Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 16th february 2022

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Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 16th february 2022: Kabir’s internal voice lets him know that he cherishes Pooja. Kabir inquires as to whether he has gone made, how might he love Pooja. Inward voice says he is himself and truth is he cherishes Pooja. Pooja in her room believes Kabir’s abrupt changed conduct is disturbing her. Her inward voice arises and inquires as to whether his affections for her or her affections for him are disturbing her, she realizes what is happening to her. Pooja apprehensively asks how treats mean.

Inward voice says she would rather not acknowledge that she cherishes Kabir now. Kabir yells at his internal voice that he doesn’t cherish Pooja and to escape from here. Inward voice vanishes, Kabir alarms with Inner voice’s words reverberating to him. Pooja’s inward voice says since she saw Kabir dealing with her mom, she began adoring Kabir. Pooja yells this isn’t accurate and thinks what is befalling her. The two of them stroll on steps with Inner voice’s words reverberating to them when they conflict and Pooja slips. Kabir holds her. His hand harms. She worriedly asks what occurred.

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He doesn’t says anything. Suman strolls in and yells at Pooja what did she do to Kabir, for what reason don’t she let him be. Kabir goes up against her to quit yelling, he slipped and harmed and it isn’t her shortcoming. Kabir strolls to his room. Pooja strolls behind and attendants his injury. Suman strolls in with natural glue and seeing this indignantly leaves. Kabir sees her face while she wraps up nursing his injury and expresses gratitude toward her.

Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 16th february 2022: Around evening time, Pooja strolls into Suman’s room and locks entryway. Suman apprehensively inquires as to for what reason did she close entryway. Pooja says no one should realize she has arrived, Suman is correct that she is behind every one of the disasters and soon she will get back her abundance from Kabir. She strangulates Suman to kill her when she hears Kabir’s voice and harming herself charges that she came to actually take a look at Suman, however Suman harmed her. Kabir hauls Suman away. Suman awakens and acknowledges it was her fantasy. Anuradha strolls in and inquires as to why she looks apprehensive. Suman says she fears Pooja and thinks she is going about as improved yet will hurt them soon.

Kabir tumbles down from love seat in rest and squirms miserably. Pooja strolls to him and says he can rest on the opposite side of bed. The two of them rest apprehensively on corner of bed with pad in the middle and tumble down. Kabir says he will rest on couch while she can rest on bed. Pooja says they will rest on couch then again. He concurs and she dozes on couch.

Anuradha inquires as to whether she truly figures Pooja will accomplish something wrong. Rani says 100 percent wrong. Anuradha says they should leave from this place so Pooja goes with them. Rani says Pooja won’t leave Kabir without rendering retribution as Kabir powerfully wedded her. Anuradha asks how might she her girl fouling up. Rani smiles.

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In the first part of the day, Pooja plays out her dad barsi/pooja. Rani strolls in and asks what is this dramatization. Pooja reminds it is their dad’s barsi today and cautions not to make any issues, else she won’t extra her. Rani says no one will uphold her. Kabir strolls to her and sits with her. Anuradha strolls in and stops her yelling she won’t allow a delinquent to play out her better half’s barsi and given her significant other’s spirit access distresses.

Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 16th february 2022: Pooja says she did nothing off-base. Anuradha yells for what reason did she kill PK. Pooja says he killed her dad alive. Anuradha inquires as to for what reason did she attempt to intellectually awkwardness Suman, had counterfeit marriage with Dhruv, and disturbed Kabir. Pooja acknowledges she mixed up by alarming Suman and Druv, however Kabir strongly wedded her and she consented to ensure her mom, yet when she saw Kabir dealing with her mom in medical clinic her discernment changed towards him and she…

Precap: Pooja falls on Kabir unintentionally. Suman enters and hollers at her to quit catching her child. Anuradha requests that Pooja separate from Kabir assuming she needs her mom back in her life.



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