Illusion On Starlife Friday 9th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Friday 9th January 2022:PK brushes streets lobbying for his city hall leader races while media records. He sees his dearest companion/Jahnvi’s dad’s singed house and goes into flashback where his companion illuminates he fostered an equation to fix dangerous infection. PK says his organization will create medication and they will procure crores. Companion says he needs to serve poor with free medications. Out of flashback, Amma inquires as to whether he knows whose house it is. PK gestures no. Amma says a specialist’s home. PK strolls ahead holding brush. Jahnvi exhaust hearing that and takes a gander at her youth writing made on street. She is going to slam a standing cycle while strolling checking out PK when Dhruv notification and stops her, harming his hand. She gets stressed seeing his physical issue and reprimands him. He inquires as to whether she minds him so much, she will fall in his adoration.


PK closes his crusading and demands individuals to decide in favor of him to change their city for great. He slips and falls into cow compost. Jahnvi snickers and afterward strolls to PK inquiring as to whether he is fine. Amma insults PK that he is completely spread in cow compost and should take a wash in somebody’s home here. PK alarms, yet acts seeing individuals and goes to take wash at a close by house. House proprietor commends PK’s generosity. PK comes out later a shower wearing town garments and shouting regardless of whether he washes ordinarily, cow compost smell won’t disappear. House proprietor contacts PK’s feet and says thanks to him for his money related assistance years prior against insidious specialist. Kavya and Amma blow up hearing that.

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Illusion On Starlife Friday 9th January 2022:Kayva gets back with Kabir subsequent to going to Aarush’s school confirmation meet and goes up against Kabir for ruining the meeting. Kabir holds Kavya and says he can’t. Chanda cacha strolls to them shouting they got close even openly and requests that Kabir drop her to salon. Kabir says he has some work. She start passionate atyachar and persuading him gets into vehicle and calling Kavya margali chipkali/frail reptile arranges her to close entryway. Kavya then, at that point, strolls into home. Jahnvi asks now was Aarush’s school confirmation. Kavya says awful and strolls to her room. PK strolls in with Dhruv and Jahnvi in town clothing. Jay checks out him in shock. PK hollers and strolls to his room.

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Illusion On Starlife Friday 9th January 2022:Chanda’s birthday celebration begins around evening time. PK associates with women and snaps pics with them. Jay appreciates soda pops and says Kabir that party is exhausting without hard beverages and says mamma/Chanda will humiliate everybody today with her odd dress. Jahnvi strolls to them. Jay says it is soda pops. Jahnvi says she didn’t ask and requests that he proceed to be with Sonali. She then, at that point, inquires as to whether he informed truth to Kavya. Kabir says he didn’t track down boldness She says he needs to.

Precap: Kabir uncovers Kavya that Vyom was a backstabber even in the wake of being in armed force.


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