Illusion On Starlife Saturday 15th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 15th January 2022: Suman in the wake of devouring schizophrenic medication frenzies and yells Dr. Ashok Sharma has returned. PK yells dead individuals don’t return. Suman holds his collar and yells Ashok paid for PK’s wrongdoings and they are every one of Ashok’s offenders. PK slaps him yelling she has gone made, show her out of house. Jahnvi thinks back Suman hollering at child Pooja that her dad is a delinquent and criminal and ought to be killed and pushing her down. Kabir furiously sticks PK to divider and cautions rehash dare not beat his mom. Dhruv and Dadaji quiet him down. Kavya asks Jahnvi who was that specialist and what is his story. Jahnvi says even she knows what others know. Kavya attempts to enlighten her concerning Pooja Sharma composed on Jahnvi’s photograph when Dhruv summons Jahnvi and she strolls telling they will talk later.

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Kabir with Kavya strolls to Dadaji and asks who Dr. Ashok Sharma was. Dadaji lies that Ashok was a phony specialist and concocted counterfeit medication, many individuals kicked the bucket burning-through his medication and he was stowing away from individuals, however individuals got and consumed him and his 2 little girls alive. Kabir passes on to meet attorney. Kavya asks what was Ashok’s little girls’ names. Dadaji says Pooja and Rani Sharma. Kavya thinks back seeing Pooja Sharma’s record. Aarush illuminates her that badi maa/Jahnvi had proposed him to call his grandparents and solicitation them to take him from here. Kavya gets 100 percent persuaded that Jahnvi is Poooja Sharma and Ishani is Rani Sharma.

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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 15th January 2022: Chanda shouts that Suman has gone frantic. Dhruv cautions her to mind her tongue. Kavya runs down yelling somebody is attempting to hurt their family. She sees PK and says Ashok is dead, yet his little girl is alive and she is, in all honesty, Janvi, showing Jahnvi’s photograph with Pooja Sharma written toward the back. PK says truth is Kavya is Pooja Sharma and goes into flashback where he calls Raghav and undermines him to give Pooja Sharma’s subtleties. Jahnvi strolls in and indoctrinates him that Pooja Sharma is Kavya and proposes him to get Kavya’s records from her halfway house. Out of flashback, he shows Kavya’s shelter records. She is stunned to consider her name to be Pooja Sharma and shows family Jahnvi’s pic. Dhruv says that photograph was with him since numerous days and Kavya took it while giving his wallet to driver. Dadaji hammers her for attempting to hurt his family. Ishani cautions Kavya to dare not sick talk about her sister. Janvi stops Ishani acts asking Kavya what’s going on did she do that she is attempting to demonstrate she is Pooja Sharma. Kavya yells that Jahnvi is without a doubt Pooja Sharma. PK focuses his weapon towards Kavya.

Precap: Amma inquires as to whether Kavya illuminates Kabir about Pooja Sharma. Kavya illuminates Kabir that Jahnvi is Pooja Sharma. Jahnvi says she would have played her move as of now.


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