Illusion On Starlife Thursday 13th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 13th January 2022: Jahnvi tells Kabir that Kavya ought to have insulted more than once in this house, so she supported her to take off from this house, yet Kabir did a good job for halting Kavya and even she didn’t need Kavya to leave. Kabir says great Kavya didn’t leave, else how might they demonstrate her guiltless. Jahnvi strolls to Kavya and embracing her says she is glad that she didn’t leave. Kvya says they were just 2 individuals in this house around then, then, at that point, who probably come. Jahnvi says they will discover. After at some point, Kavya gets back to Kabir’s room. Kabir says this family was quiet a few years prior, however father was pompous from before yet not this much; he actually recalls when Dhruv’s marriage was fixed and goes into flashback, says he didn’t see his family cheerful after that. Kavya inquires as to whether he implies things changed after Jahnvi went into this house. Kabir says he didn’t say that. Kavya says she doesn’t have the foggiest idea what to say, just she and Jahnvi were in this house. Kabir says day should be snoozing as of now, so let us proceed to actually take a look at CCTV film.

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Jahnvi goes into PK’s review room and searches CCTV camera. She tracks down it and cuts its wire and furthermore eliminates film circle. Kabir and Kavya enter straightaway, Jahnvi stows away. They actually look at PK’s PC for film, however doesn’t see as one; figure hoodlum should be inside home or simply has gone out, so they leave. Jahnvi emerges from room next when PK gets her and asks what was she doing in his review room. She says she saw Kabir and Kavya leaving concentrate on room, so she went into to check. PK strolls in with her and observes CCTV screen clear and camera wire cut. Jahnvi says Kavya and Kabir probably done this.

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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 13th January 2022: Next morning, PK goes to Raghav’s home and says Kavya is a hoodlum. Urvashi drops Pooja sharma’s document. Raghav gets anxious and says PK let us go out and have espresso. Urvashi attempts to hold record back quickly. PK demands to see document and grabbing it checks and is stunned to see Pooja Sharma’s record. Raghav illuminates that Pooja Sharma and her sister are as yet alive. PK yells where is their photograph then, at that point.

Precap: Chanda sees Kavya holding Dhruv’s wallet and grabs it calling her cheat. Wallet tumbles down. Jahnvi picks photograph with Pooja Sharma’s name and is stunned to see it’s Jahnvi’s photograph.


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