Illusion On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022: Episode start with PK losing every one of his points on game and Jhanvi grins seeing his state.. Later she questions his motions and about shail cross inquiries?? PK ask how she realize him better than anybody?? What’s more grins saying comissioner deceived him, yet before long will get that columnist and point again which hit bulls eye… Jhanvi call shail and request that he be ready, and see manohar, she illuminate him that she will meet blackmailer today, do organize something for me.. While heading inside, Dhurv hold her in arm and tell about their initially meet supper this evening before marriage… Jhanvi say normally spouse doesn’t recall this large number of things… Dhurv says he is unique And she inquire as to whether they can go later, he concurs… Chanda say sorry for their ruining their heartfelt talk and take Jhanvi for while, dhurv sync her area with his portable, expressing now we will be dependably together…

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Kavya get call from lab that he has send reports at home, she reprove him.. Ground floor Kabir recieve report and read them.. He yell at Kavya and take her out.. Kavya say unfortunately he say you had question on my family, that to on Jhanvi.. You are off-base.. Jhanvi come and request that Kabir quiet down, and acclaims Kavya thought, expressing she is pleased that Kavya did this, in any event, realizing that family will detest her from center of heart, yet even she accomplished for Suman.. Adding that may be specialist had done somthing with meds to bring in cash, its great that Kavya had this idea, which I hadn’t… Kavya say sorry to her.. Jhanvi recall how while playing with aarush she found with regards to way lab recipt… Kabir leave out of frustration, when Kavya say sorry and both fall with eye lock and music… .

Illusion On Starlife Monday 3rd January 2022: Jhanvi goes inside expressing you are fool kavya, I keep suman insane with those medcines which are with me, not in Suman’s room.. I would rather not hurt you or aarush, however don’t make hurddles for me, as I have kill other monstors… Around evening time manohar goes to where he receive message to track down red bag He finds and figure when did Jhanvi got check encash .. Furthermore open he observe mouse trap with check and 11 rs.. He keep 11 rs, and is going to take check, when mouse trap hurt his hand with jhanvi keeping her high heels… Manohar yell in torment.. Jhanvi quiet him and say currently even my heart is yelling and singing in happiness..

Precap: Jhanvi stroll on street, when someon tap on her shoulder she is going to beat, when see its Dhurv


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