Illusion On Starlife Saturday 10th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 10th January 2022: Kabir illuminates Jahnvi that he will illuminate Shaurya that he will go to armed force camp this evening and give up himself. Jahnvi asks what later that. Kabir say let us see what occurs. Jahnvi gets photograph on pic and apprehensively picks her cell phone. Kabir leaves. She picks telephone and cautions Shay not to send pic or video as it is exceptionally risky here. Kabir sees Kavya and Aarush strolling down and strolls to them. Jahnvi removes Aarush. Kabir apprehensively lets Kavya know that he needed to tell… Just then, at that point, lights get off and Chanda chachi entes wearing Sridevi’s Hawa Hawai dress and moves on Hawa Hawaii melody.. Family feels humiliated. Later Chanda Chachi’s dance execution, everybody strongly applaud her. Chanda proceeds with her exaggerating. Kabir says just chacha can do this. Chanda requests that Kabir draw close to her while she cuts cake. PK thinks assuming he had shown Chanda out later Anil left, he ought not have confronted such shame.

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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 10th January 2022: Chanda then, at that point, requires a couple dance. Dhruv and Jahnvi and others join. Chanda gets enthusiastic recalling her better half. PK indignantly hits the dance floor with his better half. Aarush demand Kabir and Jahnvi to move. The two of them hit the dance floor with Lag ja hurricane ke phir ye… .tune… Kabir uncovers that whatever she had some awareness of Vyom was obviously false, he was a double crosser rather even subsequent to being in Indian armed force. Kavya breaks hearing that. Kabir proceeds with that Vyom was supporting fear mongers and was offering armed force’s significant data to psychological militants, he came to know just during their main goal. Kavya says he is lying. Kabir says this is reality and he was concealing it so as not to inconvenience her and Aarush.

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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 10th January 2022: Kavya says he ought to be embarrassed to assert his closest companion. Kabir says their fellowship can’t change truth, he didn’t have boldness to uncover truth till now. He believed he was fouling up by concealing the reality and even Shaurya is familiar with it and needed to illuminate Kavya, however he halted Shaurya; this evening he needs to get back to armed force central command and account for himself; just Jahnvi is familiar with this reality and realize Kavya knows, assuming she can trust and pardon him, she ought to and he trusts she excuses him. Kavya pardons him and says Vyom double-crossed all of us, that being said Kabir forfeited his life to ensure her and Aarush, she will trust just him and assuming he was not there, she doesn’t have a clue what might have happened to them. Kabnir says their inquiry is same, yet they won’t get answer ever; he needs to go to armed force base camp as Shaurya should be hanging tight for him. Kavya cries embracing him. He head out in different directions and leaves while she anxiously takes a gander at him. Tune proceeds behind the scenes.

Precap: PK yells that Kabir double-crossed by wedding a widow and tolerating her kid, he is a swindler. He attempts to toss Kabir’s photoframe, yet Kavya stops him.


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