Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 11th January 2022

Illusion On Star Life Sunday 20th february 2022
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Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 11th January 2022: PK checks CCTV film and thinks who is this young lady who went into his room and opened his storage, he can’t see face as expected because of highly contrasting mode. Jahnvi thinks this elderly person inconveniences a ton, he fixed secret CCTV cameras without anybody’s notification. He inquires as to whether she is the one as she was at home as of now. Jahnvi says she was dozing in her room, Kavya had gotten back home early, so it should be Kavya. PK says simply stand by and observe how might he remove truth. Jahnvi figures what will this elderly person do now. PK accumulates family and serves them sweet. They all gander at him astonished. He says they follow a custom of eating and desserts together one time per week, it is generally expected. He personally picks one and serves one to even Kavya provoking her. He then, at that point, inquires as to whether he can begin his examination. Dadaji asks what does he mean. PK says there is chudail at home. Chanda does her exaggerating obviously.

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Illusion On Starlife Tuesday 11th January 2022: PK asks Kavya for what good reason did he go into his room and attempted to take his abundance from his storage. Kabir cautions PK to mind his tongue and quit asserting Kavya wrongly. PK shows CCTV film and inquires as to whether this isn’t Kavya, then, at that point, who is this young lady as Kavya had entered home in lieu of dealing with Jahnvi. Kabir asks how in the world could he be certain beyond a shadow of doubt it is Kavya, Kavya won’t ever do that. PK says then it is Jahnvi. Jahnvi gets strained. Dadaji inquires as to whether he is insane, Jahnvi can’t do anything wrong. PK says Kabir is telling this. Kabir says he didn’t say that. Jahnvi says she knows. PK calls Kavya a criminal who attempted up-gulp his riches and insutls her severely. Kabir goes up against him. Aarush strolls to Kavya and inquires as to why she is crying and why everybody reprove her, they won’t remain in this house. Kavya says OK and strolling with him goes up against PK that she isn’t a cheat and she needn’t bother with his abundance.

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Kavya gets back to her room and cries thinking back PK’s charges. Aarush inquires as to why daadu/PK generally affronts her, let us take off from this house. Kavya gestures yes. Kabir strolls in. Aarush inquires as to whether he will likewise go with them. Kabir stands unfortunately seeing Kavya crying.

Precap: Ishani celebrates that Kavya is out of Kabir’s life, yet imagine a scenario where Kabir likewise leaves, she needs Kabir at any expense. Somebody opens room doo, and they get strained.

Illusion On Starlife Saturday 10th January 2022: Kabir illuminates Jahnvi that he will illuminate Shaurya that he will go to armed force camp this evening and give up himself. Jahnvi asks what later that. Kabir say let us see what occurs. Jahnvi gets photograph on pic and apprehensively picks her cell phone. Kabir leaves. She picks telephone and cautions Shay not to send pic or video as it is exceptionally risky here. Kabir sees Kavya and Aarush strolling down and strolls to them. Jahnvi removes Aarush. Kabir apprehensively lets Kavya know that he needed to tell… Just then, at that point, lights get off and Chanda chachi entes wearing Sridevi’s Hawa Hawai dress and moves on Hawa Hawaii melody.. Family feels humiliated. Later Chanda Chachi’s dance execution, everybody strongly applaud her. Chanda proceeds with her exaggerating. Kabir says just chacha can do this. Chanda requests that Kabir draw close to her while she cuts cake. PK thinks assuming he had shown Chanda out later Anil left, he ought not have confronted such shame.

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