Illusion On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021: PK’s driver Manohar arrives at Kavya’s Gwalior school. PK illuminates Kabir that he and Kavya need to go to a question and answer session around 12 early afternoon and they need to say that somebody sent transformed video and no widow pooja occurred. Kabir gets unyielding that he won’t lie. PK yells to simply follow his orders and leaves. Dhruv persuades Kabir to lie for the wellbeing of he. Kabir concurs. Driver illuminates PK that Kavya concentrated in Gwalior school and was a splendid understudy, she wedded a military official. PK yells he gave cash to discover Kavya’s all out subtleties and not to applaud her. Driver considers Jahnvi’s pic on clincher’s rundown to be Pooja Agarwal and thinks Pooja knew Mittal family from quite a while and thinks back PK taking Pooja’s prospective employee meeting. He gets some information about Pooja who says he is new and is clueless, so he can check with records division. Manohar thinks assuming he illuminates PK about Jahnvi, he will get some recognition and a couple of bucks, yet he can drain out gigantic cash from Jahnvi and become Manohar sait from Manohar driver. Kabeer strolls to his room and illuminates Kavya what PK told and says Dad merits discipline for his wrongdoings and is a liar, Kavya ought not go to public interview. Kavya says she will go to public interview as it is an issue of dad’s standing. Kabir exhaust that she is becoming like Jahnvi.

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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021: Jahnvi escapes house. PK reminds her with regards to question and answer session at 12 early afternoon. She says she recalls and has made all game plans, gets into vehicle and leaves. She arrives at Amma’s home who serves her halwa and says kheer is coming. Jahnvi appreciates halwa. Amma inquires as to for what reason don’t she eat Mittal’s family’s dining experience. Jahnvi says she recalls the day when daddy died and she and Ishani were destitute and needed to battle in any event, for a solitary feast, god sent amma as a heavenly messenger in their lives who saved them. Amma asks how could she set aside opportunity to come here. She says she gave her obligation to another person. Ishani gives Suman’s medication to Kavya and illuminates next portion is at 12 early afternoon. When Kavya leaves, she grins saying dramatization will begin at 12 nooon.

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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 30th December 2021: Dhruv calls her and asks where is she, it is as of now 11:45 a.m. She rings chime and says she came to sanctuary to appeal to God for question and answer session’s prosperity and will get back soon. She drives vehicle. Manohar calls her and inquires as to whether she is Pooja Agarwal. She gets anxious. He says he unintentionally called Pooja Agarwal rather than Jahnvi Mittal. Jahnvi freezes and fails to keep a grip on her vehicle and is going to slam it to a speeding truck.

Precap: During question and answer session, Suman gets a fit of anxiety in the wake of devouring medication and makes devastation.


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