Illusion On Starlife Monday 17th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Monday 17th January 2022: Kavya tells Kabir that Jahnvi is Ashok Sharma’s little girl Poooja Sharma. Jahnvi strolls to PK with a record and inquires as to whether he is fine. PK says his adversary was in his home and he didn’t have the foggiest idea what its identity is, his dad is on emergency clinic bed and his child has gone to help foe, assuming this is in effect better, then, at that point, he isn’t. Kavya keeps attempting to persuade Kabir that Jahnvi is Pooja. Kabir says this can’t be. Kavya shows Jahnvi’s photograph with Pooja Sharma composed on back. She informed entire family about this reality, yet no one trusted her and on second thought they made her Pooja Sharma and changed her past and all her shelter records, even PK trusted that; Kabir knows her since years and did he whenever question that she is Pooja Sharma; Jahnvi observed her as frail pawn and made her Pooja Sharma before everybody and Jahnvi has come to deliver retribution from everybody, whatever off-base happening is finished by Pooja Sharma, she can make Aarush’s vow. Kabir requests that she stop.

Jahnvi shows document to PK saying it is fabric plant papers and requests to sign them. PK begins to peruse. She says she can’t really accept that Kavya can double-cross them. PK signs paper saying he commonly told her that Kavya isn’t dependable. Jahnvi reclaims papers and smiles thinking PK is done totally now. She requests that PK proceed to check fabric industrial facility once. He concurs and requests to go with her.

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Kabir lets Kavya know that she has misconception. Aarush’s grandparents stroll in and demand Kavya to send Aarush with them provided that Kavya concurs. Kabir reqeusts not to isolate Kavya from Kabir. Guardians say they need to forget the past and start new and Kavya can go with them with Aarush. Kavya says she became mother in light of Aarush and can do anything for him, so she is prepared to go with them. Aarush requests that Kabir go with them. Granddad says Kabir will come later and takes him along. Kabir guarantees Kavya to discover truth as a companion.

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Illusion On Starlife Monday 17th January 2022: Raghav lets Urvashi know that it is demonstrated Kavya is Pooja Sharma. Kabir strolls in and asks how could he arrive at this resolution. Raghav says by means of halfway house superintendent. Kabir arrives at halfway house and demands superintendent to tell who genuine Pooja sharma is. Superintendent requests that he leave, else he will be rebuffed. Kabir wastes thugs and compromises superintendent to tell truth. Superintendent illuminates that an eunuch gave him cash to lie. Kabir acknowledges meeting eunuch/amma. On the opposite side, prior to leaving for fabric industrial facility, Jahnvi illuminates her arrangement to amma. Amma asks god to secure her little girl. Kabir arrives at Amma’s home and demands to tell who requested her to tell lie.

Precap: Jahnvi secures PK old production line and sets fire yelling she is Pooja Sharma.


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