Illusion On Starlife Thursday 20th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 20th January 2022: Pooja and Kabir get into lift and lift breakdowns. Kabir signs bahar se koi andar na jaa sake..song. Pooja requests that he use his contacts and open lift. He says how might he caught in lift. Chopra tells Ranjit that Pooja is undpredictable and took Kabir rather even subsequent to controlling her psyche. Ranjit says Pooja likes youthful Kabir and not old Chopra. Chopra asks what befallen his arrangement of drawing Rani. Rani hears that and asks what did he say. He says Pooja went to meet a customer with Kabir and drawing nearer to him. Rani vapor and leaves.

Chanda meets her kids in their school bottle and attempt to persuade them to come and remain with her in Pooja’s home, however they leave. Chanda gets back and begins cleaning Pooja’s home like a house cleaner. Suman calls Chanda and solicitations to get back at minimum for the wellbeing of her kids. Chanda flaunts that she is carrying on with a sovereign’s life in Pooja’s home and soon her youngsters will have returned to her. She detaches call and keeps cleaning floor.

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Pooja alarms in lift and yells for help. Kabir jokes and goes about as conversing with phantom. Pooja freezes more. Kabir says he was kidding and even apparition fears Pooja. Pooja calls amma, however telephone gets detached. Amma arrives at Pooja’s manufacturing plant and blossoms fall on her from fan. Ranjit who made this arrangement for Rani envisions romancing Amma. Amma leaves thinking somebody tricked her. She strolls to Rani and illuminates that Pooja is trapped in lift and they ought to go there. Rani says Pooja is romancing Kabir even after what he did. Amma chides her not to ponder Pooja as Pooja forfeited all the time for her since youth.

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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 20th January 2022: Rani says Pooja just followed her obligation as senior sister. Amma demands and takes her along. Kabir escapes lift some way or another and requests that Pooja be quiet till he finds support. He gets key from guard and attempts to open it asking Pooja not to lose trust and when he opens entryway tracks down Pooja oblivious, so he lifts her and takes her out. Rani strolls in with Amma and exhaust watching that. Pooja gets back with them. Rani asks since how long she was in lift with Kabir. Pooja says 60 minutes. Rani asks what were they doing as such long. Pooja reprimands what does she mean, they were stuck inside. Amma handles circumstance. At Kabir’s home, Suman asks Dhruv not to ruin his life recollecting Pooja. Dhruv says he has continued on.

Precap: Kabir says Suman he will play the game like Pooja played with her. Somebody captures Pooja and binds her to a seat. She argues for her.


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