Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022 update

Illusion On Star Life Monday 7th February 2022
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Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Pooja strolls towards Kalyani bua/her mom and contacts her feet. Kabir anxiously takes Pooja’s mom away. Pooja feels dearness contacting feet and over telephone illuminates same to Amma. Amma says she is with Shayl and will perceive the way much wise Kabir is. Kabir and Sonali make Pooja’s mom lie in a room. Sonali inquires as to whether they are doing a good job for keeping Pooja’s mom directly in front of her. Kabir asks her not to think a lot and settle down things here, he will stand by outside. Pooja powerfully shoves him to the side and goes into room.

Kabir hollers he told bua is resting and she shouldn’t upset her. Pooja says she heard Kalyani bua talks just truth, let her illuminate how PK consumed her dad alive and attempted to kill them. Sonali wearing cover cautions Pooja to stop her theatrics, she knows how she treated her family as Pooja, she ought to escape her view at the present time. Pooja leaves. Kabir acclaims Sonali’s acting and asks where is Pooja’s mom. Sonali shows her on floor and lying her back on bed says they should watch out.

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Amma calls Pooja and illuminates that her mom’s area was found at rail line station the previous evening. Pooja cries that Kabir sent her mom far away and is tormenting her even in the wake of being familiar with her disease. Amma requests that she unwind as they have 1 more day to track down her mom. Pooja irately strolls to Kabir’s room and yelling why he is tormenting her mom and where he has kept her hits him with bat.

Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Kabir holds her hand and pulls cover and sees Ranjeet on his bed all things considered. Ranjeet squirms miserably and says he came to know what Kabir is upto and discovered Kabir has seized Pooja’s mom, he will proceed to illuminate Chopra. Kabir cautions not to and shows him out. He then, at that point, hollers at Pooja that in light of her misstep, Chopra and Ranjeet came to realize that he hijacked her mom. Pooja asks where is her mom.

Kabir orders her to bring halwa for her first, else fail to remember her mom. Pooja plans halwa for himself and serves. He tastes it and says it is excessively sweet. She says she couldn’t care less. He requests that she get ready again assuming she cherishes her mom. She gets ready once more. He tastes it and requests to get ready again. She does. He tates it and says its OK, presently as a sarvagun sampanna bahu, she will serve halwa to his family.

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Pooja takes halwa towards Kabir’s family. Dadaji in room tells Chanda and Suman that Kalyani didn’t talk a piece in the wake of meeting after quite a while. Chanda remarks with her exaggerating. Suman figures she ought to illuminate truth to babuji and is going to talk when Pooja strolls in with halwa. Chanda shouts she blacked enchantment on halwa. Pooja says Kabir requested to get ready halwa for his family, so she made it, it is dependent upon them whether or not to have it. Suman figures great she didn’t talk and she doesn’t need Kabir to wed underhanded Pooja.

Pooja serves halwa to Rani next. Rani inquires as to whether she set it up on Kabir’s organization. Pooja requests that she partake in her sister’s arranged halwa forgetting everything and feeds her. Rani says it is scrumptious. Pooja trusts her mom would have tasted it. Kabir hears their discussion. Rani figures she won’t allow her to wed Kabir and recruits hooligan to capture Pooja, picks wedding dress and says she will wed Kabir all things considered.

Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 2nd February 2022: Kabir takes care of halwa to Pooja’s mom. Mother says it is extremely delicious, even she would not have made such a delectable halwa, he had vowed to let her meet Pooja and Rani, where are they. Kabir vows to allow them to meet soon, yet presently she should rest. Amma calls Pooja and illuminates she observed one to be more hint.

Precap: Suman tosses Pooja’s haldi. Amma says kid’s haldi is applied on young lady. Kabir requests to pick it from floor and apply it on Pooja. Dadaji addresses Kalyani and illuminates that Kabir is wedding Pooja Mother turns and Dadaji is stunned to see Dr. Ashok’s better half.


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