that she knows her mysterious. He says that now dilshad knows as well. She communicates her astonishment over the way that dilshad knows he’s a covert agent. Asad is astounded to catch wind of zoya’s confidential. He is then, at that point, helped to remember zoya’s toxic laid back conduct because of considering him a government operative. When asad affirms that she would act well with him on that assumption, he doesnt trouble to explain. Both leave believing that they have prevailed upon the other.

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Scene 4:
Area: At a detached spot

I Do Zee World Monday 21st December 2021:while asad asks haseena to rethink her descision, haseena says that ist unrealistic for her to move beyond the family’s corrupted standing. Asad says that he doesnt have the propensity for skirting the real issue and putting a pistol before her, explains that he isn’t undermining her somewhat he is requesting that she return this to feroz who has an unlicensed gun and assuming he doesnt quit persuing, he would need to document a body of evidence against feroz for unlawful belonging and furthermore of unconsitutional capture and confinement of ayan. She changes her tone discussing her interest of a cottage in rashid’s new undertaking for imraan and nikhat. He quiets her down offering her to give moment ownership of a significantly more updated cottage. Haseena’s desire is noticeable all over, while asad takes advantage of hr insatiability saying that he would give it to her on two conditions, first being she would do the commitment today itself and second being she would guarantee that nikhat lives calmly and joyfully with imran always with next to no difficulties. she promptly concurs and flatters in her tone saying that she can distinguish individuals of substance when she sees them. Asad also insults saying that he too can do likewise and have any familiarity with their height by their appearances. haseena doesnt disapprove and leaves in a rush and leaves later asad tersely compromises her that assuming she at any point took a stab at anything amiss with nikhat, then, at that point, he knows how to take things obviously superior to he knows how to give. The screen freezes on his brief articulation.

Precap: Zoya bounces on the bed notwithstanding asad advising her to descend, in the wake of seeing a cockroach on the floor. He attempts to get her down, and she falls into her arms and they share an eyelock while he upholds her halfway.


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