Illusion On Starlife Sunday 2nd January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Sunday 2nd January 2022: Chanda come and request that Jhanvi select sarees for her birthday.. Blackmailer call her and chanda put on speaker, he express her pooja.. Chanda say may be off-base number as she is Jhanvi.. Manohar think nobody will actually want to follow web call.. He sit in vehicle and keep his mobiles to the side, PK insult him even he has one number in particular.. Manohar say other for crisis as it were.. Jhanvi converse with shail when he shows that her school has put her subtleties on honor board.. Jhanvi request to give subtleties of passage register, and uncertainty why anybody cut name and compose another.. She approach number from landline, when PK admonish Manohar not to pick telephone while driving.. He says its from your home and pick call.. Jhanvi hear his voice and track down that its Manohar Worker illuminate Kavya that Shaurya has come to met him, Kavya welcome him and the two of them talk.. Worker illuminate Kabir also, and Kabir is hindered to be aware of his appearance.. Shaurya is going to educate something ro Kavya regarding Vyom, when Kabir intrupt, meet him and take him outside, and request that Kavya bring rewards..

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Illusion On Starlife Sunday 2nd January 2022: Kabir hold Shaurya and inquire as to why he is here?? What is he going to tell Kavya?? Also say sorry… Shaurya take ball and say during one cricket match you were at 99 and to save vyom, you lost your wicket, and this moment you are doing same.. I’m mindful with my examination that Vyom was twofold specialist, even you know this and fled.. Kabir say I didn’t ran, I’m armed force official, I will confront results.. Shaurya request to tell truth to Kavya, its her entitlement to know Before other tell her!! Kabir request that he stay very and handle circumstance at any rate.. Shaurya say you and vyom were closest companion, you generally save him on his slip-ups, however this moment you are fouling up.. Kabir say he is armed force official first, yet can’t let Kavya and Aarush life in question with this reality, that Vyom was twofold specialist, he was swindler and danger for country… . Jhanvi has listened all their discussion and get tragic.. Shaurya caution Kabir that from now you will be liable for happenings and goes..
Kavya bring rewards and inquire as to why shaurya was here?? why he left?? She most definitely say that he may be there for giving award to vyom for his fortitude and will send Aarush to take it.. Kabir get into cry and figure I can’t let you know truth kavya!! Kavya say even you ought to get decoration for grit, and PK will be glad at you.. Kabir say he is unique, he never needed me to enlist in armed force, so pass on his discussion and attempt to grin..

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Illusion On Starlife Sunday 2nd January 2022: PK and Manohar show up where Shail was burried.. His police companion request to burrow.. He ask PK what do you have as a primary concern about his last customs!! Both grin… In the wake of uncovering they take box and track down a crate PK slap his companion and open box, its sort of jack in box which punch pk with sound we tricked you, its great.. Driving PK mad.. PK hold him at weapon point, and say I made you magistrate and I was the person who can make you IG, presently see what I do, and he again slap him.. He caution to either observe that writer or I will with stop… . Before PK goes he tell that first slap was for void casket and second slap was for as I try to avoid this joke and kick jack.. It worked out that with Jack camera, Ishaani and Jhanvi was watching them live.. Ishaani says that assuming PK has shot that official than he would have gone in prison.. Jhanvi say no, its difficult game, he really want to confront same harressment, same humuliation, same torment which our father confronted..

Precap: Report is conveyed at home, which Kabir see and look into Suman medication test ans become irate


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