Illusion On Starlife Saturday 1st January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 1st January 2022: Jhanvi get some information about report, when Kavya say its my ordinary examination reports.. Jhanvi show bliss ?while saying how she and Kabir is dealing with Suman.. Later Kavya think? did she really do botch by questioning on Jhanvi and doing clinical trial of medication.. PK reprimand Jhanvi and caution her not to let Suman inside kitchen once more.. Manohar accompany covering his head with mufflar.. PK get some information about it?? He says he got sctraches and it will sting with sun☀ beams.. Jhanvi request to show for clinical check, he say he is fine.. PK get some information about political decision campainage and acclaims the thought Jhanvi gave of washing feet, and request novel thoughts.. Jhanvi say house to house visit.. Dhurv tries to avoid the thought because of summer and blistering climate ☀and uncertainty might be he get assault.. Manohar say he may have risk at home also, yet he can’t remain at home ?untouched.. PK like the thought and choose to seek after it.. He ask jhanvi to go with him..

Jhanvi request that he talk something in private.. PK make Dhurv and Manohar out… Jhanvi cook story saying that her folks had land in Nainital, and she and Ishaani are here, they kept a man to take care of later guardians passed on, presently he took over land, however she didn’t needed her folks name come in court, yet she needs to go to Nainital to higher a legal counselor, so I can take that land back, as that is my venture for ishaani’s future.. PK ask her not to go as she is DIL of Mittal family, simply give him money???? what’s more purchase land.. Jhanvi deny its enormous sum, yet PK take out check? book and ask sum.. She say Rs. 51 Lakhs???.. PK signs and ask her not to go Nanital, Call that man here.. He ask her also cook food?, he is eager.. Manohar has listened all their discussion and think? I have observed brilliant egg giving Hen, presently I can leave well enough alone and request cash?? unequaled…

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Illusion On Starlife Saturday 1st January 2022: Later Manohar goes inside Jhanvi room and search something.. Jhanvi is strolling outside and think? this way I may know the blackmailer.. Jhanvi come inside her room and manohar is concealed in her cabinet.. Before Jhanvi see him, she get call? also goes because of helpless organization.. Manohar come outside, and observe Dhurv standing.. Dhurv inquire as to what was he doing here?? Manohar say Jhanvi requested to give her saree in cleaning, so we were going to office, I thought to accept saree as cleaner is coming.. Dhurv say we will drop saree later and request that he go.. Jhnavi come and say sorry to dhurv, as she requested that he go infront of PK as she didn’t had any desire to talk infront of manohar.. Dhurv say its fine.. Furthermore inquire as to whether in future she really want to send her saree for cleaner, ask him not manohar, however he is our old driver, yet doesn’t look great when he come in our room in our nonattendance… Jhanvi say I will watch out.

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Later in kitchen, Jhanvi think ?why Manohar was in her room and why he lied that I advised him to take her saree?? abruptly aarush football⚽ hit her.. Aarush say sorry and the two of them play football⚽ in kitchen… Jhanvi request that he have kheer, yet aarush say he like pizza more… Jhanvi vows to cook pizza? for him.. Manohar come and say have kheer aarush, jhanvi cook actually tastly kheer.. Also request kheer with PK just as he is starving.. Jhanvi recall ?how blackmailer requested kheer and she made scratch on blackmailer face.. She stop manohar and ask how he got injured??? Manohar answer that family have wild feline?, it did this.. What’s more say he implies his family.. Jhanvi request to have onitment, he say he is fine.. Jhanvi say know as pigeon? shut her eyes thought feline ?is gone, and feline? ate that pigeon?.. Manohar say I will be cautious and goes… Jhanvi think? that why manohar is acting wiered since numerous days..

Illusion On Starlife Saturday 1st January 2022: Aarush acclaims Jhanvi infront of kavya saying she cook? my fvt food, play with me… Kavya grins?.. Kabir request Suman prescriptions.. Kavya attempt to enlighten him concerning test yet waver.. Kabir say you were irate? on Ishaani thing, and presently getting falter, you are soo surly and goes.. Kavya is in befuddle ??state.. Kabir ask suman to have medication?, she deny yet have on his platitude.. She inquire as to whether he is fine or not?? Kabir recollect? how vyom let him know that he is twofold specialist.. He say to suman he is fine.. Suman grins?.. Kabir in tense face??

Precap: Kabir request that his companion conceal matter at any rate and he is prepared to bear any outcomes, yet this reality should never come out that Vyom was backstabber.. Jhanvi hear this..


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