Illusion On Starlife Thursday 6th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 6th January 2022: Dhurv inquire as to whether everything was wonderful in their date?? Jhnavi gestures and say rest… Later she converse with her dad star saying she can’t fail to remember his agony, humuliation and will not redirect from her objective.. In morning Jhanvi come to give medications to Suman, Suman deny saying her taste is harsh right, will have later.. PK call Jhanvi.. Jhanvi demands suman to have, suman vows to have it later.. Jhanvi keep medication and go.. Suman recall what Kavya said to her to do what she wish and conceal medication inside window box.. Jhanvi questions that suman probably won’t return medication and come to see, she see that Suman drinks water, and bowl is unfilled where she kept her medication.. She grins

Later Manohar and Jhanvi come to meet PK.. PK get some information about his hurted Palm.. Manohar say he got injured by wild feline, which stay grins, glad and guiltless infront of family and harmed while alone, presently when family will see, will trust my words.. PK say is he frantic, simply kill that feline… Manohar and Jhanvi see each other with outrage..

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Illusion On Starlife Thursday 6th January 2022: Chanda request to have Bollywood subject party on her birthday, however her kids deny yet everybody choose to cast a ballot.. Dadaji say as more youthful one chooses.. Manohar taps on Jhanvi say Pooja is your genuine name, and shouldn’t something be said about Ishaani?? She is youthful and excellent, yet doesn’t glance around?? I really want to believe that she remains fine… Jhanvi get tense, Dhurv notice both… Jhanvi go higher up and attempt to observe her, she call Ishani yet she has left her home at home… Manohar says to himself that Pooja Sharma you wrecked at wrong spot..

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Jhanvi think to ask Sonali.. kavya get some information about her strained face yet get intrupted by Chanda, who request to cast a ballot.. Jhanvi get some information about moto to cast a ballot?? Chanda and her youngsters say about party topic.. Jhanvi stays netural.. Dhurv request that Kavya vote also.. Be that as it may, she stay very.. Jhanvi get some information about Ishani and goes to track down her She see her secured store room.. Jhanvi ask how she came to there?? Ishani say she came herself to track down something yet stalled out… Manohar intrupt saying will he help?? Ishani goes and manohar jokes that he doesn’t felt relex even subsequent to putting medication on my cut, what I felt in the wake of seeing trepidation all over.. Kavya get some information about Jhanvi?? He answer she went toward Storeroom.. Manohar shakedown Jhanvi asking cash or, more than likely he knows her weekness, when Kavya comes the two of them redirect subject.. Manohar drop his telephone and stimulate Jhanvi leg and goes welcoming both…

Illusion On Starlife Thursday 6th January 2022: Kavya get some information about Jhanvi strains, yet Jhanvi says she is fine.. Kavya feel sorry and say she fouled up and I figure I may not ready to help you, yet can share it.. Jhanvi say she as of now feel light with her words.. Kabir read his companions messages and think its all around late, I want to tell Vyom truth to Kavya.. He turn a slip on water and hurt back.. Kavya come and assist him with taking out, she make him lay on bed and choose to call specialist.. Kabir hold her hand and inquire as to whether she trust him?? Kavya say why he asked this?? Kabir says I really want to enlighten something regarding Vyom.. With music untouched (didn’t got verses)

Precap: Principal inquire as to why Aarush father name is Vyom?? Kavya answer he was my first spouse who kicked the bucket while serving nation and I would like Aarush to become like him.. Kabir stand up unexpectedly..


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