Illusion On Starlife Friday 7th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Friday 7th January 2022: Kabir ask kavya does she trust him?? Kavya answers how might he pose such inquiry?? Also say she trust him very much like she trust vyom.. Kabir attempt to get up yet have torment?, kavya request that he rests and rest, they can discuss it later.. Aarush come and embrace kabir asking would he say he is harmed??? He will be fine… Kabir think? how to let them know Vyom truth?? Will they ready to bear it?? Amma reprove? Jhanvi that Manohar was upsetting her, and she didn’t illuminate.. Jhanvi cry?? that she was frightened today for Ishani and embrace Amma.. Amma make her quiet down and shail say I will see him.. Jhanvi remind him his work that he needs to watch out for 2 individuals, that individuals are Jai and Sonali, and she will manage Manohar as he is among vengeance list who destroyed her daddy..

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Illusion On Starlife Friday 7th January 2022: Chanda moves?? when one of armed force?? official come and she slatue him, official ??illuminate that Kabir should be available infront of armed force court inside 48? hours, in any case capture warrent will be given.. Chanda move in the direction of him, and eliminate her headphones.. Jhanvi comes and recived orders.. Kabir come, when chanda attempt to illuminate him, however Jhanvi request that she practice.. In beginning Jhanvi attempt to stow away, however she provide amry court requests to Kabir.. The two of them talk outside with regards to how Vyom deceived country.. Jhanvi illuminate she knows, however everybody need to hear truth, uncommonly Kavya.. She even acclaims Kabir for facing such challenge while supporting Kavya and Aarush.. Kabir say yet he believe he is deceiving Country, and request that Jhanvi how tell Vyom truth to Kavya??

Dhurv shows PK banner thoughts for political decision campigans, when Manohar request pass on to break bargain about family property.. PK request that he leave, and call him moron.. Manohar watch Jhanvi slyly??, which Kavya notice from higher up..

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Manohar come out and was about wear his shoes?, when jhanvi hit his shoes with Football⚽ and insult him that shoes? disappeared by my training.. Manohar caution her expression when we will meet straightaway, I will have your entire truth, begin gathering funds??..

Kavya is lost in contemplations when Kabir call her over and over!! Kavya say that don’t tell you are not coming!! Kabir ask where?? Kavya say for aarush affirmation vyom!! Furthermore both acknowledge it, she say I mean Kabir.. What’s more goes to washroom, while Kabir think? for what reason can’t tell Vyom truth to Kavya?? They arrive at school ?for aarush affirmation..

PK deny for any meeting as he is on house to house mission, and see he has gone to Dr. ashok place junu indore, and recall how he use to hold arriving at that spot for meeting Ashok.. Amma invite PK and ask him for clean spot, Jhanvi support him for this for getting vote.. He request to call? magistrate, jhanvi put call? on speaker, where magistrate say he isn’t PK protector, he is occupied… Jhanvi and Dhurv wonder? what has happened b/w two.. Be that as it may, Amma acclaim jhanvi..

Illusion On Starlife Friday 7th January 2022: Chief see aarush affirmation structure and inquire as to why father name is Vyom composed?? Kavya answers that Vyom was her first spouse a military official??, and aarush father, who passed on while serving and Saving Nation and she is glad at him and need Aarush to become like him.. Kabir get tense?, he get up out of resentment?? what’s more goes out..

Precap: PK request vote and slip on cow compost


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