Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 9th february 2022

Illusion On Star Life Monday 7th February 2022
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Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 9th february 2022: Kabir gets Sonali’s call that Pooja’s mom is harmed and is draining plentifully. He requests that she tie a material around her brow while he arrives at there soon. Pooja hearing his discussion understands her mom should be harmed and attempts to follow him when Chanda types stops her and orders her to get ready food and powerfully takes her to kitchen. Pooja begins cutting vegetables. Chanda proceeds with her remarks.

Pooja thinks she wants to call Shayl and requests that he discover Kabir’s area, however her telephone is in her room. ‘She sees Chanda chuckling watching video and starts giggling with her. Chanda types inquires as to for what reason is she chuckling. Pooja says she is fooling around here as opposed to proceeding to rest while Suman is resting in her room calmly. Chanda leaves befuddled. Pooja races to her room, picks versatile, calls Shayl and requests to discover Kabir’s present area. He gets back to and illuminates City Hospital. Pooja blows up reasoning Kabir probably hurt her mom, picks firearm, and surges towards City Hospital.

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Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 9th february 2022: Kabir surges Pooja’s mom to City Hospital where specialist treats her and says she really wants critical B negative blood, else she will go into unconsciousness. Kabir says even his blood bunch is B negative and he can take his blood. Specialist checks Kabir’s blood and illuminates he can’t give blood as he is iron deficient. Kabir demands to take his blood. He calls Sonali and illuminates her that he can even danger his life to save Pooja’s mom, else he will not have the option to visually connect with Pooja.

Pooja enters holding firearm to fire Kabir, however quits hearing his discussion. Kabir gives his blood, and doc says his mom’s condition is steady and he saved her on time even with his weak condition, presently he needs to remain in emergency clinic for 2 days under perception. Kabir says mother doesn’t have any name and he just captured Pooja’s mom to cause her to understand that she ought to have rebuffed PK for his mix-up, yet not his family. Pooja breaks hearing that and gets back.

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Illusion On Star Life Wednesday 9th february 2022: Rani incites Jay that Pooja is arranging something significant and she wants his assistance to discover. Pooja gets back and cries illuminating Amma how Kabir saved her mom and atones for alarming PK’s family. She chooses to retouch her methodologies and be great to Kabir’s family. Rani thinks Pooja is falling in Kabir’s adoration and she won’t allow that to occur.

Precap: Kabir strolls with Pooja when Suman stops him and says Pooja needs to kill him, takes out firearm from Pooja’s pack. Kabir focuses firearm at Pooja.
Rani grins.


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